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  1. Could I convince someone to have a look at this exception I'm getting when I start up CKAN? I don't think CKAN is the root issue, but it might be useful to know exactly what problem it's having.
  2. Apropos of nothing, what did you set water's weight/density/whatnot as?
  3. OOooh, ECLSS is back? This is a recompile right, so the RCS bug will still be present for now? The one where a kerbal empties every available RCS tank upon leaving the craft? I don't think that got fixed, although somebody might have hotfixed it.
  4. I recently updated to .24.2 and found that the game crashes whenever I try to load a saved game or start a new one. I've narrowed it down to three mods causing the issue and the BahamutoD pack is one of them (the others are KAX and spaceplanes plus). I've got a crashlog here specific to loading the BD folders into gamedata, any chance you can tell me what's going on? error.log output_log.txt I never even got to use those retracting RCS jets.
  5. I don't see anything to suggest this, but thought it worth asking: Does this ioncross branch track resources on inactive ships, or is it still only loaded vessels?
  6. I'm a little bit astounded and somewhat ashamed that it has fallen to me to point out that the original poster has managed to mis-spell R.A.P.I.E.R. in the title line of his mod. This engine is the ANT Raiper. And forever the ANT Raiper it will be. Given that it's also suggested that one must "get it hard" to design an optimally functioning spacecraft I can't entirely rule out the possibility that this is all an elaborate prank. In which case Bravo.
  7. The engine recesses: It's hard to tell without being able to move the camera, but I think I see what you did. Looks pretty good to me. The trusses: Wow, that's actually a pretty major aesthetic difference. It's nice to see those get textured, they get a lot of use on my sattelites. Egg basket: Somewhere on Kerbin there is a very angry chicken.
  8. Regards the petal base, I would usually expect something like that to use a hinge hidden in a small recess. The only way I can think to describe it is sort of a crenellated design for the base with the petals attached between the crenellations. Maybe I can find a picture if that doesnt make any sense...
  9. This one feels like being punched in the eyes by cel shading. I'm sorry, I know that was utterly tangential. I'm just glad you've fixed it is all.
  10. This may have changed, but I don't think that debug mode can be toggled manually anymore. It turns on or off automatically depending on whether you have Kethane installed. Even with kethane installed though you might have to go into the .cfg files to get ore containers to start out full. I don't think that you can have them spawn with ore by default.
  11. Two methods I've used for getting things into the cargo bays without using editor extensions: 1. Move the camera inside the cargo bay. The attachment node will now be accessible without radial attachment being so much of an issue. 2. Build the payload to use radial attachment. Generally this means a small tower of structural elements with a docking port on the side. The actual payload gets attached outside of the bay and then the whole subassembly is attached radially to the bottom of the bay. The current VAB/SPH isn't really designed with bays in mind, but it's possible to work with it in most cases.
  12. That throttle-linked animation is the coolest damn thing! Does it have any effect on drag though?
  13. Beyond the need for modmanager (for the sake of compatability and easy removal) the only feedback I have so far is that it seems like the startup and shutdown sounds are exceptionally long for some of the engines. I'm thinking of the separatrons specifically here. The shutdown noise they make lasts longer than their fuel supply did and it makes a horrible racket. I haven't had time lately to do anything but add a turbojet to a tank and launch it into the stratosphere, unfortunately. Love the turbojet sound, more feedback later.
  14. I saw it the first time. My winches have already started working again on their own. I don't feel I have enough information to make a useful bug report. Thank you for helping.