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  1. More performance improve improvements are always welcome too!
  2. WOW! Thanks for the recompile! Really missed the rover sounds, game isn't just the same without them!
  3. Confirmed, the issue is gone! My bad, my install was missing some FS bits... Anyway I also find out that if you use the startup engine button your batteries wont recharge even with the correct plugin.
  4. I just did some testing using the stock alternator after re downloading FS (my install was missing the FS core) and its working now. At least on one engine, will report back after I tested all the rotorwings!
  5. Last time I used your mod was back in early 2017. I remember building some long-range transport choppers to use in Kerbinside passenger and rescue missions. Tried to replicate an old design from that time and just found out they run out of EC before leaving KSC's proximity Here are two examples of rescue/passenger choppers I used to use. Both were built in KSP 1.2.2: Again, thanks for the help and for those wonderful mods! Edit: I've been away from KSP for quite sometime, only got back in 1.4.X. So I was not aware of your grounded until recently, when I c
  6. @blackheart612 No worries, take your time. And thank you again, been using your mods for some time and really enjoy them! But is there a way to re-enable electric charge generation again like it was in older versions?
  7. Hey blackheart612 , Is there a way to make the Rotorwing generate power? I even changed the config to include a "ModuleAlternator" and still dont work, the helicopter engines dont generate power.
  8. Ohhhh, cant Wait! This mod has really changed my approach to rovers and ground vehicles
  9. Another question here: Can I use it just to change my Kerbals heads using a menu like in TR ou TRR? I just need that feature, the new TRR version file folder structure has changed I cant make it see my headtextures anymore
  10. Can you guys help me out (again)? I've been away from KSP for some time and I cant make this mod work anymore. I read the OP and I know that this isnt fully compatible with KSP 1.4 but i keep seeing people who managed to make it work. I tried everything, but my custom headtextures are not showing up! I'm using the "diverse kerbal heads" pack and some others, but looks like the folder structure changed from previous version and i cant for the love of Jeb find a way to make the game "see" the textures. On the other hand, I'm using a skybox replacement and its working fine. The "Texture repl
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