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  1. I don't know if it's you are someone ever at RO that made the change, but someone reduced the max temp and skin temp of the Raptor engines down to ~640 in the RO config which considering heat shields in KSP don't work unless you are in front of the craft in line with the craft it means that the engines will always burn up on reentry even if you do put a heat shielded skirt around them. I personally only needed to increase the skin and max temp to 1000 and 1200 as I am reentering with large wings, large, empty, relatively light tank to reenter Craft kinda more like a scaled up Dyna-Soar rather than a Starship / Super Heavy, but I hate powered landings on Earth at the best of time. With an actual Super Heavy / Starship config you would likely need to increase that to ~2000, which is still a large reduction over the stock Max Temp 3000 Skin temp 3500. Which yeah is just unrealistic. I have also posted this on the KK Launchers KSP.com forum page. The patch that I believe does this is /RealismOverhual/Engine_Config/Raptor.cfg as it applies the defualt ModuleEngineConfigs without restating a higher max and skin temp, at any rate you can change it from there. Although honestly I think it would be better to just replace the old patch in OR_SuggestedMods/KK Launchers rather than just add on another patch ontop in Engine_Configs I am probably just complaining because it caused me a headache in trying to edit the part because I kept trying to edit the old patch and it wasn't working.
  2. I don't know if it's you are someone ever at RO that made the change, but someone reduced the max temp and skin temp of the Raptor engines down to ~640 in the RO config which considering heat shields in KSP don't work unless you are in front of the craft in line with the craft it means that the engines will always burn up on reentry even if you do put a heat shielded skirt around them. I personally only needed to increase the skin and max temp to 1000 and 1200 as I am reentering with large wings, large, empty, relatively light tank to reenter, but with an actual Super Heavy / Starship config you would likely need to increase that to ~2000. I also posted this on RO's KSP.com forum page.
  3. K an actual issue this time I seem to have come into this issue, but I don't know what it means by the tool bar. Warning on Keybindings Note in very rare circumstances the symmetry and angle snap keybindings might be lost. This would only occur if another mod triggers the game to save its settings while in the VAB/SPH, *and* the game subsequently crashes or is killed before exiting the building. If it happens, you can easily restore the keybindings (X and C by default) by hovering over the toolbar button and selecting the menu option "Reset Mode & Snap keys". Edit Ah d.w. I found it. I just didn't know what EXX was until I looked it up, or I just have just looked up one at the previous post... My bad.
  4. Ah thanks, although there is also a mod for this, "Precise Editor" I found it when reinstalling editor extensions because it wasn't working. Although funny thing is my caft isn't actually Asymmetric, well it's a space place so it's slightly Asymmetric, but it's weight if off to one side in the horizontal direction, which I don't have anything asymmetric that way... tried taking off parts to see if I had accidentally place something inside and no... one of the parts just seems to be bugged. Also that isn't fine enough, I mean litterally as fine a movement as is possible, EEX seems to move them 1 degree at a time or something close to that, when you are off setting an engine 2000KN 1 degree of rotation on a long vessel is like the difference between 0 torque and 1000kN+ of torque. and I want to get it down to 0.005kN 0.01kN is acceptable though, rotation is only to get rid of large variances though to get it down to like 50kN of torque, but to do that I need 0.01 degree accuracy, so it's off by like a factor of 100, precise editor gives you 0.0001 degree accuracy so it's more than enough to get me to my target.
  5. It would be really nice to have a option for rotate and move to be able to click a button to move it by the smallest degree one step at a time, as with RCS build aid it would be really useful to be able to do that as RCS build aid allows you to align the centre of mass and centre of thrust , but actually offsetting the parts is difficult due to a lack of precision on the move and rotate options even with toggle snap off. Also having a box that pops up and shows you the angle from absolute would also be super helpful.
  6. No Super seriously this time, is there a way to load a craft file with missing pats and just re-place it with the updated part. I sware that was a thing in a version of KSP, or a mod... and I don't mean a launched ship I mean in the VAB. There was a minor update to RO and it broke the craft file I was working on for the past 2 days... Considering the positions of the other parts are saved it should be possible to do that at least. Well I have learned to always say no to updates at a bare minimum, unless I am willing to start all over again. Or at least copy and paste the current onto spining rust, which funnily enough I have always done before now and have never had any issues... the one time i don't and this is what I get... I even have a copy from 3 days ago that I made...
