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  1. I've been testing with a vehicle that has a tracking radar linked to a plane with no on-board radar and AMRAAM missiles. Whether the AI chooses to use missiles or not seems to depend on the size of the target. Does anyone have any more information on this?
  2. I'm having problems with the LR89 booster in the RS-56-OBA config. Before I fire the engine it says propellant is very stable and there is one ignition, and I make sure I have 100% throttle. When I fire the engine I get a message saying there are insufficient resources to fire the engine and the ignition count goes to zero. https://www.dropbox.com/s/58rmcntxnuhhpmk/Asteroid%20Visitor%20wo%20kis.craft?dl=0 Here's the craft file which I don't think requires any mods outside of RO but let me know if it does and I can take off the offending pieces and re-upload. Thanks.
  3. Basic demonstrations? I find it hard to think of any manoeuvre that's not possible to do from the instrumentation provided, except for rendezvous. Could it be displayed in the target orbit info page, next to relative inclination? I guess I'm off to the docs in the meantime. Thanks for the mod regardless
  4. Where do you find the phase angle indicator? Is it only on the ALCOR capsule?
  5. I've been finding the same issue with my four-rapier, roughly 50 tonne plane like in your original post. From my own testing it seems that 250kN is about the tipping point, where above that and the major trouble will be trying not to overheat in the atmosphere because the thrust of the rapiers just explodes upwards, and below that number you will never get supersonic. Going up to 12-15 km, then doing a shallow (as small as 5 degrees) dive until the engines are each putting out >250kN (for a ~50t plane) has worked for me. From there you can climb and the engine thrust doesn't stop going up until you flameout, or throttle to less than 176kN thrust which is what the closed cycle produces. It's pretty much the first time I've had to pilot by mainly watching which way the thrust of the engines is going.
  6. Sorry if this is a noob question but what's the right MM syntax to add a module to all command pods which have crew capacity? Maybe even change the module's values depending on the crew capacity?
  7. Thanks for the update. Doaction and doevent alone should go a long way to making kOS scripts more compatible with mods.
  8. It looked like a radio button to me, and I'm not used to radio buttons having the ability to be unchecked so it didn't occur to me. I blame Unity's GUI system myself.
  9. I installed KSPI, deleted TreeLoader and tree.cfg and installed TechManager. When I make a new career save I get a dialogue box asking which tree I want to use but the options are greyed out. What have I done wrong? Thanks.
  10. What I've found is that as long as you're craft has a suitable amount of torque (in all 3 axes) then lock steering is more than adequate for controlling a spacecrafts orientation. If not then you have to write a more complicated control mechanism. This makes it harder to share scripts between crafts without always using a more precise method than lock steering. This may not be so bad if/when user-defined functions are introduced. Can I request that vectors be given a unary - operator? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I'm trying to write a script to dock with a target. Is this something that would have to wait for future updates? Also is there a ternary operator like in C?
  12. Couple questions. Is there a command to quit a script? Is there a way to get the position of a part? And is there a way to tell what type the selected target is? Also a sign function for the math lib would be nice
  13. It seems that if I reboot or shutdown a terminal when it has locked the steering it becomes impossible to unlock the steering without changing scenes. Shouldn't reboot/shutdown release locks?
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