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  1. Yes, its certainly nothing to panic about, but it is something to watch out for in the future, especially with the coming DLCs. Don't blindly accept absolutely anything someone tells you with absolute certainty.
  2. Its still entirely possible they simply would not have considered it, after all if they liked take two enough to sell KSP to them then they likely were mostly unaware of their more shady actions.
  3. It could be, but it also could be that Squad didn't even consider it a possiblity as take two hadn't been known to do it when said deal was proposed.
  4. Perhaps, but its not good to just assume everything will be fine and don't look into it at all. And anyway, TTWO could say they were losing DLC sales from mods and use the same logic.
  5. Well, yes, but that still only effects single player in the sense the mod does not work in multiplayer, which was my point.
  6. The mod they were banning only effected the singleplayer, actually.
  7. Its not baseless, especially now that DLC are coming out (which, you know, is something which can compete with mods since a DLC for KSP basically just is a mod), and its not like its really up to the KSP team anymore...
  8. Assuming the rest of Kerbal society is rather green, despite frequent rocket launches Kerbin would still be in a better position than earth by a fair amount.
  9. KSP has been about countries for me from essentially day one. I picked the Blorbs flag and then named my save The Country of Blorbs, and that was that.
  10. I wonder if its possible to get a contract to test something in LKA, Low Kerbol Atmosphere I'd like to see someone try that, though technically I think you can actually run jet engines in Kerbol's atmosphere because it has oxygen for some reason, I guess you would just need a fair few radiators...
  11. Well I wish you luck in getting your KSP Nation RP up to speed, if my experience is anything to base it off kraken knows you'll need it.
  12. Hello everyone! Just wanted to note that if anybody craves even more KSP roleplay, they can also join the Kerbin Nationstates region where we have had several RPs including multiple wars, along with an active discord and some side RP. Also, I think I will pursue joining this RP group as well as my other group. Thanks!
  13. Layed imperial claim to Zhiig crater with a medium-small mun base
  14. Not actually too hard, you can mine all the fuel you need right from the asteroid itself, and it gets lighter the more you mine.