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  1. Am I dreaming? Is it Christmas already? Because that's everything I ever wanted for this game! Can't wait to see what you guys have in store.
  2. The launch vehicle is a space shuttle derived rocket (basically a SLS, the concept is as old as the shuttle itself), so we kinda already have the parts. EDIT: getting a conflict with B9PartSwitch for the first stage. Urgent error says "two module can't handle the same ressources".
  3. Thank you so much for this!!! All hail the Guru!
  4. Me too, it's also a bit of kerbal history, as it was originally made by ClairaLyrae, who later joined (and left) the Squad team! So sad to see stupid_chris moving away from KSP...
  5. Yup, 1.1.2 didn't fix it for me either, mods or not, 32 or 64. And the squad team is on holiday now... Maybe they should have had some rest before releasing 1.1 , I fear it's gonna ruin their vacation... I suppose it's illegal for anyone to redistribute version1.0.5? 'Cause I'd kill for one right now (and I'd kill myself for not making a backup >.<)
  6. Je t'ai envoyé un message privé en français, ça iras mieux que Google trad Sorry for breaking rule 2.4 c , I only mean to help him via PM ^^"
  7. +1, random crashes keep happening on my installs too (modded and unmodded, 64 and 32), often in VAB, same as 1.1.0. Really hoped they'd squashed this one. EDIT: in fact it got worse, can't stay in the vab for more than 10 min... Sometimes it crashes when I drop a part in the part list, or leave it unattached, or for no reason at all. And no log, the game just... stops. Guess I'll come back in a few weeks... *sigh*
  8. Aww... The stock one is more of a first stage engine, while yours was rather third / orbital (and the only one to fit your 3.75 to 5m adapter). Its a struggle to find heavy 3m orbital engine these days. But hey you da boss ^^ Thanks for the answers!
  9. As the readme says, try deleting the PartDatabase.cfg in your KSP main folder, should fix it. It's generally a good idea to do it anytime there's a heavy update on a mod.
  10. My heart stopped for a minute here. Glad the gods of backup were on your side ^^ Question: do you plan on fixing / redoing the 3.75m engine for the Saturn V? I loooove this engine. On previous version I just removed the part disabler for it, but now It is utterly broken (the nozzle is missing).
  11. The stock 1x6 ones 1x6 fits the actual Orion configuration pretty well, but if you prefer the older but classier circular design, there's one in the Near Future Solar pack: I beleive there's also a 1x3 that is even closer to reality.
  12. A small thing to report: the small 5m decoupler and the 5m K2 engine set (Saturn 2nd stage) seem quite wobbly compared to the rest, even when struted to death. Node problem? Anyway, thanks Lack and the others for your work!
  13. If you want Croosfeed enabler support, you just have to make a MM patch containing these lines for every tank you want to add this module to: @PART[RLA_tiny_mptank_rad]:NEEDS[CrossFeedEnabler] { %MODULE[ModuleCrossFeed] {} } Hope it helps! @Hoojiwana: aw ok I get the reasonning behind this choice. I'll miss the little guy though ^^ Thanks for the precisions!
  14. There's one in the SXT pack, available as a seprate download. As for request, I would find a mk3 sized reaction wheel or probe core quite usefull... Would that be in the scope of this mod? Anyway, great parts!
  15. Aight, I'll post a few more (something I wanted to do for quite some time). Big post ahead: ISS lookalike Yet another ISS, as stockalike as possible. I name it freedom in my game, the original projects' name. MIR lookalike I love this station, as bulky and prone to incidents as it is. The most kerbal of real space stations! Selena A simple munar station, small and practical. Ain't it cute? After-8 My Minmus station, named after what I think the moon tastes like. Cube And finally a totally unrealistic, totally useless, hacked to orbit fantasy station, because its relaxing. Hope you people like'em and find some inspiration. I sure do in this thread ^^