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  1. Oh yes, there are certainly BETTER ways to manage maneuverability, but this is KSP, better isn't always better...or something...
  2. I've been experimenting lately with space planes with no aerodynamic surfaces, mostly VTOL, and I've noticed that adding more ASAS modules increases the level of control I have over the craft. Has anyone done any extensive testing on this? Do we know if there is a cap on the amount of torque you can get from these modules, or can you just add them forever until the desired level of control is attained?
  3. Oh, THAT was the problem? I spent nearly two hours trying to dock to the damn thing only to find out it was backwards? Shouldn't it automatically place itself docking-side-out like the other docking ports do?
  4. Ok, clearly I'm missing something here. All I want right now is MechJeb, and while I can find the CFG file, I can't for the life of me find the part. How the hell do I install this thing?
  5. The "Stabojet" by MeticulousMitch is a good example of air-hoggy that isn't ugly as sin.
  6. Oh sure, I'm not saying that any one way of doing it is "correct", I'm just curious as to what other rules people have set for themselves. I actually DID create one VERY air-hoggy space plan and really enjoyed nearly getting to orbit without rockets at all.
  7. I spend most of my time making SSTO space planes, and I tend to have my own rules regarding what IS and ISN'T allowed for a "valid" space plane. For example, part-clipping is ok, but actually embedding one part inside of another is not. Air intakes are obviously necessary, but at no more than a 2:1 intake to engine ratio. I'm curious as to how the rest of the community defines "air-hoggy". Do you have a specific ratio that you won't move beyond before you consider it "cheating"?
  8. You bounce because you're made of rubber, and your bones aren't ridged enough to hold you up. The power to never need sleep.
  9. I like the design, and I've considered designing a vertical asparagus system in the past, but those engines are terribly inefficient!
  10. You're now really good horizontal shifting of periodic functions. The ability to run at the speed of sound.
  11. But your operating system is Windows 8. The ability to jump incredible distances.
  12. I went to Duna, because I'm a huge fan of the Dune novels and have a grandiose plan of getting some spice harvesters there!
  13. I LOVE that cage idea! I had thought of doing something similar myself but didn't think it would work, so I never tried... Guess I'll have to try now.
  14. My first attempt to land on Mun was going swimmingly, until I was making my final descent and realized that the Nuclear Engine I had at the bottom of my lander stuck out below the landing legs. Tried to land anyway, but naturally the engine broke off, stranding three Kerbals (where they sit to this day).