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  1. You say the whole plane must launch and land in one piece. Can I have a glider which is launched from a rocket-powered trolley? Only the glider actually launches, everything else stays on the ground, and the glider does not drop further stages while in flight
  2. Please fix it so my rocket doesn't just go round and round in circles when I reach orbit.
  3. Definitely my first successful rendezvous mission. I'd just made a new space station (as the old one had suffered a serious rocket malfunction and ended up in a stupidly inclined orbit) and I sent the core module up, crewed by 3 kerbals (but with a second cockpit/viewing area with room for one more). I sent up a rocket with 3 more kerbals, intending to do a full crew exchange. I managed to eventually dock and, over a period of 10 minutes, swapped the crews by EVA. Exchange completed, I undocked, made the de-orbit burn to a perfect splashdown in the sea.
  4. Well, I've just sort of landed my first unmanned probe on Gilly. However, the pads on the small landing legs I'm using have sunk into the ground, and the lander is happily sliding along the surface at a steady 2.7 m/s and is showing no sign of stopping. It's basically stable, but I cannot quicksave or go back to the space center as the lander is still technically moving! How do I make it stop?!
  5. Never played halo so infinity wins cos it looks better. Apocalypse-class battleship His Will vs SSD Executor
  6. great for playing ksp "Jeb style"
  7. Granted, but as he's an anime character and made of paper he crumples into a soggy mess in the rain. I wish I could stop time
  8. When you retract your solar panels in preparation for landing your first probe on Eve and realise that the probe has no batteries...
  9. I haven't been very far at present (my consists purely of an SSTO, a large LKO station, a small Mun base and rover, and a reliable rocket system for putting large objects in LKO), but I have safety systems present in all my craft (i.e. I've made rescue ships and I can safely abort any manned mission inside the atmosphere). I'm considering sending something to Eve but I'm not sure whether I can be bothered to make something that can return to Kerbin, so it's unlikely any kerbals will get to visit. If any of my kerbals are killed by pilot error, then it's their fault. If they are killed due to mechanical failure (e.g. parachute comes off) then it does sadden me somewhat. I've placed a flag amongst the debris of my various SSTO prototype tests at the end of the runway as a memorial to all kerbals K.I.A. in this way
  10. How did you manage to enter the water at 694.4 m/s without the ship breaking? Also, purely for amusement, did you get a mission log because I want to see what sort of deceleration you managed on that landing!
  11. Aside from my mun base/mun rover docking disaster (see the "you know it's all gone wrong when..." thread), the stupidest thing I've ever done after landing on the mun is deploy my Gigantor solar panels, and then knock one of them off while testing out the mun's low gravity (read: having Jeb jump around a lot).
  12. 516: I want a second, rival space center that automatically sends up various stock rockets/spaceplanes which I get points for shooting down with SRB missiles etc.
  13. Mix of serious career and casual sandbox. I like all the career objective things, because that's good to add a sense of purpose to your efforts to make a space station or whatever, but for sandbox it's so much fun just to mess around with no limits.
  14. You come up with an ingenious system to dock your mun rover to your mun base, and, upon trying it out, this happens: Does anyone know why this happened? I think it's something to do with the magnetism physics on the docking clamps, but I don't know how that can supply enough force to fling a Mk1 command pod 500m across the mun. On the up side, it could have been worse. Somehow.
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