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  1. I did try fins, winglets, rcs, sas, asas. RCS is not very helpful in atmosphere. I have a problem in the > FL800 then of course I can use RCS and ship is controllable. in the atmosphere very little control, almost nothing... I'm new in the Kerbal World but I'm not ignorant I'm testing, checking, trying to build. No problem with Orbital maneuvers, now I'm trying to send probe to orbit the Mun
  2. Hi, can someone please help me stabilize rocket launches ? There is no problem when I build rocket with Kerbals on board. I can press T and climbing is stable etc, But when I build something without Kerbals on the board, some kind of satellite etc. here is my problem, I have almost zero control over the stability and moment of the rocket. I can correct course, rocket is going up nice and then slowly falling on the side. I can't do gravity turn because I have no or very little control over the rocket. Yes I did use vectored engines, I used tail fins. sometimes if I'm lucky rocket will get to the higher altitude, even higher than that and I can't control spin, can't turn my rocket in space to pro/retrograde, how to make the rocket controllable without Kerbals on the board. I was trying small, vbig, faster, slower rockets... same deal... Thank you for your help guys !