  7. Hi I wanted to add a part from SXT a hollow 3.75 to mk3 adapter to realism overhual, I did do a patch for a part once but I forgot how and I didn't save the page which explained how to do it. I don't suppose anyone could point me in the right direction? I could just change the resscale factor and add in SkinMaxTemp to get it working, but I wanna do it properly through a patch, so that it shows up properly in the parts as part of RO and have all my own custom patches in 1 place so I don't need to hunt them down. Like if I want to use the Sabre M it needs changing in various ways to actually work with RO and be like the real proposed engine, eg. (Vac ISP from ~330 to 460, thrust changed from 600KN to 2000KN etc.) I get that I need to do something like this @PART[SXTadapterSize3Mk3]:FOR[RealismOverhaul] { %RSSROConfig = True @title = 6.4m to Mk3 Hollow Adapter @mass = 2.2 //%maxTemp = 2273.15 %skinMaxTemp = 2500 } but is there anything else I need to do for a new patch, obviously change the extension of the file to .cfg, but do I need to do anything other than that? Like how do I add in the rescale because that is the most important part because it's not the standard 1.6 rescale it's 1.7066 Edit; d.w. I was right also added in "@rescaleFactor = 1.7066" Also the mk3 tanks suck, which is why I wanted a hollow adapter rather than a tank adapter, 10 tons dry for the tank adapter while a shielded procedural tank with ~5 times the volume is 17 tonnes dry
  8. Is there a mod for being able to disable the decouplers? As I am making a kinda Super Heavy / Starship and I want a skirt for the upper and lower stage, and I am going to attach the engines to those parts so having a decoupler would unnecessarily risky. In 1.6.3 I used to have the ablity to remove the decouplers, but I can't do it now... Also used to be able to turn off RCS staging. Edit: d.w. I remembered I hadn't enabled Advanced Tweakables.
  9. I am trying to make a Starship, and yes some thermal tiles of varying size would be very useful. Well I am also using realism overhual, so more re-entry heating.
  10. Personally I would just give up on 1.5 and go right to 1.6 given the greater stability and performance of 1.6 as building on a unstable ground is never a particularly good idea it would also mean that you could catch up to the current release a little bit maybe.
  11. Oh btw I meant a 25% - 50% range not 50% - 75%... a 75% range would be unrealistic for a modified engine I think. I was getting min throttle mixed up with range which is inverse.
  12. I was specifically talking about hypergolic engines.Honestly though my opinion doesn't really matter, but I don't think the main concern should be what engines exist now as we have only ever had manned missions as far as the moon. You can be damn sure that if we were going further we would have different engines. The concern should be what is a realistically possible perhaps being conservative on that would be best, but if you expect people to actually explore the beyond the moon it seems kind of dumb to have a hard limit on using current engines. And in fact there isn't a hard limit of current in use engines an NTR has never flown but we know they are totally possible, and in fact the engine it's self is extremely simple. Yes there have been on earth tests so the engines did exist, but the ISP number we use have not been demonstrated as they were used in atmosphere and the specific impulse was inferred. You could Infer what is a reasonable modification to an engine to add throttling capabilities. If that sounds reasonable to anyone in a development roll for RO maybe adding extra configs for a few engines which sacrifices specific impulse and or thrust for throttling on a few engines wouldn't be unrealistically possible. I am not saying 100% range 25% - 50% would be fine, it would still mean being careful and having action groups to disable engines as you descend. but it would make it possible to lands using those engines. In fact you would still likely use 2 unthrottleable engines for the better ISP / thrust when you are heavy and 2 throttleable engines for actually landing when you are lighter
  13. There is a difference between being unthrottlable and having limited throttling I am not saying that all hypergolic engines should have a full range of throttling or even that any should but certainly more than they do which as said ~90% currently have no throttling capability and your kind of screwed for a small landing a small probe well small by KSP standards.
  14. btw how does it make sense for hypergolic fueled engines to have a ignition limit, or a minimum thrust for that matter. The second I assume is more implemented because you cannot have an efficiency curve based upon your thrust level. However the first makes no sense what so ever. Yeah no engine is going to last forever but I would think 500 ignitions would be fair enough, maybe 100 ignitions for larger much more powerful engines or once with particularly high specific impluses. But with this mod 90% of the hypergolic fueled engines are unthrottleable and a decent number have only 1 ignition which makes no sense at all. Why even use hypergolic fuels if you cannot relight the engines, it's like the reason you use them well reliability as well but that doesn't really factor in KSP.
  15. Ah sorry it's just you called it a reactor which an RTG isn't really a Nuclear Reactor, it's powered by decay not a neutron flux. Same reason a molten salt heat battery isn't called a reactor because it's basically using stored energy the only difference with using decay is that you are using stored energy from a nuclear reactor. You can half blame the reason why an RTG isn't called a nuclear reactor on the fact that NASA doesn't want to call it a nuclear reactor because that would scare people.
  16. It's kind of kinda scary that you can break a hole file by missing a single | "{" or "}" take your time while editing files... or use note pad++ or something similar and it will be instantly obvious is what I am learning. Also don't do it drunk... I suppose that is good advice for a lot of things...
  17. At any rate what is the reactor called because I can't seem to find that now... ... ... sigh... I have been working around it with massive solar pannels and setting up 2 polar bases so 6 months of the year on each works constantly.But it would be nice to have a reactor. Is it just modelled after a RTG?
  18. That does sound about right, but personally I would be more interested in some form of mono propellant production than on new models tbh as that is the only thing it's REALLY missing. Even if it's the worst kind of mono propellant just anything would be great although I must admit I would proffer it to be Aerozine50 and NTO as the best mono prop engine in RO is the FASA Advanced Semini Lander Engine for long term bases as it doesn't have an ignition limit and has a vacume specific impluse of 311 seconds, but honestly anything would do.
