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  1. Well I'm still confused about that then. I put the two screenshots below to help show my case. In the Installed filter, I have the two mods I installed via CKAN, but am unable to make any changes to them. As you can see, they are both updated to 0.90, but aren't listed as updated. However, their folders have been installed into the GameData folder. http://imgur.com/vgIxfmR,pFFDVHW
  2. Hello, I'm just a little confused on how the whole CKAN program works. I installed it recently as it looked helpful, but I'm having some trouble. My mods are: Active Texture Management (Aggressive), Deadly Reentry Continued, FAR, KAE, KAS, KJR, Kethane, Infernal Robotics, MJ2, Module Manager, Procedural Fairings, Procedural Parts, RemoteTech, SCANsat, TweakScale, TAC Life Support, and KW Rocketry. Most of them are fine, but there's just a couple problems. First, I decided to download Active Texture Management and TweakScale through the CKAN interface. It lists them as "Installed", but not as
  3. Yea I've been having the same problem too, I'm pretty sure I installed it right. Anybody have suggestions?
  4. So I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but trying to stretch SRBs doesn't work. Whenever I put on an hover my mouse over it, it doesn't tell me the mass and fuel and stuff like that; it also highlights the entire ship instead of just that part and it won't let me actually stretch it. I also noticed that for someone reason a few meters below it in the VAB it's constantly doing the animation of smoke and fire as if it were launched. Also, I can't switch the types of fuel using the shortcuts but I can by accessing the Action Groups. I have StretchySRB v6 and MFS v3.3 and I know I'm suppose
  5. I don't know if you already have this planned or not, but if you could make 1m in-line O2 container, that would be really nice. I just switched over from Ioncross because the author had been taking a long time to update without releasing a lot of information and I saw this one had nice textures and told you how long the kerbals had to survive. I would like to stay with this mod because it works very well, but having smaller containers would help out a lot.
  6. Quick question, the new part "KE-WAITNONOSTOP-01 Kerbal Unreconstitutionator" (great name by the way), doesn't seem to have any function, is it supposed to, or will it be updated later? Also, a couple of requests, it would be great to have some smaller stack-able storage units (say 500L or so), a smaller drill, and a less powerful generator. Other than that, I'm really liking this new update.
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