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  1. is the save option implemented ingame yet? I can`t save the object I add in, i quit the game , reload it , nothing is left, buildings are all gone?i can`t highlight the “Save Sesionâ€Â.
  2. is there anything I can use from your mod to get my APC to go into the water, would like to use your electric prop in the back of it, but my custom mesh always tip over, maybe its in the cfg?
  3. well plans have fail to add a train, like everyone else its harder then it seems. I tried the repulse under, next to the bullet train, w/o any luck, as the repulsers glide very well, but touching parts of the track is prob what is making it stop adding tracks is prob the easiest lol, great mod, will fool around with it some more
  4. ty for the link medsouz, no it was my cfg I think, redid it and whoohoo got it in the game, would be nice to get the editor to use more angles, like can u move the object like lay it down, I can only move it from left to right and change the angle? and move it around? I`f I put a railing u are really restricted in your movement, prob could fix the angle in 3dmax, city building is great, I can see my futuristic building going up somewhere the railing for the train is the hardest to lay down I think, the train I got an idea how to make it work... oh just tried to reload the ksp ingame with the debug mode, didn`t work??
  5. wow, not easily impress, good work, will test this out, so we can make custom stuff and slap it in the mod so we can intall it as static? , still new to the game, but got importing stuff from unity down pretty good. say if I do a new item, lets say a train track what would I add in the cfg? right now experimenting. can`t wait to try this out, ty k, can`t make it work, no instruction , makes it really hard.
  6. looking very good, love the new shuttle, ty for getting me started , I`m having fun, trying to get a train working, hard, as I can`t get kertown to work, as I need it for the railings, anyway, we all know u will be back after a break
  7. ahh very nice, yes I like all kinds of stuff, I love futuristic stuff, not as boring as rl stuff lol, and u never know one day it might exist as for the crane, I manage to lift 800 ton, but it was anchored so I figure if u are careful, as not add weight directly on the frame, like add a floor on it first u could move over heavy weight, have to changed the tires to tracks. but u would need to test it to see. tried to make those darn slow track move, .. ops Houston we got a prob, I kind of forgot the rocket was attach to the truck yep, it really didn`t want to go fast hehe
  8. I think they got like 4-10 pieces, but is mostly just a few parts. as for the crane its supposed to be single piece, there is 1 piece that extent, but is just for testing, I think I left it in, not sure
  9. just remade this freeware, antiaircraft, no rockets , etc on top
  10. no gun is attach, turret, gun, bottom parts are all separate.sounds really cool,as u will see there is a few size guns. as for the ships, good to know, but no one figured it out yet?? not even the Firespitter mod? ty, I started modding like 10 years ago, done over 5 k models,still not that great, I still cheat with textures when I don`t need to do it the right way lol, got tired of it, got inspired with star trek stuff and pick it up again, right now just fooling around with freeware to see how ksp works, not that good with animation yet as I love to work with architecture. vehicles are fun to, so yes I do make custom stuff, but takes me forever to get my idea going, ty for the heads up. I should make this, looks nice, except I would make it 1/2 tracks, seems to fit there better
  11. its freeware I fix up, to lazy to do stuff I would not do by myself, to time consuming for what its worth for myself. no I prob won`t work on more on this, maybe someone else will later. as u said, it can be made to use bd armory. no enough interest to go further, as I don`t need to , for me its good enough. the next stuff will be custom made, as I want to make them, a small futuristic mansion with a parking garage and a place to park all my spaceship,etc launch pad. first I want a monorail or a bullet train.i got the idea to make it work I think, just need to figure out a few things with testing.
  12. hi, as for the models, meshes released, there a mix of freeware,custom meshes, had to fix up a lot of stuff for them to be added into ksp, but was worth the work. low meshes, so I can add tons and still can play w/o lag anyway, I was fooling around with the tracks, how do u ajust the brakes, is it brake torque, as it needs to slow down slower, as right now it brakes to fast, ty
  13. sorry, wasn`t keeping track of it all, I was doing other meshes, Abraham tank and APC, aircraft carrier, well not much interest in them so will release all those in a batch file later as for the crane, I can do a v.3 with more stuff like the one u got there, that's easy, the reason players got a hard time is a lot of pieces need to be wielded together like a mod one guy made, but it got bugs. so reason I made stuff in 1 part for those that needed 1,2 part,etc. seems to work for the crane anyway. if I do a update what do I add in it?? anything offworld? what u think, its now if u want anything missing, claws? prob could do pieces to add to IR, add pics, I`m visual, I can make what I see. v.2 again, as I was taking most stuff and slap it in a box, but I remember this post https://www.dropbox.com/s/hgrcuibwpvhce13/mjy%20crane%20stuff%20v.2.zip?dl=0 TommyGun did this retexture, I think it looks good k, guest we don`t need a v.3?? that's ok by me, makes it easier to work on other stuff
  14. no one likes these? then we can`t start a kerbal war!! oh well I`ll just make a big pack and release it later on
  15. oh, so I can ajust my height of the tracks?? would be nice to get to have Abraham style tracks, just not as high and stretch out a bit, as u see here. ty for these nice tracks but these are some very good working tracks, very nice , hope u don`t mind the big pics
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