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  1. steve_v's post in Can I add a patch on a spacesuit? was marked as the answer   
    I don't think you can add a patch to an existing suit in game, but there's no reason you couldn't make it part of a custom (or modified stock) suit texture.
  2. steve_v's post in Can I add a patch on a spacesuit? was marked as the answer   
    I don't think you can add a patch to an existing suit in game, but there's no reason you couldn't make it part of a custom (or modified stock) suit texture.
  3. steve_v's post in KSP Wont Launch was marked as the answer   
    You have MiniAVC, kill it with fire. Do this first.
    Either something has a lock on the file, or there are permission problems in the KSP root.
    Move KSP install out of Program Files (or any other system protected directory), disable virus scanners etc, see if this goes away.

    If it doesn't, do a clean reinstall of KSP and try again. Back up your existing install first OFC.
    That there is a failure to load a standard .NET library. Odd. Could be a corrupt install, could be a dodgy .NET environment. Never seen that one before.
  4. steve_v's post in My game is around 5fps constantly on linux was marked as the answer   
    You might try setting 'UNSUPPORTED_LEGACY_SHADER_TERRAIN = True' in your settings.cfg. I've never owned anything with intel HD graphics so I'm just poking about in the dark, but it can't hurt to try.
  5. steve_v's post in For some reason ksp is stuck in the loading screen even thought it loaded was marked as the answer   
    Honestly, nothing leaps out at me as a reason for failing to load. That said, your log is full of errors, far too many for me to go through.

    You'll probably have to do the time-tested "remove a few mods at a time until you find it" bit TBH. Search your log for "TypeLoadException" to see which mod .dlls are failing to load, there are plenty.
    I'd start with SigmaDimensions myself as it's way, way out of date for KSP 1.7.3, followed by any others that are not marked as compatible with the current game version.
    A cursory look at the messages from KSP-AVC suggests that a good number of the mods you have installed are for older versions of KSP, and I'll bet a cookie that this is the cause of your problems.
  6. steve_v's post in KSP_x64.exe Crashes on opening was marked as the answer   
    It could also be anything that interferes with the rendering path, such as GPU monitoring overlays or shader injectors that hook or override the DX dlls.
    @Defectum: You don't happen to have RivaTuner or some other GPU utility running, do you? They have been known to cause KSP to crash at startup.
  7. steve_v's post in Game crashing during startup, lightly modded. was marked as the answer   
    Steam. Steams idiotic auto-update. Oh, and Squad for updates that crash with once-working mods and no useful debug output.
    Roll back to 1.3.0, or go through all your mods checking for compatibility with the latest KSP version.
  8. steve_v's post in Crash 1.3.1 was marked as the answer   
    1) Run the 64bit executable.
    2) Remove all mods that are not compatible with 1.3.1.
    3) Profit.
    ... or just keep denying the obvious.
  9. steve_v's post in 1.3 Gibberish in contracts was marked as the answer   
    It exists for Yakkety & Xenial, but not Trusty, upon which Mint Rosa is built, IIRC.
    Might be time to upgrade to Serena (Mint 18.1), you won't find those packages for Rosa.
    Looks like Mint mainline, not Mint DE. So nope, Debian package names won't work. Ubuntu ones should.
  10. steve_v's post in KSP Load Hang Halfway was marked as the answer   
    You have checked your install (or re-installed) yes? That directory does exist?
  11. steve_v's post in FPS drop from >100 to <10 at lowest settings with big ships was marked as the answer   
    The problem is the ancient (and lacking GPU acceleration) physx in Unity. As usual. Changing graphics settings (or running the x64 player) will make little to no difference.
    CPU speed is everything, but you have a 6850K already, so you're pretty much SOL there unless you want to play with liquid nitrogen and insane overclocking.

