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  1. if KSP2 will be anywhere near the 2000 hours i invested in KSP1, i'd gladly pay 60 bucks for a good game.
  2. blocking KSPs access to the web with my firewall for now. if there is no official statement to this, i'll think twice ever buying a squad game again...
  3. sorry if this sounds somewhat arrogant.. but i can't really understand the problem here. in my humble opinion, a basic level of english should by mandatory in this day and age! especially in a first world country like germany. english is the agreed language for worldwide information exchange and everybody who neglects this will encounter problems sooner or later in life. yes, there are some difficult technical terms i this game. but thats nothing googe couldn't solve.and with every new vocabulary you learn something valuable for your future. btw.. i am not a native speaker myself, but at least i try
  4. sadly, i can like this only once!
  5. imho there is one big upside to longer devcycles: with this much time, mods are getting better than ever before! what a time to be alive!
  6. mine is "Auto-Saved Ship"
  7. MJ is one of the most essential tools for me. i'd already have quit KSP after 1000 hours if not for MJ.
  8. the KSP console port is done by Flying Tiger Development, blame them. they already delivered some bad ports in the past, so.... nothing new here
  9. i am a simple man. i see a cupcake craft, i press like.
  10. your phone would instantly fry in jupiters radiation belt
  11. better graphics more parts new and powerful physics engine starsystems and FTL travel realism level is fine as is imho.