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  1. @Tex_NL I guessed you had misread slightly but thanks for the advice regarding raising / lowering apoapsis height. I've previously noticed this effect in Kerbin's / Eve's SOI but was unkeen to test around the Sun due to the ion engine's soul destroying burn times. Also thanks @Geschosskopf , I assumed a gravity assist would help but was unsure if going all the way to Jool would be worth it. I like to play KSP fairly chronologically so launched about 3 other missions before completing this one. Took about 6 in game years to complete without the gravity assist. I suspect if I were to launch into a polar orbit parallel with Kerbins orbit path when Kerbin was close to the ascending node of the target I could eject from kerbins SOI at 90 degrees to save a bit more fuel.
  2. Hi I just completed my first contract to insert a satellite into a polar orbit around the sun (apoapsis 82.2Mkm, periapsis 24.8Mkm). This was actually quite difficult as it took approximately 20k delta v just to do the inclination change at the ascending node from Kerbin's orbit to the required orbit of 90 degrees. Normally I try and do inclination changes near the apoapsis but in this instance the required orbit was rather elliptical with the apoapsis being near the southern pole. Any tips on how to make inclination changes more reasonable? (assume I'm launching a new craft from Kerbin). Thanks Stuart
  3. I didn't know you could do that thanks for the tip (a little embarrassing considering I've been playing this on and off since 0.17). Makes me wonder what other small things have passed me by. This aside I'm still keen to know of any plugins or mods out there that allow for additional filtering / grouping of flights (beyond the basic vessel type). I've recently been testing a spaceplane with a multi satellite payload; the unfortunate side effect of this is 20 identical satellites, all in LKO and all with similar orbits :-S. Its starting to get a bit confusing....
  4. Hi there, I'm looking for a tool to allow me to rename, reorder, reclassify or otherwise organise flights directly from the tracking station, I'm sure one must exist but haven't had much luck when searching on the forums (keep getting a search error). Can anyone recommend a mod or plugin that does this? I play a stock install so would prefer something that can be removed with breaking saves but open to all suggestions It would be nice to filter by sphere of influence if possible Thanks in advance Stuart
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