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  1. Liquid rocket dev.

    What is throat area? It seems that exit area is too large. For example 100 psi chamber pressure exit area should be about 2*throat area on sea level (info from book How to design small rocket engines). Of course if you have super large chamber pressure and vacuum optimized engine that is what it should look like. But I think you start from scratch like I do.
  2. Copenhagen Suborbitals Nexø II mission

    "We’ve just received notification from the swedish air traffic control, that they will not be able to clear the airspace above our launch area on the 23rd-24th of september. This was our last launch possibility this autumn. So no launch in 2017."
  3. First ignition moved to year 2018. Winter break, coming back to business in May. Latest pictures of my 5,5 kg thrust rocket engine:
  4. New picture of my rocket engine project. Still thinking ignition. Otherwise all ready for test run. Coming august.
  5. I found this: This is amazing. Check it out.
  6. Plasma brake satellite

    Sun-synchronous near-circular orbit, altitude of 640 km, inclination = 97.8º,
  7. Plasma brake satellite

    June 23rd Finnish satellite Aalto-1 will be launched to orbit by Indian PSLV rocket. This is interesting: Development and demonstration of a deorbiting device for nanosatellites based on e-sail concept and measurement of its performance. More info here: And here is me holding model of that satellite. I find somehow cool that satellite has my name...
  8. Play-D'oh rocket engines

    Definetly from Finland... That wooden rocket engine was impressive. Please do good nozzle and test more.
  9. So I am building a rocket engine. I want to know if I can build it from ordinary stuff and can it achieve a stable combustion. Yes I can build, here is some new pictures. A rocket engine is ready and nitrogen pressure feed system is ready and tested. Still work to do. Oxygen feeding, valve controlling, ignition system, building a test stand. But I am progressing.
  10. Back to the business, now it is summer and I can work outside. I build a fuel feeding system. I use nitrogen as a pressurant gas and 22 mm copperpipe as a fuel tank. I have integrated pressure regulator on nitrogen source, I can get 0-50 bar pressures. I am planning only short burning, up to 10 seconds. Calculated thrust is 8,9 N (2 lb) so I need only 0,02 l fuel to go. I tested system and it did worked well. But now starts difficult part. Gaseous oxygen. I hoped I could find pressure regulator up to 25 bar, but I have now only 10 bar regulator. So chamber pressure would drop much. If I suppose chamber pressure 8 bar and feeding pressure 10 bar would this be enough? How about chamber lenght? According my calculations it would be over 30 cm (chamber diameter is only 6,4 mm). With my tools I can not work with too big copper parts (I am brazing parts together). I would like to use large diameter chamber but I can't. And cooling? Do I need cooling for 10 seconds? This is very slow - but very interesting. I show pictures and videos as I am progressing. Four months and then summer is over. Maybe I can hot-fire engine this year. Advice me if you have good tips.
  11. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That was the best landing footage ever!
  12. Book over Space propulsion system

    Check this out I am using this in my project.
  13. Astronaut competition

    What do you think?
  14. Customize your own Atlas V

    Atlas, rise! Is James Hetfield buying Atlas?
  15. Building rockets in real life

    Indeed, me too. Would be interesting.