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  1. Apologies HarvesteR. Good luck with no speculation. (" For now, we have to keep these things under wraps, so please bear with us and try to keep speculation to a minimum, ok?") OK! Time to speculate (but lets keep it to a minimum as HarvesteR asked). MaxMaps said "Also, our art team is currently sequestered in what is the largest 3D asset endeavor that we have overtaken so far. So much so you won’t see it in .25, so forgive them if they’re not really sharing a lot of info on the matter." To me, this sounds suspiciously like MOAR PLANETS! Thoughts?
  2. I've been everywhere. Manned returns from Moho, Duna, Dres, Eeloo, and more moons. I think I'm only missing Tylo, Laythe, and Eve for return missions. I somehow always end up entering the Jool system orbiting the wrong direction ><. So much DV wasted correcting that. Edit: I may have never actually even landed a probe on Tylo. I have sent at least 10 would be landers slamming into it's surface having run out of fuel. I always forget that it has one massive gravity well.
  3. This. Exactly this. I've tried but it's hard to get people who are not naturally interested in both space and games to want to play. I did buy a KSP shirt from the store but it was too small. So my girlfriend wears it instead . Who knows? Maybe someone has seen it and decided to look it up.
  4. Someone's mission report on reddit.com/r/gaming. Downloaded the demo. Bought the game the next day.
  5. I've been playing KSP a loooong time. But I've just stated incorporating docking into my game (thank you Fine Print for giving me a reason). The translation keys I find to be very confusing. However I can EVA kerbals like a champ. Is there a way to make translation be the EVA keys? Or is there something more fundamental that I'm missing?
  6. I've only encountered one truly bad bug (randomly deleted ships) but it was the day 0.24 hit and I was using a few mods. I suspect one of them was behind it, since when I updated them the next day I never saw the problem again. And in fact I think that's the only bug I've ever seen in 600 hours playtime.
  7. Yeah, well that's the equivalent of forgetting solar panels or something. Everyone has brain farts.
  8. NASA is really really good at their intercept/orbit calculations. They can fling a probe to mars and have it get into the orbit they predicted give or take a mile or two. It's remarkable. Basically NASA has the tools to be a lot more precise and accurate than you can be in KSP.
  9. I like Apollo style missions with the descent stage left behind, and the lander rendezvousing with the CM. But I don't think it makes it easier, lighter, or easier for Mun or Minimus. Their gravity is just too light for that kind of mission to be efficient. I do it anyway for the fun factor, but if there NASA had been running the show on Kerbin, I think we would have seen a single descent/landing/ascent/transfer stage for the Moon missions. But recreations are awesome, regardless of weather or not they make sense for the Kerbal universe. I always enjoy seeing recreation screenshots and missio
  10. After extensive refurbishing. Kinda like the way the shuttle was reusable after they had completely disassembled it, replaced every party, and rebuilt it again
  11. If it lands in water it's not really ever reusable again. Particularly engines. Water landings are good for crew safety, not component recycling.
  12. Thanks for the tips guys. I'll read that tutorial, and probably replace NEAR with FAR. It's time to start a new career anyway
  13. I've never quite understood the allure of planes. I know many many people really enjoy them, but every time I fly one I come away dissatisfied. I'm using NEAR right now, but even with stock, I have far too much trouble controlling one. They wobble and never seem to fly like a jet should. I expect them to handle like a plane from FlightGear or something, but they don't. I know I MUST be doing something wrong, because I know they shouldn't be this frustrating. Thoughts?
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