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  1. Never mind about my first edit. This happens no matter where I unzip the game, I just tested in a new directory in C:\, and I still get the UAC prompts (at least for running the game from the launcher).
  2. This has always bugged me, and it's been bugging me more recently. KSP.exe, KSP_x64.exe, and the patcher all throw UAC prompts when I try to run KSP, which seems really inappropriate given as I'm running the zip version in a non-system directory. Steps to replicate are: 1. Download the zip file from the store 2. Unzip into a new folder in the desktop 3. Launch any of the above (Launcher works fine, then asks for UAC when you click "Play") I know if it was installed elsewhere in the filesystem it might need permissions, but it really shouldn't on the desktop. EDIT- Well, what the heck. I told it "no" at the UAC prompt, and now it's not asking on subsequent launches. So, I guess that's fixed?
  3. Ah, I fixed it. Special characters in my password made it not work. I removed a # that my password manager had included (changed my password in the store profile) and now it seems to work. That's probably worth fixing.
  4. How is it supposed to work, anyway? I have the zip file from the store sitting in a directory, I run the launcher, click Patch, it asks for my username and password, then the window turns gray and sits there until I get bored and close it (no network or disk activity from patcher.exe). Then a bunch of stuff scrolls by in a command window. At this point, the buttons in the launcher are still unclickable, and re-starting the launcher still shows that it needs an upgrade. The patcher has never actually worked for me, and I don't know if there's something non-obvious that I'm doing wrong?
  5. Hello, is this the same issue? (I don't know why Youtube only shows 720p, but whatever, you can still see it) I can see some flickering at the seashore as in your video, but only with different pans. This is a stock KSP 1.1 install in 32-bit mode (64 seems crashy?) on a GTX 760, no mods except Scatterer, which is left at stock settings except for disabling the two WIP features. I've played with various AA settings, anisotropic filtering, vsync, et al. and it didn't seem to make a difference.
  6. Having just run a long science mission through most of Jool's moons, I'd really have appreciated a care & feeding mod for the MPL, and figured I'd share my thoughts with anyone who is suddenly inspired to make a mod (My coding skills are completely inadequate) The MPL is all well and good, but its manual interactions leave something to be desired. Notably, keeping the stupid thing full of data is really annoying. By the end of the mission, I had 170+ individual pieces of data, so I'd need to click through every single one to try to find something that fit in the data buffer, and clicking the green button to keep, which of course bounces up and down depending on if you've analyzed it or not. Sometimes the window would shift slightly, and I'd accidentally delete a result. So, my ideal mod would just look at my potential data pile, find one with the correct size to fill the data tank, and auto-keep the rest. It'd also be neat to be able to set accurate KAL reminders to transmit the science tank, based on current production and expected falloff in the data tank. Would anyone else be interested in such a thing?
  7. Yeah, I agree this really sounds like user error. It's driving me crazy, because everyone should be seeing it, of course? I just re-downloaded a fresh, fresh copy, used only scatterer, changed nothing except full screen, and I still see the halo/sun (didn't bother with Eve). I wish I knew something about shaders, so I could help find & fix bugs :/ ed-oh, and I tried forcing dx10 and opengl, which made things worse- Kerbin's sea looked wrong too, so forget that
  8. Hm, I did try this, but I couldn't get it stable on re-entry. I tried adding some small fins, but they made the rocket unstable during ascent (I don't have fairings yet), and the little ones just burn off anyway. Well, maybe I'll just gravity assist anyway. Aerobraking is just so cool...
  9. I haven't done any serious interplanetary missions since pre-1.0, so now that I'm moving through a new career (whee!), I'd really like to take advantage of aerobraking when heading to the bodies with atmospheres. I've also discovered that re-entry heat is exciting I'm wondering how people design their craft to successfully aerobrake. I was playing around in sandbox last night, and the only real design I could come up with was mounting a heat shield on the bottom, then using radial engines. I'm not really a fan of this- the radial engines are heavy & wimpy, and the landing legs burned off anyway. I suppose I could waste an engine/stage below the heat shield, which seems wasteful in terms of mass, or do something clever swapping parts in flight with docking ports, but I feel like I'm missing something crucial in my design. What's the current best-practice for these kinds of crafts?
  10. Bah, math. All you really need is Kerbal Engineer, the dV chart to make sure you can go where you want to go, and maybe some fancy stuff like the transfer window planner plus KAL. If you can't get there with those, you probably can't get there Spreadsheets make KSP slightly less fun than an actual "game", for me.
  11. OK! Here's a bunch of testing, hope it's useful. This is on a fresh unzip (+KER so my ships work), basically default settings, changing it to fullscreen/AA/etc. didn't seem to have any effect. For reference, this is what Eve's water looks like in 0.216, 0.215, and 0.021x with and without Scatterer. Also in 0.216, I have this thing going where I can see the sun through Kerbin, and there's kind of a weird ring around the planet: In 0.215, Kerbin also has the transparent thing going on, and an even more interesting halo: So, in short: 0.216: Kerbin has a halo, Eve water looks off 0.215: Kerbin has a different halo, Eve water looks off 0.021: Kerbin is fine, Eve water looks off I hope this is useful in some way. Hopefully this isn't specific to me, due to my really old graphics card (GTX260, oh yeah). I wish I had a SSD, I hope you do. Mind you, I'm perfectly happy with this mod and some small water glitches on Eve, because Eve sucks anyway.
  12. Yeah, here's a shot with Scatterer removed. The water texture shows up better when zoomed farther out. I remember Eve's water looking nicer, but I've probably just gotten spoiled. Just to be sure, I unzipped a fresh copy of KSP & scatterer and copied over my save, leaving all of the graphics on defaults.
  13. I'm seeing some weirdness in Eve's oceans. This is looking over the water onto the land. The sea/bed and shore are flickering pretty hard, too. This is with no other mods installed (except KER). Everything works great (and looks beautiful!) on Kerbin...I haven't changed any settings in Scatterer itself.
  14. I don't know if I'm the only one seeing this, but since 1.0.5, if I click very rapidly on the +/- button (more than, say, 1x per second), it moves my cursor to the craft so I'm actually clicking on some random stuff. It's pretty annoying to fine-tune nodes when I have to rate-limit myself! Has anyone else seen this?