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  1. This is one I made for my Minmus Lander Mission Opinions welcome! P.S: I know it may be a bit too much to ask, but maybe add customizable agency flags.
  2. Thank you all so much! I've found a good balance of good graphics and frame rate. Hitting 30FPS during launch and 50+ FPS in space. Can now play Kerbal once again! I can safely turn this question into answered
  3. I'm not 100% but I believe that I have integrated graphics. Turning off AA helped a lot but it's still a little choppy. It is most likely low frame rate as well. When you say turn off ground scatter is that Scatter Density or Terrain Scatters?
  4. Thanks for the advice T-Bouw. No I'm not on a laptop . If it matters I've got an Intel ® HD Graphics Card.
  5. Hi all, I've been having some problems with lag lately. I believe (not 100% sure) that it is due to Kerbin and/or its water. Whenever I'm in space I'm fine but during launch I get so much lag. Granted, I don't have the best PC best there must be a way to conquer it! Here are my specs: And this is my current in-game graphic set-up: I hope I can get this solved! Thanks, Rex3921
  6. So I've managed to set-up my Xbox 360 controller to the PC but I have some help trying to set it up for KSP. I can't seem to use the Axis bindings to control my ships. I can set-up all the other things like staging and SAS etc. Help for a newbie?
  7. Hi! So i saw the other base/the one that inspired you and I really liked the Stevie idea! So I'd thought I'd slap a couple of docking ports on and I got this: But the only thing is, I can't use parking mode or get the Stevie back on once I'm done! If you could, make a MK 2 with a rover or summit Thanks, Rex3921
  8. Rex3921

    New Kerbal

    Welcome on Deck! I'm sure you''l be a splendid pilot!
  9. Never mind about the design... I done one now! Thanks all!
  10. A majority of my science was got on Kerbin! Even on the Launch Pad is a good start! Just make a capsule only ship! Then do Crew reports and Mystery Goo reports, that's if you unlocked the Goo first. Then EVA and take an EVA report and a surface sample. Then Recover Vessel. Around 40 points already. Then make a basic rocket with decouple, parachute and Goo. Then fly to the nearby Ocean and do all the same actions. After that go to the Poles, Deserts etc... Hope I Helped! -Rex3921
  11. Thanks Sirrobert! Now I just need a Garage design then this would be Answered!
  12. Lol JiWint! I have 1 thing to say... THAT'S NO MUN BASE! Anyway I am trying to get them docked together. How would I do it? Would I have to is dock them in Munar orbit then land it like normal? Is there a better way? Oh also. How would I make a Garage? An idea would be a Habitation container and trusses coming out with docking ports on the bottom of them. I could then use RCS to move it on to dock. But then it wouldn't really be a Garage. If you have a pictures then please put them up for ideas but don't go making one just for this! Other than that my other questions are answered! Thanks all!
  13. Okay, so I've accomplished a lot in KSP; went to Mun, Minmus, began construction of a Space Station 2 satellites over Kerbin and another 1 over each of the moons! BUT, now I'm thinking about making a Mun base. The only this I know is that they have multiple modules, like space stations. So I have a couple of questions... Do they HAVE to be docked together? If so how do I do it. What modules can I do? Is it possible to have an Emergency Escape Pod if I'm desperate? Thanks in advance. -Rex3921