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  1. I'm going to assume the update will be for 1.1? I'm hearing updated flight characteristics n all.
  2. I did some testing yesterday and he solar panel parts connect as if they have docking ports.
  3. You can either add docking ports or use KAS to attach them. - - - Updated - - - I noticed a problem with the nodes for 2 huge solar panels, they are 90 degrees off from the others
  4. not entirely sure but JSI is ....ed up. the rocket goes crazy and wastes RCS when it tries to line up to the target.
  5. So I finally got to orbit with a payload. I barely have fuel in the external tank when my apoapsis reaches 100km but it works great! the OMS thrusters could use a bit more power. This was tested with the new update.
  6. Yes I am. I just saw on the loading screen that there's an update. is that one stock?
  7. This one is a tough one. I did some research with real space shuttle missions and the heaviest payload was about 25-30 tons. I think its a combination of all three that should accommodate the heaviest allowable payload, and the user can adjust the fuel according to their lighter payload. If we can test out the max payload then add a few more, we should be good. with 14 tons, I got to 50km before running out of fuel.
  8. I might still have issues getting into orbit with a payload. I'll see if the kis containers help with weight but it's only 14 tons
  9. I'm still working on my hubble space telescope mission and came across a few awesome things that others may be interested in. first is the telescope parts this mod is incredible but the big telescope does not fit in the cargo bay of the shuttle. BUT DON'T WORRY JUST YET! This next mod adds bigger containers for KIS http://............/mk3-kis-cargo-containers-mod/ I suggest making the weight limit of the containers bigger To do this: Click on Gamedata-RocketWorks-Parts-select part(Small,Med,Large)- open (containerS/ContainerM/ContainerL) with note pad- Find MaxVolume and change to desired amount Mike-NZ, I haven't had time yet to update my shuttle to the new specs , but will do that tomorrow and give you any feedback. but before I do, I have 2 questions. Is the RO patch good for stock?( I don't want the shuttle to be overpowered if it doesn't belong in stock) and if so, I don't know where to place the patch files exactly where they belong. Can you make a quick list on where to place the files?
  10. OK so I clicked on a part to drop it or temporary place it somewhere else but when I try to do that, I get "too far from source". any help to get this frustrating thing cleared up.
  11. I did my first test with payload and it cannot reach orbit. my payload weight is 14.132t.
  12. I'll try adding -popupwindow tomorrow ( sadly I have an 8am class). I'm not sure if it works without popupwindow but I haven't had a crash since. is there a simpler way to use the tug? the magnet sticks to it but when the tug moves, the shuttle lags and then shoots forward fast. also, it can't turn lol I wonder if there's a way to link the tug to the nose landing gear. I wish I knew how to mod.
  13. found the part lol I'm tired I guess. it's not part of the craft file tho
  14. -force-opengl I believe finally worked lol I haven't crashed yet! not sure where it's at but I just commented about the parachutes but now just realized they are for the boosters lol I thought one was on the shuttle. I don't need it anyways. I land at 75m/s.
  15. they are working on it but the original author is always busy. I'm sure he would love any help he can get. any advice on the whole issue with RAM? I know 32bit is limited to 4GB but active texture management isn't helping. I heard about openGL, but that doesn't help me either.
  16. dude you are the best modder ever! it's very enjoyable getting feedback so quickly. you should take over b9 lol
  17. as soon as I figure out how to allow more memory in ksp so it doesn't crash, Ill test out other kas features. maybe try the grappling hook
  18. How the heck do you use the tug? The magnet just makes the shuttle lag when towing and it moves forward very hard. Plus turning is impossible.
  19. is the shuttle attachable to the 747, like if I lift the shuttle up by crane and put it on top?
  20. I'll test it more but then the orbit might get messed up ( one side enters kerning atmosphere) and not enough rcs fuel.
  21. I finally had time to test out the OMS engines(no payload). With mechjeb; just to change the inclination 10 degrees, It would of taken 1m38s and the burn started about 1 minute before the node. The max thrust of 50 isn't enough.
  22. all I see is a description explainin to post any issues on the closed thread
  23. it may have been an issue with mechjeb. it automatically started throttling up way too early. I'll try both mechjeb and manual inclination changes - - - Updated - - - loving the mod btw. exactly the mod I wanted! all we need is the launch tower lol
  24. how are you changing inclination then? the 2 engines activated after external fuel tank separation didn't work for me.