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  1. Wow, awesome work! Been waiting a long time for a multiplayer, I always wondered how time acceleration would affect multiplayer games, but this is a nice work around! Also, for those who aren't command promt savvy that want to run a server, or just to lazy, it's REALLY easy to make a bat file to start the server. Make a text file in your KMP server root directory (Where KMPserver.exe is), put this in it, (those are \ not a |)save it as wordsgohere.bat, then run the bat AS AN ADMINISTRATOR every time you want to start the server. Who needs command prompt!
  2. Okay wow, most of the ships look kind of junky compared to their counterparts, but damn, that Merlin looks awesome.
  3. Any screens of it in action, possibly? Looks huge.
  4. Well I went with light sections to see how it reacts so far, but right now the segments are around 26 parts and 10 tons each. But each gets launched with it's own tug, cause I don't have the time nor fuel to go fetch each part with one, haha..
  5. Yeah, segments. Alot of those for this project. Anyone else got something big to share? Anyways, edit, because clickable thumbnails are better than huge images.
  6. Greetings! Tried doing a search, but I couldn't find a whole lot of megabuilds or superstructures. I started a project myself, and went to try and find some inspiration. Unfortunately little was to be found. So, I came here! Not sure if this is the right thread or not, but was wondering what everyone has? Personally I've just started a 'Halo'-esque ring in LKO. Not sure what to add to it, but it's predicted to be quite large. Once I get the framework down, each section has docking ports for additions. Here's what I have so far - size comparison to a single kerbal: Habitation Module - Where the Kerbals can live during construction. Three Segment View Top Segment w/ Tug to align all of the modules, and to assemble the ring as parts arrive. Currently is comprised of 4 separate launches
  7. Hey, so in my goal of returning all Kerbals back to the KSC, and not just 'End Flighting' them, I've designed a Amphibious Rescue VTOL (ARVTOL). Downside, I still haven't fully worked out the whole plane building thing. It works, but testy when in flight. Even though originally perfectly symmetrical, it has a tendency to flip forward, partially overcome by adding some additional weight on one end, but also making it unsymmetrical. Flight tends to pull upwards, requiring constant supervision, and fighting. Doesn't turn great, probably to it's blocky nature. And I haven't been able to figure out how to land it without parachute assist. But since crafty kerbals can repack parachutes, that's just a luxury. Take off requires aft engines, and the 4 VTOL engines (Otherwise that forward flip thing happens again), but take off in the water is possible the same way. Images below. Craft File. (I think this works, never used Google Drive before.) Anyways, I obviously need help. Can someone provide some insight on how to get a good VTOL going without needing crazy micro, or explain why perfectly symmetrical designs have a tendency to flip? Or point me in the right direction. Cheers!
  8. Was told by a friend of mine about KSP, and seemed interesting, being into science and astrophysics, and whatnot, sounded like my cup of tea. Downloaded the demo, and fiddled around. Within the hour I was happily orbiting in a small ship, with no fuel or means to get back, but hey, I achieved space travel. Wasn't long before I was attempting the mun landing, and this was before I learned what a prograde/retrograde marker were, so lets say landing while traveling 100m/s horizontally doesn't work. And after a few youtube tutorials, docking and landing came with ease. Small mun outposts and LKO refueling stations now setup, though I still haven't attempted interplanetary travel. Seems like a major milestone. Looking for ideas on how to spice it up, or is it all just launching, orbiting, and landing now? Any particular fun places to go next?