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  1. new and improved download link is up and i found a tonne of bugs thanks to nathan )))) no bundle this time.
  2. i think all the download links got purged in that wipe ages ago. i need to know who to give credit to if i upload it again.
  3. i dont think itll be much trouble for me nathan. ill just remake the pack so they have to go down the list to complete the installation instead of all in one.
  4. hey DYJ i bundled this mod into my thunderbirds pack and your license says i have to ask for permission. it should be no trouble to direct them to this page for a download but just a little bit harder for me. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/109533-fly-the-THUNDERBIRDS-%281965%29!-3500-parts-in-one-weld-0-90?p=1713578#post1713578
  5. 1:1 SCALE THUNDERBIRDS PACK v1 more images finally finished! you will need some state of the art hardware to fly TB2 even though its welded. i started this project way back in KSP 0.2 and originally planned to recreate an entire episode of the original thunderbirds in KSP. whether ill have the motivation to get that far is still questionable but it turns out that every mod i needed had already been created; even a thunderbird 3 three d model. does anyone know who made that? flight characteristics Thunderbird 1
  6. no no no im releasing a precariously balanced vessel with a few mods. it does work in 0.9 but easier for me to release it for 0.24.2. i think people will still want to download it because its thunderbird 2. - - - Updated - - - jman, thanks for that intel. i hope you are right!
  7. im trying to set up a release but i need a link that i can send people where they can download KSP 0.24.2. is there such a place where i can send people who have bought the game?
  8. how would i go about editing your mod so that i can have an insane amount of acquire torque in my doocking ports? can i just add a couple zeros somewhere in the dll?
  9. some of my mods stopped development yonks ago. the project is so big that i started when 0.2 was new. its just too much work for unforseeable bug fixes when i can just finish already.
  10. same here. start at 3.6GB, and over the course of an hour, max out my ram at 7.98GB
  11. KSP Version: v0.24.2.559 Windows 32-bit and windows 64-bit. What Happens: some of the parts in construction start to lose their functionality. Steps to Replicate: 1) build a craft in the SPH with 2000 + parts. from sources im told the likelyness of the bug increases exponentially after 2000. Result: sections of recently added parts will start to lose their function (highlighting, removing, putting parts on) and it seems, after that point, if you add more parts anywhere then the zone will increase slowly to all the recently added parts and more. Fixes/Workarounds: put the dead zone into subasse
  12. for the record, i have some findings. once a dead zone appears, taking parts off immediately brings some parts back but not sure if this method brings them all back. when you add more parts, the zone increases a lot, after the craft has been reloaded. detaching the dead zone, putting it into a subassembly, reattaching it from subassembly removes the zone. this fix is short lived cause when you reload the craft or quit the game the problem will reappear. someone needs to test dead zones in launch.
  13. thing is jim, ubiozur part welding is gonna take a large percentage of those parts and make them one block for the physics. ive seen a test craft of mine go from slideshow back to a playable framerate in launch. thanks for the responses everyone unfortunately i have no choice but to continue building but i have some methods to get around the bug.
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