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  1. Has this mod being updated for 1.3 yet? Ive been waiting patiently and seeing that others are using it.. if it isnt - how can i retrieve ksp 1.2.2 so i can use it? Im on Steam.. if i go to the betas, its listed in there but wont let me download it without a key of some sort? Never mind... I got it.. sorry to bother.. lol
  2. I find it very interesting that the majority of people who are in support of paid DLC are the ones who DONT HAVE TO PAY IT BECAUSE THEY GET IT FOR FREE!! You guys wouldnt be chirping so highly if you were in the same boat as the rest of us, admit it. You guys got lucky.. some of us didnt have a choice..
  3. I hear you... you think you feel screwed? try having bought it in May 2013
  4. Okay.. I just tried to download the mod from the curse link you provided on the main page - it just redirects me to the "Get The Twitch App" page... ??? I cant get to the mod. -- Never mind.. got it..
  5. I dont think its a specific RP problem.. same issue with HotRockets.. so Im guessing with SmokeScreen being the the mutual dependency, Im betting that SmokeScreen would be the problem.
  6. hey guys... just wanted to ask how to fix this.. On launch, I dont get a steady stream of thrust / exhaust.. All i get are balls of light and no smoke at all.. Im using the defaults from RealPlume and smokescreen. Help? please? lol screenshot of the launch
  7. Yeah... I know theres already been Sat V's in the game... I was just posting it for an updated reference for anyone what wants to tackle it.
  8. If anyone is interested in making a high detail Saturn V rocket, I found a page that will get right down to the nitty gritty of the rocket with close ups of nearly the entire rocket.. http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=214541&p=5301795
  9. Hey guys.. how do get kOS to detect a stage event? Im trying to write a small script that will print the current mass of a craft after each stage sep, but i cant seem to get it to behave. heres an example of the code: set pmg to ship. set stg to 1. // stage counter. until pmg:mass < 1 { on stage { // check if stage has occured (hit space bar) print "Stage "+stg+" Mass = "+round(pmg:mass,2). // prints mass of the current stage. print " ". // forced carriage return set stg to stg + 1. // update count to next stage. } } the problem is that it loops through it, but prints th
  10. I dont see in the docs anywhere about how to init arrays? or do we? and can we access the subscripts with a variable intead of a real number?
  11. Hey guys... I see all these mods that can access the status/fuel levels/altitude/attitude of a rocket in game. How is this data being accesed? I mean, I know its using a DLL -- thats kind of obvious; but what hooks are people using? is there an SDK that lists all the variable names, orrrrr? Thanks.
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