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  1. Hello: I was wondering if there are any TF34 engines out there? if any one knows of some please tell me. If not could you please make one. your's in space. run_mug
  2. HELLO! to all flight junkies. your wish of flying a fighter jet is soon to be. sparrow ids. has developed a neat new jet with all sort of cool STUFF. RELEASE IS HERE!http://www./download/os648l5i6k5fwlj/F_A-38b+TIGER_+W_+rockets.craft
  3. ^^ not sure but none of the mods care so yeah. btw we post what we want.
  4. um it has one moon that's oddly shaped.
  5. thanks ZRM and Helldiver for your time and work this mod will be THE best in a long time.
  6. if he hasn't posted then he's most likely busy. and we can't expect him to dish out pics every other day.
  7. you can make a cut out on the panel for the "stock" nav-ball
  8. ZRM you hurt my eyes just looking at the mfd
  9. what saint of god gave us this, MASTER PIECE!