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  1. Our long national nightmare is finally over. Dueb saves the day: [ ] CC-BY-NC licensed and open for (recompilation and) business.
  2. whoa hey so I'd like to open this up properly for people who want to take over or just use the models in their own mods, but I don't even have the 0.13 download any more. Freethinker provided me with 0.12, but if anyone has 0.13 I'll stick the proper license file in it and put it back online. Here's the old 0.12 download in the meantime, with license and source code: [ ]
  3. Hey I was wonder what kind of License does you work have, I would like to integrate your WetWorks CrewTanks mod into KSPI-E / Interstellar Fuel Switch, that way, peaple will be able to enjoy your work in an even better way than they ever were.

  4. I have a habit of calling the smaller SRB "Lil' stubby".
  5. I can't find it, but someone posted a report (possibly in this thread somewhere) about getting a piece of uncontrolled debris to orbit by jettisoning it with the throttle open, and locking/unlocking the LFO resources as its forward vector tumbled past the direction he needed to accelerate.
  6. If this feature had always been in the game you wouldn't be the least bit upset at how long it takes to scroll a list of ten names to pick out a pilot.
  7. So, if I land three Kerbals on the Mun, all three of them should plant flags? And then I take two down again? So, is flag farming the new science spamming?
  8. Why climb the half-highest mountain? Why ford the half-widest river?
  9. here let me save you all the trouble: 01000001 01101110 01101111 01101101 01100001 01101100 01111001 00001010 "Anomaly\n"
  10. Manley did it, and also whoever that Russian guy from somethingawful was who did all kinds of goofy stunts back around 0.17. That guy. Had to do all kinds of odd spirals over the Mun's surface to let some extra fuel burn off in his landing SRB to get the timing right.
  11. if stupid_chris has his laptop back by now he's probably busy using it for his exciting new career in academia. sit tight. Future note for future versions: Reducing the mass of the launch stability arms to 0 caused supercrazy spring physics with heavy vessels now that joint strength is based on part mass. I tweaked mine way up to 4 tons and the problem went away. This does throw off the center of mass in the VAB again, but by the time I'm sticking launch clamps on, I'm done with the worrying-where-the-CoM-is part.
  12. A small rocket lifts off. It goes up maybe 500 meters, sputters out, falls back down and explodes. Observing from in front of a nearby barn, three Kerbals in lab coats scribble on clipboards wordlessly. A medium rocket lifts off. It goes up farther, pitches over, disappears into the clouds ... falls back out of the clouds, and crashes into the sea. The scientists, now in front of a nicer building, take more notes. A larger rocket lifts off. It gets past the clouds, up until the sky turns black and the horizon curves ... and sputters out. The scientists, watching the fireball of reentry from a distance, silently take notes. A side-by-side three-panel montage of progressively larger rockets all lifting off, each one getting a little farther before running out of gas - high kerbin orbit, solar orbit, rocketing helplessly past Duna. Each time, it ends in notes. Finally, a really rather huge rocket thunders into the sky from a bustling space launch complex. It stages, it brakes into orbit over Duna, plunges into the atmosphere, extends its landing legs, and sets down. Jeb and Bob emerge to plant a triumphant flag and strike a stoic pose. There is success and dancing in Mission Control. The scientists exchange silent congratulatory nods. Satisfied, Jeb and Bob plop back down in their seats, brushing off red dust. Jeb, grinning, looks down at the fuel gauge. It reads, "Empty." Back on Kerbin, the scientists exchange looks. Cut to a truly monstrous rocket heaving itself off the pad. KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM
  13. A towering rocket fueling on the pad. Three Kerbals walking in slow motion towards the elevator. Bustling activity in Mission Control, and in the center of it, Gene Kerman sits calmly. Countdown. Liftoff. That launch-tower-cam shot of the whole rocket sliding by as ice and paint fly off. Kerbals floating aboard their little craft, horsing around on camera for the folks watching at home. A lander descending towards the Mun. Brief shot of Gene covering his mouth with a nervous fist. She's down. The hatch opens, and the first Kerbonaut slowly pokes his head out, ready for the first step. The landing gear is too short, the lander is balanced on the engine bell, and there's no ladder. KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM