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  1. So the work around I found is to install Advanced Fly by Wire Mod, and look on the forum for that mod and someone has posted an updated .dll that works in 1.2.x. Then you need to install Blizzy's toolbar, and set it up in there. Works for me now. Unfortunate that Unity can't find the controller, which is what I narrowed the problem to. Thanks diomedea for all your help.
  2. Yeah, just tried putting everything I can think of in there as well, from Joystick1, which when I assign a button on my joystick to a control it will say something like "Joystick1Button3", to Logitech G940, to Joystick 0, which is the name in the axis settings, to Logitech G940 Joystick which is what xpadder sees... No joy on anything, when I exit and boot up kerbal again and go back into settings my axis bindings are no longer saved. If I delete the "= 0" line under input devices in settings.cfg, it saves the axis information properly on rebooting but then when I go into a vessel on the runway, my pitch and roll inputs are jittering all over the place and don't correspond to the correct input movements from the joystick. Thanks diomedea for helping me out, I have no idea whats going on... If anyone else reads this and uses a joystick or controller input, would you mind posting your INPUT DEVICES and AXIS _PITCH entries from settings.cgf so I can see what it looks like for someone who got it working?
  3. Diomedea, Yeah, I included the settings.cfg info because I have tried changing the "name = Joystick 0" line to 0, tried changing the Input device "= 0" to "Joystick 0", and then I've played around with a bunch of different variations thereof. Just tried again changing "name = Joystick 0" to "name = 0" to no effect.
  4. Hey all, So I have a logitech G940 HOTAS I have been trying to set up for days now, google searches and forum searches have revealed no answers. When I launch KSP and go into settings, I can assign pitch and roll to my G940 and click accept. I checked the settings.cfg and it saved properly: But I also have this entry in the settings.cfg file: What should be shown under input devices? I can bind the joystick properly in the settings but in game the joystick does nothing according to the pitch/roll/yaw indicators on the HUD.
  5. Getting this same issue, tried following this thread for a solution, but seems there are multiple conversations going on about different bugs and no information on what bug is being discussed. It looks like there hasn't been a fix posted yet for this though, but if I am wrong please point me in the right direction. Thanks for any help.
  6. Hey TriggerAu, I would love to see a feature added under the specific auto-alarm options where auto contract alarms will delete themselves upon acceptance for an acceptance deadline, not just when the deadline passes and where the when a contract is accepted with a deadline close than the previous next deadline for completion will delete and replace to prevent multiple contract alarms being created or contract alarms for acceptance of contracts persisting past acceptance. Don't know how possible this is, but just a recommendation. thanks for the mod!
  7. So, I've been trying to get the G940 set-up for KSP for a while now. In the axis mapping under settings in KSP it used to show an axis (2.0 for Y axis and 2.1 for X axis on G940 joystick), and I was able to click accept but in game nothing happened. Now it wont even show an axis when I attempt to map, and I didnt change anything. So I downloaded PPjoy and created a virtual joystick, and verified in windows 10 under the "Set up USB Game Controllers" window that PPJoy was in fact reporting the axes correctly. Still nothing in Kerbal. I am currently running the 1.1 beta, and I'm at a loss... Any help here would be appreciated from anyone who got a HOTAS/Joystick working with Kerbal. And FYI I've been googling and searching the forums for 3 days and tried a multitude of solutions (deleting settings.cfg etc) with no luck. Just looking for someone who had issues with the axis not showing up under mapping to explain how they set their joystick up. Thanks!
  8. @nightingale I never got it working, ohh well. Love the mods anyway, add so much more to the base gameplay. With 1.1 coming out I'm just going to start over there. Thanks for all your help.
  9. @nightingale Yeah, I've verified game cache, reinstalled mods, and I just deleted my KSP folder and reinstalled everything with the same mods. The problem only appears in that save, a new game generates waypoints in Waypoint Manager for Anomaly Surveyor contracts. I don't know which stock contracts would generate waypoints, but I don't have any issues with stock contracts. Just no waypoints to where I'm supposed to go for the anomaly surveyor contracts in my main savegame. Wouldn't be an issue because I could just look up coordinates of the anomolies but it says visit two monolith's on the mun, but according to the list of easter eggs on the Kerbal wiki, there are three munoliths... Thanks for all your help, just don't know what to do from here.
  10. No waypoints in map view, or in the waypoints manager list. Which logs do you need to see?
  11. So, I'm a bit confused. I recently loaded back up my save and updated all mods on CKAN since last playing in December. Now, Waypoint Manager is no longer showing any waypoints for my contracts with the Anomaly Surveyor pack, and I have the two monoliths on the mun contract active, as well as a few others. Anyone else have this problem? I'm wondering if it's with Waypoint Manager or with the Contract Pack...
  12. So, I'm a bit confused. I recently loaded back up my save and updated all mods on CKAN since last playing in December. Now, Waypoint Manager is no longer showing any waypoints, and I have the two monoliths on the mun contract active, as well as a few others. Anyone else have this problem? I'm wondering if it's with Waypoint Manager or with the Contracts...
  13. Same Problem, tried deleting the settings.cfg file, no luck. I tried moving my joystick continuously as Kerbal boots to see if it would register if "awake", nothing. Can't click accept, second time I try it freezes the game. Using Logitech G940
  14. I am getting a significant freezing for about 30 seconds almost every time I go into or come out of time warp. Every time it will hang for a while then state "0 science has been added to the R&D center". I am assuming this has something to do with my science labs I have up and running, which I just started messing around with. Is there a work around to reduce this hang time? I couldn't find anything in the Interstellar thread and a google search turned up zilch.