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  1. New engine RUD-12, new test. Better injector, does it increase thrust?
  2. New engine: RUD-11 with regenerative AND film cooling. How much film cooling eats thrust? Answer: a lot. Videos here:
  3. New test today. More pressure - more thrust? Look what happened. Same engine, same test platform. Thrust in earlier test 29 N (3 kg)
  4. Not quite. Isp=F/W total. If I assume O/F ratio was 1 then W total=2*0,038 lb/s=0,076 lb/s So Isp=6,61/0,076=87. That is bad. I try to raise combustion chamber pressure next time.
  5. I installed a thrust measurement system and did two test run with bigger fuel tank. Thrust is 29 N (3 kg). I expected more but this engine may have low isp or there is not enough pressure in combustion chamber. 11 seconds burning time with 190 grams of fuel. Engine weight is 180 grams (without any fittings) so TWR=16,7. Fuel is alcohol 70 % water 30 %. Videos here (RUD-10 test 9 and RUD-10 test10).
  6. Great day today! I test fired my homemade rocket engine four times and it is still alive. My goal is to have total 10 seconds thrust without melting. Last run no. 8 was very good. Tank wasn't full becouse I ran out fuel mixture but still I got a record 7 seconds. After test the engine wasn't too hot, I think cooling works well (sure, it doesn't melt...) Here are videos:
  7. Yes I have to design thrust measuring system. Then I know better.
  8. What is the best test run? 2-3 or number 4? Mach diamonds looks nice but is there too little fuel and so more temperature in combustion chamber?
  9. Ok to be clear: fuel is a mixture which contains 80 % alcohol and 20 % water. Better?
  10. I have been two years designing and building a small rocket engine. Now I've switched fuel from gasoline to 80% alcohol. I think I got it now. Four test today with same cooled engine, no melting. Test 1 - too much fuel. The engine was almost cool after test. No significant thrust. Test 2 - less pressure for fuel, good and stable combustion. There was thrust, 300 g metal plate moved (look at the video). Hot engine after test. Test 3 - same pressure, more fuel in tank. Test 4 - more pressure for fuel and oxygen, mach diamonds visible! I am not sure if this engine can run longer without melting becouse it seems I have too little tank for fuel. Cannot run longer until I change it. What do you think?
  11. Hi! New test coming, this time with cooled rocket engine. I am using gaseous oxygen and alcohol-water (about 80 % alcohol). I am planning to do at first only few second firing but I have two ways to do that 1. Fill propellant tank full and count seconds and then close all valves. In cooling jacket there remains propellant. 2. Fill propellant tank only a little and let it run empty. Nitrogen purges system after that. Which way is better to engine survive? I look videos after test and judge should there be more or less oxygen. Granted, engine meltdown is highly propable.
  12. More testing! Uncooled 4,5 kg rocket engine ignition today. Meltdown yes but how fast? Look video. Pictures: VIdeo:
  13. In Iron Sky The Coming race: at the end they head from moon to Mars. Their ship is so slow it takes 100 years to travel. Yet they were able to ascent to orbit, so TWR was not so bad. What kind of trajectory they have to Mars? I don't get it.
  14. Is there Israeli moon lander onboard? Should launch in february.