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  1. I'm doing a 10% science reward career run - super fun, would highly recommend playing with Science - Full Reward! (continued) and KEI if you decide to try it out - and I accepted a contract to rescue a kerbal who was stranded on the surface of the Mun. No big deal, I've landed on the Mun twice this run. MechJeb's landing autopilot seems broken in 1.10 at the moment, so I'd need to do it by hand, but still, should be doable. I just unlocked my first two-seat command module, might as well put it to use. I somehow managed to land right next to the crashed kerbal! I've never been very go
  2. Aaaand it looks like they didn't land the booster
  3. I set up my first ever proper CommNet constellation! I had always just chucked a bunch of relays in high orbits, but having a properly spaced out constellation is quite satisfying.
  4. I just recently got back into the game after Breaking Ground was released, and I've been playing through a Career game. Today, I set up my first CommNet relay in orbit of Duna, in preparation for further Dunar exploration. Yes, I know I don't need that many solar panels, but it was an excuse to play with the new robotics parts
  5. I'm currently experiencing the bright green KSC dark green grass bug when using SVT, SVE, EVE, and Sigma Dimensions, and it seems like Sigma Dimensions is the one causing the problem. Is there a way to fix this? The only reason I found out about SVT was through trying to make the terrain look nicer from orbit when using Rescale! 6.4x, which requires SD Screenshot of KSC and GameData
  6. Could you change the CKAN metadata to indicate that v1.0.1 can support KSP versions 1.2.2 through 1.4.1? I'm still on 1.3.1 for other mods, and I was quite confused when I saw that this mod was no longer compatible according to CKAN. I know that the Community Trait Icons mod is doing something similar for their v1.0.0
  7. Ahh, okay! You might want to mention that in your signature to avoid future confusion.
  8. What happened to this mod? The OP was blanked.
  9. Personally, I would love to see Kerbal Launch Failure and Editor Extensions updated for 1.4.1. I definitely miss Kerbal Launch Failure the most, as it goes along quite nicely with the feel of the Making History expansion, and makes launches much more interesting.
  10. I Expect You to Die, from the opening credits of the game with the same name. I don't even own the game, I heard it in one of Nerd3's videos.
  11. Something similar happened to me on Wednesday while playing a newly started career save, using an unmodded install and the 64 bit executable with the "-popupwindow" command line argument. In the moments leading up to the crash, I was reentering Kerbin's atmosphere. If I remember correctly, the game crashed while I was retroburning at around 20km AMSL. I have 100% ground scatter enabled, in case that matters. I checked the log file, but the last entry was from a minute or two before the crash, and all the entries starting ~10 minutes before the crash seemed nominal. Since t
  12. When working on a resource rate calculator for KPBS + TAC-LS, I noticed an issue with the spreadsheet linked in the OP. Cell Q4 of the Rates sheet is positive, when it should be negative. It currently says that Greenhouses produce CO2, rather than consume CO2. Also, the rates for the water drill and airfilter say "1+", but in game it says the max output rates are 0.75/sec. Just wanted to give you a heads up, @Nils277.
  13. I assume that display is to prevent stuff like this, and perform is to prevent derivative plays, music, etc. I could be wrong though, since I am not a lawyer.
  14. Quick question, can this mod be added to an existing save, or do you need to start a new one?
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