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  1. In a later post you referred to the “BSHP island” for reciprocating piston engines. In a gas turbine (or any turbine really) this island is absolutely minuscule in comparison - basically, anything other than near max rated power at close to max rated RPM - efficiency falls off a cliff. This is because while the compression ratio and efficiency is mechanically fixed (and independent of RPM) in Otto/diesel cycle engines, it is highly variable with RPM in a gas turbine/brayton cycle engine - the spinning compressor absolutely depends on being at high RPM to achieve anything near design compressi
  2. Not saying it proves anything for what happened in the movie, but I do wonder how the spitfire compares with the shrike in terms of L/D ratio? A quick google shows the spit’s L/D max out around 13 at best glide... nothing found for the shrike.
  3. Here’s the US FAA guidelines. Your regulatory standards may vary. https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/avs/offices/aam/ame/guide/app_process/exam_tech/item49/et/
  4. Play around with this https://observablehq.com/@jake-low/satellite-ground-track-visualizer Placing the launch site anywhere else within the USSR would have require orbits of even higher inclinations if the constraint of no overflight over china in the initial orbit is observed.
  5. But those same panels would be better utilised installed on your roof. The car can charge from them when needed. Same reason nature don’t put leaves on animals.
  6. The USAF has airstream trailers that can be bolted in for use as VIP transport.
  7. Here’s the FAA’s take on seizures and epilepsy. https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/avs/offices/aam/ame/guide/app_process/exam_tech/item46/amd/nc/ I was not aware of such a thing as Rolandic epilepsy. I, like many others, had always assumed epilepsy is automatically disqualifying. Interesting. I would suggest a “off the record” consultation with someone familiar with aviation medicals in your country.
  8. plus pretty much all coffee grounds are full of roach parts. same reason no one bats an eyelid at hot dogs either.... its all about the packaging (and lots of seasoning).
  9. Interesting point - I am surprised at how much nitrogen the cycle can lose due to off-gassing. https://nutrientstewardship.org/implementation/nitrogen-loss-pathways-which-is-yours/ If rainfall, irrigation (>1/2 in. within a few days after application), or tillage do not soil incorporate surface-applied urea or urea-containing N fertilizers within a few days after application, ammonia volatilization (gaseous loss as ammonia) may range from 20 to 40% of the N applied, and rival N losses from leaching and drainage. Gaseous loss of N from soils as nitrous oxide (a potent
  10. Terrestrial insects might potentially be easier to farm for protein - just grind it up as protein powder if palatability is an issue. Realistically it’ll probably be cheaper to import the essential nutritional requirements, and mix with locally grown bulk for calories.
  11. Ironically written by someone called “tater” Like it or not, potatoes (and sweet potatoes) are the best bang for the buck - literally, when resource constrained. TABLE 4.1 - Comparison average energy and protein production of selected food crops In developing countries (per hectare and per day) Crop Growth duration (days) Dry matter (kg/ha/day) Edible energy ('000 kcal/ha/day) Edible protein (kg/ha/day) Production value (US$/ ha/day Potato
  12. I see a design tradeoff between a massive, 2-dimensional pressurized farming area constructed with fragile transparent material, vs a larger, but unpressurized outdoor solar array that pipes electricity into a smaller, more structurally efficient opaque pressure vessel. With artificial lighting, the grow beds can be oriented 3 dimensionally around the light source to optimize the use of interior space, not to mention increased biomass productivity from the availability of higher intensity, around -the-clock lighting if energy storage or a secondary power source is available. Please note t
  13. An interesting example is the cupola module in the ISS. It took over 2 decades of inter-departmental and international squabbling to eventually get something built and sent up that was half its original design size. And this is after 40 years of space station design iterations and experience - from the Salyuts, Almaz, and Skylabs, to Mir. 40 years - and 10 stations - with nothing but portholes. IMHO the cupola was lucky to have been built when it was, any further delays would’ve put it squarely against the remote video monitoring tech of today, and made its primary observati
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