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  1. When I click on a new page, another pops up in front of it. More hype NOW.
  2. So it's come to this... The William tell overture.
  3. I think it's just a metaphor for making final preparations.
  4. Wow, my iPad just crashed, completely shutdown. Didn't catch on fire. More hype.
  5. The bad gateway is the gateway to 1.0, FASTER.
  6. Got a bad gateway 1812 overture in full swing Hype overloading Average realise for KSP.
  7. I know, I speak German. It just what you said. HYPE.
  8. Page 350 get, if I get the timing right. Edit: damn it. Edit2: never mind, I got bumped forward a page.
  9. We're going over 9000 miles per second. Damn relativistic speeds.
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