  19. Btw I would point out that Interstella has some nice reactor models and radiator models, if you contact Free thinker and even just slightly edit them I am sure he would be willing to allow you to use the models. I wouldn't suggest using the Interstellar system of power generation because it's OP AF, but just the models.
  20. btw is there a mod I can use to grow food with RO that is somewhat realistic, I have RealIRSU and I can make Water and Oxygen and I want to make a permanent Moon and Phobos base to Fuel and Refuel craft. Because I have set my self the limit of launching everything by something that has the same specifications as a Skylon 17 ton payload to LEO, and carrying up full tanks of of LOX or MethLOX would be very time consuming. So I plan to bring up empty tanks and refuel them in lunar orbit with a tug vehicle using a nuclear thermal rocket. Also is there a way to service a NTR in orbit? Because 60 ignitions seems a bit limiting, I might change that to a more conventional rocket if there is no way to service them in orbit at the very least for Phobos.
  21. Use B9's Sabre engine if you are using Real Solar System edit the Sabre engine to have a vacuum Specific Impulse of 460 seconds leave the default sea level performancas it is not important as you will be up at 20km+ when you light the engines also change the thrust to 2,940 kN. Although I have the problem that the runway is not long enough as the Skylon is suppose to have a 5km runway, I carry a couple of tanks attached to the underside of the wing with a lead weight at the front and small winglets or fins what ever you what to call them at the rear. Unfortunately however even though FAR is a better Aerodynamic simulation than stock, it still does not model lifting surfaces how they should be and simply models the angel of attack and generates lift based on that, so you will have to put tail fins on the back unlike the real Skylon which will add extra drag during hypersonic flight. Oh I just realized are you asking for a complete craft, or the parts you can build your own with? Because I have built my own with parts available in B9 and RO, but I did have to edit the heat tolerance of the procedural tank up to 300 shy of the shielded one, also due as said due to the Skylon needing a longer runway I do have to use the rockets to take off and have added fuel tanks with parachutes that will land not too far from the runway so the percentage cost recovered is high.z you can build that yourself, although I must admit the first time it is a pain in the ass. Edit: the deltaV stats are just for the take off rocket fuel, it has about 8 km/s of deltaV in rocket fuel after burning the hydrogen to get upto 1650 m/s in air breathing mode, which is enough to get you into a polar LEO orbit with a 17 ton payload. Also it's a pig to fly and you have to change the AoA to 200 before making your final pitch to put you into a 15 degree heading, 20 degree pitch from the horizon also making sure not to exceed 3G while trying to get that pitch and heading and even then I use AtmosphereAutopilot with Fly By Wire to reliably not blow up, I don't think it's a cheat to use that because craft like this wouldn't be flyable by a human unassisted IRL so it's fine, and Fly by wire isn't really an auto pilot, it just makes the plane super flyable. I use mech jeb's Smart A.S.S to re-enter using the Surface SVEL+ at a 25 degree pitch, 0 roll, 0 Yaw then Switch over to AtmosphereAutopilot when I get below 3500 m/s then correct any deviation from where I want to land, I also save some hydrogen to run the air breathing engines so I have a large cross range ability. Once you get down below 1700 m/s it's actually a nice plane to fly empty as it doesn't weight 320 tons as long as you have set your AoA right, and yes I matched the performance numbers on the Wiki page for Skylon and the Sabre engine for Wet mass, engine specific impulse and Thrust although editing air breathing engines is a b**** so I didn't change the air breathing thrust. I keep asking for a edit for the RO file for B9, even gave the code for the edit, explained that it was editing the engine to be realistic, but nothing was done. If a proper modder were to do it then they could also edit the air breathing thrust. I can give you the code and instructions if you want to add it to your own instillation. Although I suppose it should really be added under Real Solar System.
  22. Well that's not my fault, SOMEONE *Cough* *cough* @hypervelocity *Cough* told me it was. I am not mad in all seriousness, just nice to know I am not going crazy.
  23. I also searched all the old 1.2.2 and 1.1.3 installs with RO and none of them have anything with licquefaction in it, and the only thing that shows up with array on it was a comms array and for 1.1.3 Solar Array.
  24. @hypervelocity So where would I find that, I did a search on a new install of KSP and Realism overhall with a new ckan and a searched the term licquefaction and array and it's not showing up, you said it is a separate file right, it's not in a config file, but file in and of it's self, well if so either Ckan is bugged, it's been removed from RO or I am the most unlucky person on earth to get two corrupted installs with the exact same problem. Have either of you installed a new KSP 1.3.1 in the last 3 months and seen if it is actually still there?
  25. On my installation it's not there If you could stop assuming I am an idiot that would be great secondly. Like I already explained how hard I looked, not only did I look manually, but I searched the for the items, I looked for the manufacturer which there is also no Various category... I don't know how else I can convince you that they are not there for me, and yes I used ckan to install Realism Overhaul.
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