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  1. Can I make a few observations? The Sarnus structural parts are outrageously heavy (7 tons?!?!)--they don't *do* anything right now. Maybe make things a little saner?) Is a fairing texture that matches (ish) the texture of the Saturn petal adapter possible?
  2. Question: are more habitat options likely to be added any time soon? And contracts to encourage space stations? I have gemini but nothing to do MOL with... I feel as though manned orbital contracts for an extended period plus stock station building contracts would be really welcome. Also, the tantares soyuz and shenzhou OMs aren't RP-0 compatible yet.
  3. @MRS: That strikes me as a much more ambitious and technically difficult project. I'd rather have a slightly hackier system and the design flexibility of procedural engines.
  4. See, I don't think from a technical perspective this would be any harder than p-fairings. In fact, let's use that example. Suppose there's a mesh switchable set of superstructures that project a guide mesh exactly like p-fairings. This can be tweaked according to engine parameters, etc. The bell is a separate mesh. If you couldn't do it in one part you could do it in two. I feel like balance is a muuch bigger challenge.
  5. Soooo... This little rant has come about after playing some RSS/64k career games but the points I make are also applicable (less so, admittedly) to a stock game. I've found the reliance on IRL engines in any realism overhaul games highly irritating. There are always niches that I really want to fill but can't because of a dearth of RL options (this is most notable with small engines, lander engines, and engines with poorly represnted fuels like methane.) To that end, I'd like to propose a (hopefully) reasonably easy to implement way that someone with some degree of modding ability might go about making a procedural engine mod as well as some game balance considerations. Each procedural engine would consist of two meshes, an engine housing, and an engine bell. Housings would be a fixed shape--just scaleable. Housings would also include any turbomachinery, pumps, etc. Only the bell would be procedural with 3 general options: surface, vacuum, and low-profile. Again, bells would be modified mostly by scaling. This offers interesting game design considerations. For example: -Low profile engines would have worse TWR and ISP (bells not ideally shaped, machinery compacted in awkward ways). -In RSS, choices of pressure fed, turbopump driven, control over the number of ignitions, throttleability, etc. -Integration with KCT and similar to reward desgning vehicles with a common lineage--each procedural engine would have to be discretely represented. -Balanced tradeoffs between TWR and ISP would be interesting ways to distinguish engines -Because stock is much simpler there's less need for a mod like this but if it's pretty enough there'll always be uses I feel like this is a relatively low-effort way of getting procedural engines without a really involved procedural system. The real trick is game balance.
  6. I think IFILS adds fuel switch to most tanks via MM.
  7. I'm having some trouble installing this--I'm playing an RO save--do I have to install it before RO or am I doing something else really dumb?
  8. ZZZ flags. It's only on Curse sadly. But perfectly functional (though if it had tweakscale support that'd be swell in my book)
  9. In the configs, how do you disable the blackening after losing ablator (specifically for the Gemini pod parts)? I use them on stations but tweak out the ablator. They look horrid that way...
  10. One more thing... Can we get a fairing texture that doesn't have those stockalike stripes? The regular 5m white is vastly more attractive and plays nicer with other parts and mods.
  11. Also, FWW it'd be amazing to get SpaceY (and FTP) textures for procedural tanks.