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  1. Hey guys, Wanted to share my new STOL Transport. Capable of over 5 tons payload and water operations. Video: Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7-hhvJgx6_lN1IxZlZJWTd1enM Thanks, buzz66boy
  2. I personally cannot wait for 1.0 to arrive. I'm primarily interested in the engine ISP changes and LVN too.
  3. I use the first stage as a barge, the second then lands on said barge after boosting a spacecraft out of the atmosphere.
  4. I like the idea of an inclination to the runway. It would be cool if buildings had tweakables like that, costs X to change by X percent.
  5. Late to the party but here's a possible idea. In the past I have experienced this while docking (mind you this was in previous versions). I found I needed a small fuel tank as part of the docked section in order for fuel tanks in other docked sections to feed to the engines. Mind you this was also docked in space, not made in the editor. I think making it in the editor it usually worked, but docked from different launches it would not. Good luck anyhow! buzzboy
  6. As a veteran kerbal player (I am not a Kerbal, but playing since 0.17), I really love the new update! Career is finally challenging for me and the upgradable buildings are a step in the right direction. It was mentioned that the devs were working on changing the tiers a bit, and I want to give them a few suggestions from my experience so far in .90. Overall: Suggestion: When one scrolls over a building's upgrade button, give them a preview of what it will look like upgraded a tier, this could be useful if the size of the runway changes based on tier (read runway suggestion). Suggestion: Be ab
  7. I don't know if you've solved it yet, but here's my input. Noticeable issues: 1. Your COL behind your mass is causing a downward pitch at high velocity 2. Your COT is above your COM making the downward pitching worse. Normal Solutions: 1. Move your COM up and to the rear (and/or) 2. Move COL forward 3. Move wings down so COT is behind COM Alternate Solutions: 1. Make it a Bi-plane (with jets on upper and lower wing mirrored like) 2. Make a canard on the front, kinda like a tail section, this will give you more control and bring COL forward Try and keep the COL and COM inside eachother. Also I
  8. Nice! Is there any other science on it other than the temperature scanner? Sometimes in orbit it wont let me do science with the temp scanner depending on the body.
  9. You're completely right, absolutely no issues here with career (had around $4 mill when I went to explore Duna). Just thought I'd post this assuming there were people having a bit of trouble. Good luck with 64-bit, that's what I've been using and only glitch I get regularly is the right-click one which is terribly annoying.
  10. No hacks/cheats. Once you've finished an exploration mission, send a probe (with a sensor) in orbit of the body and profit.
  11. Yes, you can land it. Check out the thread linked at the bottom of the post.
  12. √4880/ton, 492 tons, √2.4 million http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/87798-492-ton-Payload-Capable-SSTO
  13. The specific landing featured was after the static fire test seen in the first video, I landed it before, but needed a screenshot (and was testing new parachute design). Usually it comes down with ~50-60 fuel in each section (12 sections in total) -- relatively not much. Also I build it in sandbox, so I wasn't able to check the return value. I have enough to launch it in career, so stay posted. On flat ground you don't need any throttle to land on near empty (~12m/s touchdown), it's a bit hairy though.
  14. Just messing around with SSTO designs and made this brute. It's not cheap either (~$2.4 mill). Mechjeb has been removed (but is recommended to automate laggy launches). Lifts 6 full Giant fuel tanks to orbit and lands safely. Of course you can sub in whatever you want as payload. Have fun! 516 parts (w/o payload) Static Fire test: Orbit (before I re-did fuel lines hence the different fuel levels): Landing: Download Here
  15. So I got to thinking, and if one of those can lift 164 tons, why can't I just add more fuel and engines? The result: a 492 ton payload capable craft to LKO. I used mechjeb to launch cause it was lagging and I didn't have 20 minutes for a 5 min flight Also I didn't rework some of the fuel lines, so that accounts for the odd fuel levels in 2nd pic. EDIT: Made a thread for downloading it
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