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  1. Hey guys,quick question:I just got the mod,but the engines act wierd,some dont produce thrust,and in the VAB they start toggled on(just producing the graphical effect of it though) and it has one vertical "smoke" and one horizontal,any fixes?Thanks in advance
  2. Hey all!Do you think robotic arms would work with this mod?If yes,should they be added?Currently I dont see a point in docking a shuttle to a station,while if we had robotic arms we would be able to dock,and install the new station module.Just an idea,tell me what you think! P.S:Cant wait for phase 4!
  3. I'm having an issue with the mod,whenever I install it(its the only mod I am running),when a ship re-enters Kerbins atmosphere(dont know if it happens with other planets as well) it crashes 1km above the surface of the planet.Any ideas guys?Thank you in advance!
  4. Guys i installed the mod,(i am running steam version of the game) and the cables,struts and generally everything that can link/attach to another part is just 1 white line(no texterues) and theres no sound.When i load a ship with a KAS part it says that theres no sound and i havent intalled it correctly.Please help guys.
  5. I have the game on steam,so I got the mod from spaceport and installed it.It works just fine,but it doesnt have any textures on the pipes,struts and generally anything u link/attach to another part.Also theres no sound,and every time i load a ship with a part from KAS it says that i havent installed KAS correctly and sounds arent installed correctly.But how am i suppose to install them correctly?Please help me guys.