    KSP performance scales extremely poorly with part count, due to the physics engine. There's pretty much nothing you can do about it except reduce part count (or the same through part-welding mods).
    Once you've been playing for a while, part-count minimisation becomes the primary design criteria for any craft. Forget about mass efficiency, redundancy or price. Reduce part count at all costs. Fun isn't it?
    This game starts running like a gut-shot pig, even on a top-of-the-line PC, once you get over 250 or so parts on a single vessel. IMO this makes the 255 -> unlimited parts upgrade for the VAB/SPH something of a bad joke.
    GPU physx please Squad, or more intelligence in the "part centric" physics model. Rigid joints, for example, don't need to be calculated every frame and could be considered a single part below a set force threshold.
    Something needs to be done here, horrible framerates are too high a price to pay for rockets that bend like wet noodles.  Even after the "turbo charged" (yeah, right) update, performance is still appallingly bad.
  12. steve_v's post in CKAN killed KSP, possibly mono (Edit: probably a graphics issue) was marked as the answer   
    Related to bug http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/11382?
    Fullscreen in settings.cfg? Fix unity prefs file and set it read-only?
  13. steve_v's post in Export "craft in flight" to .craft? was marked as the answer   
  14. steve_v's post in Just added a bunch of mods via ckan, game now hangs on boot was marked as the answer   
    In the log, for a start. It may be obvious. Also make sure you are running the 64bit executable.
    Better to do a binary search, remove half your mods and test, half again etc... until you can identify the culprit.
  15. steve_v's post in Big Stutter Returning to Main Menu was marked as the answer   
    It's not just you.
    At a guess (having not profiled it), I'd say it's a longer-than-usual garbage collection run due to all the stuff that just stopped running (and all the objects that are now out of scope).
    AFAIK, there's been no effort to "optimise" the garbage collector, it's part of the fossilised version of mono Unity uses. There's been an effort to reduce garbage creation, but in this case it's probably both unavoidable and unimportant, as performance doesn't matter much when you are leaving the game.
  16. steve_v's post in Graphical Errors with Planets and Kerbals was marked as the answer   
    Why are you using -force-opengl?
    AFAIK, OpenGL rendering is not officially supported on Windows, and a likely candidate for your issues.
  17. steve_v's post in 1.2 crashing X-Server was marked as the answer   
    Bug #11382?
  18. steve_v's post in A very nasty phantom forces bug was marked as the answer   
    Okay, I'll bite: Sure can confirm it, in stock 1.2.1564. probably the same as #12336. occurs with pretty much any combination of multi-coupler and tanks.
    And no, struts are not the answer. Initially they appeared to fix it, but closer examination reveals that they simply constrain the phantom vibration. In physical warp this vibration tends to cause explosions.
    This is clearly a physics bug, connecting tanks to a multi-coupler is very logical... having it turn into a whirligig or vibrate it's way across the launchpad is not.
  19. steve_v's post in [1.2pre]KSP will not start, Linux, AMD was marked as the answer   
    Yes it does, Unity forked mono ages ago and a copy of the same is included in the archive, i.e. KSP_linux/KSP_Data/Mono/x86_64/libmono.so. Unitys mono isn't compatible with upstream / distro packages any more either.
    On the crashing, the OP is pretty thin on system details etc... what GPU driver are you using?
    Perhaps this bug is still alive:
  20. steve_v's post in KSP 1.1 Unplayable was marked as the answer   
    Your save should auto-upgrade to 1.1, assuming it doesn't require any unavailable mods.
    if it does depend on broken/outdated mods, you will have to wait for those to be updated to match the current game version, or ditch the save when the mods disappear. That's just how it is, it's the risk you take playing a modded game.
    The 1.1 Squad update is not save-breaking, stock saves from 1.0.5 work just fine.
    Check the threads for your mods too, nobody likes doing it but sometimes mod updates are save breaking.
    Aside, you're still missing all of the required information to make this a real support thread - any useful investigation is going to need a mod-list with versions and log file, minimum.
    Fair warning: If this info confirms my suspicions regarding the state of your GameData the response will probably be something like "You have incompatible versions of mods [foo,bar] installed, remove them."

    FWIW, I like mods too - I probably spent 3+ hours testing the mods I want to use before starting a new career game for 1.1. The alternative to starting fresh was to wait for mod updates that might never happen, or spend even more time debugging all the broken things... and probably end up removing all the mods in the process anyway.
  21. steve_v's post in Nyan cat while loading KSP was marked as the answer   
    Egads, not again. There are zillions of threads about this already - it's an april fools joke built into ModuleManager. (it also triggers if you run the unofficial win64 hack).
    @sarbianWhat have you done.
  22. steve_v's post in Alt function doesn't work was marked as the answer   
    right-shift takes over alt, left shift as usual.
    I don't immediately recall which key is duplicate in the editor (as I haven't played in a while), but it certainly worked for me a month or 2 ago (Debian 8) - I'm pretty sure it's right-shift...
    Yeah, that's real helpful. Maybe the OP should replace the entire computer too?
    Perhaps a different coloured chair would help?
    Do you see an 'fn' key on the keyboard in that picture? no? Neither do I.
  23. steve_v's post in how to update ksp? From the launcher?? was marked as the answer   
    The "patcher" built into the launcher has been broken for quite some time now. 
    Seems there's little interest in fixing this glaring flaw, so unless you bought the game on steam (which has a working updater) you'll need to re-download the entire game to 'update' it.
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