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  1. I see .1569 of the pre-release changed something about the wheels, would that affect the wheels from here? The Akita wheels moving up and down when I steer left and right and they just spin when I drive forward but the PAL seem to be working. Edit: Well the steering was because they were rotated wrong when I put them on but I'm still just spinning the wheels and not going anywhere.
  2. Oh ok, didn't even realise they were different haha. Thank you.
  3. Just stumbled into this mod thanks to Kerbal Engineer not working on 1.2 Pre. I am in dire need to find a way to calculate my orbital period. Trying to get Orbital Period outputted n minutes using this in: Pe "Periapsis" in: Ap "Apoapsis" out: T "Orbital Period" M = Parent.M R = Parent.R r_min = R + Pe r_max = R + Ap μ = M*G a = (r_min + r_max) / 2 T = (2 * π * √ (a∧3) / μ) / 60 But I am not getting an output that seems even remotely right. Any help would be much appreciated! Ps. This is now going to be one of my go to mods (may even replace KER), I am loving it s
  4. Thank you that is exactly what I was looking for and couldn't find it.
  5. I have been playing DayZ a lot since the standalone came out. I have left my space program on hold and would like to know what new mods have been put out as well as which ones are updated and work with .23. What are your suggestions right now with whats out there? Edit: Been gone so long I put this in general but I think it might be better off in General Add-on Affairs. Movie it maybe? Please and thank you.
  6. Just a stab in the dark here but do the KAS pipes work like stock fuel lines? I think with kethane converters you need lines from tanks to converters. Unless something changed. Not sure if the KAS pipes work for that. Again not sure but that's my idea. EDIT: Ok looking at your picture harder I see that's what you did with the KAS pipes, so it might be that they don't work like the stock fuel lines, but like I said not sure, it might be the converter needs to be connected to the kethane tank. EDIT Again: Ok now I know I need some sleep .... I see you did that as well with the KAS pipes. So lon
  7. That would be nice, I find myself getting board with the other probe cores and something like that would be fun to play with. It was scanning and the animation worked, although the gui did say retract when it was AND wasn't retracted. The track on my SCANsat map was just grayed out with no data there. Like I said your part was the only one I had on the probe. Rather than rebuild I added the maptracker module to it in your cfg. file and reloaded then it was working fine. I didn't think to try using the SCANsat part with out the maptracker part to see if it would do the same thing until just no
  8. Yep love it, have you gotten in touch with Danmy? I think he was looking for someone to make models for him as he works on the plugin. If you teamed up I'm sure he could integrating the animation. I did notice it was scanning a blank line, but that might have been because I didn't have the MapTraq on the probe. I added it into the config (It was the one that said "sensorType = 0) and works fine now. I just wish I had better solar panels unlocked in my career game, guess I will have to play more oh and I wanted to ask, I didn't see a download for the core you made. Is there one and I missed it
  9. Sounds so ominous..... Any way, I haven't tried the ones without the ports, but played around with the others. Don't have any pics yet but next time I hop on to play I'll try to remember to grab some. I love the parts they look awesome and my brain hurts thinking about how I'm gonna use ALL of them lol!!
  10. WOO, it looks so good I think I'm going to skip doing other things I should be doing to play around with this and SCANsat!!! If I get in trouble I'm gonna blame you! lol
  11. you have to set the stage to AG. So your first stage decouplers are on AG1, and when you want to stage you activate AG1 in your script, not stage. Its a KSP limitation you can only "STAGE" active vessel. Also I think 2 vessels are as many as you can use, it sounds like you have a third, the rover. Might not work right. Like it says it doesn't actually "NEVER" unload it just ups the distance it has to be to unload so the 20k thing might be that although I think it's set to something insane like 300k so more than likely its the three ship thing.
  12. I am running a slew and haven't seen any conflicts yet. I have SCANsat, KAC, TACfuelbalancer, Steam gauges, VOID not to mention a whole bunch of part packs and other stuff. No problems, No conflicts, just my Big map wont re-render when open. I have to close and reopen. Its fine on the small one though, and I am sure that's not a conflict (ok, mostly sure )
  13. Those are just his preset names, look at the values for RED GREEN and BLUE. Use a setting close to that, with all three down at 0 the light is almost black, off ish like kinda.....
  14. WOW this is awesome!! The only thing I have to complain about and I am sure you know already is the flex tubes don't save. When I come back to the ship the animation resets while the menu knows where it's suppose to be. I can just use the regular tubes for now though so all in all nothing to complain about!!
  15. Sorry thought I saw a download link in OP. First thing after making coffee in the morning is browsing the forums. I go through, open a bunch of tabs and flip through them. Must have just missed it completely. Anyway looks cool and I will be checking often to see those pics at some point.
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