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  1. Yes, one is spheres which I presume is the most performant model as it is just a point with radius. It has none of the complexity of connecting parts into compounds which is instantly a performance bottleneck. Cities Skyline has the Unity Look™ as soon as you build half a map.
  2. I had been quiet just because there was nothing to see. As you know, I have a problem with Unity being used for a game of this scope which was my original point. Many people told me that "Next Unity is out of this world" "They will escape physics from the CPU loop and performance is outstanding". Doesn't seem to be the case, and I was expecting the "oh but its pre alpha" but that is pretty vague. We can assume that as a studio greenlit for a sequel, there is absolutely no way that the physics engine wasn't at the very heart of everything. The "foundation stone", and ther
  3. When they said "Next Gen Tech", it certainly wasn't about the technology choice (Unity). lol Almost all of the footage, including the first seconds of the video, has the "Unity Look"™. The stuttery lagging renderer dropping frames for distant objects. This basically tells you all you need to know about how KSP2 is going to run, it is going to be very similar to KSP1, maybe a 30% part count improvement (skeptical) and at that point, they can add 1000% more scale to the concept, but all of it is going to come out of part count and that part count is the the
  4. You are fooling no one, do you really need food, clothes, study or do you actually need a new gaming rig? Time will tell.
  5. It is Unity, so whatever hardware you have (either today, or in 2025), it won't be enough.
  6. For me personally, that is the killer to the game and why I stopped playing it. I don't have an interest in sending a few satellites. I am after a long term colonization. It is guaranteed that I am not going to get that while the game is using Unity. It is like a promise from the developers that I am going to be bitterly disappointed.
  7. I will just say no for the sake of this thread since my knowledge is outdated however, I am an avid reader of say, https://jacksondunstan.com for example and I know him from a previous technology. Always loved his dedication to his blog for all these years, and his psychopathic fixation on squeezing the last bit of performance out of any compiler he focuses on. I wouldn't therefor say I am clueless and spouting nonsense with no basis but I am hardly accurate either with the nomenclature. For example people are jumping on my "Unity is Java" comment shooting it down with pedantics, but the u
  8. You mean I expect more investment from a multi billion pound parent investor to correctly realize the game? Everyone is telling me "oh but KSP was just a guy in his spare time". Sure it was. TT is arguably one of, if not the biggest publishers in the world. And we are going ahead with `Start > Grandmother > Tools > Unity`. I mean you have to just laugh at it right? You can tell they (prominent defenders of the faith on this thread) are fan boys as well because for example somehow Unreal simply would be NO GOOD for KSP because basically it
  9. Human Fall Flat is the only one I have recognized, and it sucks hardcore but granted, it is performant until that section with the rocks, then it grinds a bit. Because it dips a lot with merely 20-30 spheres, I do not claim this is a victory. I consider it a failure of the point. KSP needs upto 100 orders of magnitudes more than that in part count to make people happy. I am sure they just need to optimize a few things lol. Another note for those saying that you can do threaded physics, no you can't like this because each time a rod is calculated, it effects other rods in the reso
  10. Granny can't make a splash screen, and she doesn't get analytics. She will still be harnessing the exact capability of what KSP2 has available. https://store.unity.com/compare-plans KSP is a very unique, very epic and very demanding title and to do it justice, it requires some kind of custom engine. I would likely start with something that doesn't assume I am a grandmother with no experience, then I would ask the multi billion dollar backer called Take Two, to put money into funding this unique engine to realize the game correctly.
  11. I have asked this to be deleted and it hasn't happened. I didn't start this thread, the Mods started it for me. I simply said that Unity destroyed KSP. I loved the vast and epic reach the game had, but the technology choice let it down. I certainly won't be buying KSP2 because of Unity. So maybe KSP3 will use a bit more of a grown up toolset.
  12. I am not doing 2d/Isometrics. I will go and buy Human Fall Flat right now. The Stanley Parable looks fresh out of 2008. Slightly better than 2004 Half Life 2. I aint interested in playing it. Also Both Unity and Java are the same only in that they are managed languages and will simply never be as performant at their non managed counterparts. When I keep saying my grandmother, I mean it is a laughable example of managed code is what I am getting at. I expect more from a publisher worth several billion dollars and I feel I should be getting support from the community on
  13. Yes it does, Unity is literally designed for my Grandmother to use, and those assumptions are baked into the Unity Engine architecture. Havok for example simply won't be anywhere near the performance of its Unreal counterpart for that reason. All of this is why Unity in 2019, is openly mocked in the wider games industry. It is cheap, it is cheerful, and it shows. I guess for me personally, i'd take any other engine other than Unity. Ugh, I would even take Unreal. At least it has a fragment of performance and requires a little more knowledge than my grandmother
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