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  1. Well, even Kerbals have bills to pay, I suppose....
  2. I wonder if someone is going to use it for cooking....
  3. I have the feeling that it is the Kerbulans that soon will have a problem to handle....
  4. [quote name='Kuzzter'] Yup. If you liked it, don't forget to send him your rep! (he could use a pick-me-up after this agonization session... poor Kenlie :() [/QUOTE] Better not send him any rep. Someone might take it as proofs he DOES have contact with an enemy of the Empire...
  5. UncleBod

    Is Tweakscale cheating?

    Tweakscale is only cheating when you are taking part in a challenge that states that Tweakscale is a mod that is not allowed.... (Be it that no mod are allowed, mods changing parts or Tweakscale is specifically noted as a mod not allowed...) In other cases it is the Kraken that decides if you cheat, but the Kraken ha been known to make some strange decisions at times...
  6. What about kOS? Then you can write your own autopilot....
  7. UncleBod

    Recommend a mod

    Kerbal alarm clock is quite good to have when you have several flight at once going different places. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/24786-0-25-0-Kerbal-Alarm-Clock-v3-0-1-0-%28Oct-26%29 Docking Port Alignment Indicator helps you with docking, which you will have to do in the future. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/43901-0-23-5-Docking-Port-Alignment-Indicator-%28Version-4-0-Updated-06-29-14%29
  8. UncleBod

    Who is the #2 space power-poll

    If I remember right, India has an active probe around Mars... I'd say they are for the moment high in ranking if you look at number of successfull misions compared to total number of missions. Also if you look at amount of km travelled per dollar put into the mission...
  9. UncleBod

    KSC Island??

    Ok, Jeb. Taht WAS one booster to many!
  10. UncleBod

    What's that Crawlerway for?

  11. Or as Fine Print makes it with the contracts demanding a probe in a certain orbit. You have to build the craft used after you have accepted the contract. /UncleBod - Just trying to fall towards Kerbin and miss.
  12. UncleBod

    List of Launches

    Good idea. I'd use it for sure. /UncleBod
  13. UncleBod

    What does your reputation say?

    So uninteresting... "UncleBod has just applied to the Kerbal Space Program" Well, have to work harder then...
  14. Maybe that was the idea, but the code couldn't handle it and took the average for both places...
  15. UncleBod

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Not much. Had a 15 miutes Jeb EVA exercise. Jeb had some problem getting hold of the door when he got back... /UncleBod
  16. That is how Whackjob handles the Kraken. He scares it away.... UncleBod Suborbital engineer
  17. UncleBod

    A KSP New Year

    Exactly my thought... Where is the lights?
  18. UncleBod

    Standardize values.

    Don't forget the third road: have a setting so the user can choose which of the two they prefer... /UncleBod Expert on controlled crashesh
  19. UncleBod

    missing flags?

    I had this problem when the path to the game contained non ascii characters....
  20. UncleBod

    Trying to et the hang of things...

    Sound a bit what I did also.... Well, have a new craft in Kerbian Orbit waiting now... /UncleBod
  21. So, found teh demo and is trying to get something to hit Mun. It should not be so hard, I think. See you around. /UncleBod
  22. UncleBod

    Trying to et the hang of things...

    Is there a difference? /UncleBod
  23. UncleBod

    To the Mun and back?

    Hi There, trying to get the hang of things with help of the demo. Hope to get the funds (and my own computer that is powerful enough) after the summer.. /UncleBod