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  1. I thought the magnetic field was needed for radiation protection, not to stop the planet loosing atmosphere???
  2. I fixed overheating problems during the summer heatwave by pulling off the side panel and running a small desk fan to remove the excess heat.
  3. You remind me of the guys on 'Rocket City Rednecks' still, i admire your adventurousness.
  4. i've read all 18 pages of this fluff, and not found one GOOD argument why usa should stay imperial, other than they can't be fkd to learn a new system. tsk, fail. you should have used 1 mile = 1760 YARDS
  5. yep, it's worth remembering NASA's budget is only 2-3% of the military budget.
  6. patches can come AFTER 1.0. just because it's 1.0 doesn't mean it's 'end of the road' for development. maybe not, but you wouldn't want SQUAD just stop working right now...
  7. Description I didn't get "Set Speed Record of 2,500 m/s" despite speed indicator showing 2531 m/s. ship uses only stock parts. Version build id = 00830 2015.04.26 at 19:45:40 CEST Branch: master Screenshot
  8. Does this clamber fix the last step issue of a ladder to top and they can't climb on top?
  9. In this, the Internet Age, those version numbers don't really mean anything (unless they really do pack up KSP dev, unlikely) and post 1.0 patches are common. Assetto Corsa is already at 1.0.5 (it went 1.0 last month).
  10. That's the way i learned Minecraft and Starbound and Terraria. helpful, but you have to specifically know what you're looking for. that'd be better than those non-sensical loading quotes (which was done first and better in The Sims)
  11. ...but that's such a COOL screenshot...
  12. naval warfare in a space rocketry simulator.....
  13. i'd like to see a camera fixed to the KSP for watching launches, like the tower view in Flight Sim X. I think it'd be fabulous for videos.