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  1. Dunno, something wild and untamed.
  2. Hitchhikers do not have docking ports, and cannot interact with docking ports on their own. The hatches on the top/bottom are just for show. I have no idea how to mark it answered. This is the first question I've answered!
  3. I am considering moving up my Saturday 23:00 GMT stream forward by 3 hours (to 20:00 GMT). Clearly this thread isn't the most active place in the world, but what are thoughts on this? Would it be a good or bad thing for your personal viewing experience? Feel free to respond here or let me know privately! Thanks.
  4. Streaming a launch to Jool's moon, Laythe, over the next few hours. Feel free to join! http://www.twitch.tv/the_lolbster Edit: Starting the stream back up in 15m!
  5. Thanks for watching guys. I'll be streaming a build + flight to Laythe tomorrow at 2pm pacific if you want to watch! Gonna make some crazy probes and put them on the rocket too.
  6. You're all invited to watch. I'm going to build a thing, pick a body, put more stuff on the thing, and fly it! Thanks for watching, and enjoy Rocket Surgery, live! http://www.twitch.tv/the_lolbster
  7. First thing I thought "Man, I have almost the same rig as this guy. Awesome." I'm a tier up from you on CPU and GPU, and I often have some slow down here and there as well. Terrain detail was the first thing to go for me. Huge lag thing there. Though in all honesty, you might just not be building your rockets sturdy enough. The more there is to move, the laggier it gets. Consider that before you go about nerfing your experience.
  8. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Now if only I knew how to change "unanswered" to "answered"...
  9. I've seen/heard this can be done in several videos I've watched, most notable Scott Manley's videos, as a way to reduce lag during takeoff when the rocket is at it's laggiest. He used some addon or mod to slow the game clock down to 1/4th or 1/8th time and then everything worked, albeit slowly. Lately I've been trying to build entire large bases and launch them to the stars, but with the lag they generate, there's no way. Thanks in advance!
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