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  1. Is this mod compatible with Contract Pack's? including with Tourism Plus.
  2. Hello! Tell me please, can I use logistics only with USI CORE, without MKS? I installed USI CORE, made two ships, on one I have the cockpit with the crew and argument named the "LogisticsConsumer" and the empty tank, on the other ship I have the full capacity from the "ResourceWarehouse", but nothing happens in the game. Еhe distance between the ships is less than 150 meters. Am I doing something wrong, or is logistics not working without MKS?
  3. Your words also made me rethink my vision. I still do not agree with the fact that you need to focus only on mass and price. The size, shape, appearance and logic of the details are also important, in my opinion. But maybe it's mistake to add the recuperation function to the residential modules. Now I think that a good idea will be to make residential modules mk1 and mk2 giving good Crowded, because they should be comfortable living with this furniture and gadgets. 0.37 or 0.40 is a good number, in my opinion. And from hitchhikers make analog MedBay from MKS. Not as effective (8% recuperation is VERY much!), But 4% for 2.5-3 EC sounds good. A Crowded worsen. It is a canned bank with medicines and gym, and not a residential module. Crowded = 0.5 or even 0.7 will be fine for this.
  4. For All craft. And 2 cupola give 2% Recuperation per less price. But med bay gives 8%
  5. Yes, I understood that. I did the same for hitchhikers and for PBS habbitats. Since I do not play with MKS, I wanted to have an alternative to MedBay. And I wanted to get rid of Cupola spam.
  6. In my opinion, logic and external aesthetics are also important. In developing my corrections, I tried to make them balanced, based on your approach to stock detail. I like my balance option in combination with what you did before. But I will gladly look at your future vision. Maybe I made a lot of requperation. My logic was that, on the basis of the need to do the rotation of the crew between the modules for recreation and modules for work. I was based on your patch for the MKS med bay. I do not play with MKS, and I wanted to give some effect to the effect of a med bay, but more expensive by EC. Maybe it's worth making pbs modules worth more money?
  7. The DFWrapper log spam disappeared when I placed Deep Freeze. The problem is not this. OK. I copied my KSP, removed ALL of the mods, except Kerbal Health, clear module manager cach. Turn on Debug. The problem is still there! According to my observations, the problem arises after a time warp, when in a mission ceter they offer me a contract for rescue from orbit. Or a contract for a tourist. UPD: I found that KerbalHealth_1.0.0-pre.2 does not seem to cause this bug. Only KerbalHealth_1.0.0-pre.3. (I play on the version of the game 1.3.0)
  8. Hello. I have such a problem. Sometimes after the acceleration of time, the game interface becomes partially inaccessible. Unable to save the game, exit to the menu. If at this moment be in the KSC and go into any building, then do not get back to KSC. Сan close the game only with alt-F4 In the cheat-menu I saw this. Deep Freeze is not installed. The kerbal that causes the error is not displayed in the center of the kerbonauts. It did not exist until the appearance of the bug. With each appearance of the bug, he has a different name. In the cheat menu in the section of kerbal it is, but its status is UNKNOWN UPD: After removing several mods (including mods for contracts), I found this:
  9. No, I do not use Kopernicus mod. Here is the list of mods that I use: - KER - Alarm Clock - Precise Maneuver - [x] science! - Transfer Window Planner - TAC life support - KAS; KIS - Infernal Robotics - Extraplanetary Launchpads - Planetary Base System - Alcubierre warp drive Many thanks! I'm looking forward to the update. While I will use the TAC LS as before: when EC is over, switch to this ship and wait until the EC is fully charged.
  10. Hello. Sorry for my bad english, I use Google translater. I found an error in your mode that appears when using background-processing on this link (it is listed in the first post in this thread): TAC life support continues to reduce the supply of electricity in the background krafts, despite the fact that this mod is installed and working. When switching to a ship, the supply of electricity is full, because background-processing is working, but TAC life support does not update the information. Example: on the ship there is a supply of electricity for 2 hours. The ship is a background, but has a solar panel. TAC life support continues to count the supply of electricity and after 1:30 shows that electricity for 30 minutes. Switching to the ship, I see that the electricity supply is full, background-processing is working, but TAC life support continues to show that the stock is for 30 minutes. I noticed that if all the passengers leave the ship and then come back again, the calculation will be corrected.
  11. gtrusler, You must delete the file "kethane.cfg" from the save folder.
  12. I downloaded and tried the latest version. I confirm the presence of a bug in it, I have described in this post, as well as errors in the runway config.