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  1. When I moved to South Africa I asked my girlfriend where the clothes dryer was. She said, "It's big and bright and hanging in the sky for half of each day."
  2. Apparently, from what I've been reading, the vehicle market is stupid right now anyway. COVID put the smackdown on new vehicle production, so the new vehicle market is tight. With all of the stimulus money flowing around, everyone is buying cars, so the used vehicle market is tight too. Prices are high all around. We bought a new-to-us car back in January, and the inventory and prices are crap now compared to just four months ago. Shoot, if I had held onto our old Pilot for four months I could have gotten half-again what I got for it on Craigslist. It's a good time to sell if you have an extra
  3. My wife saw this cartoon and laughed, and then asked, "What do people do with Bitcoin anyway?" I said, "In general, they use it to get real money."
  4. Made green chile stew for dinner last night, so good. Had a little kick, but not too much. Tonight it is cheeseburgers (coincidentally, we were having cheeseburgers this week anyway), so chopped chiles on cheeseburgers it is.
  5. I have a new euphemism in my lexicon now.... ------------- My wife bought a whole case of Anaheim chilies from the local mercado for dirt cheap. <@tater has entered the chat>
  6. Because at some point in the past some mathematics professor wrote a paper describing the fact that taking the square root of -1 has to yield something, simply because of the fact that he could write it down on paper. And for that, they awarded him tenure.
  7. Cat has been on a rampage this week. One dead bunny, one live bunny on Wednesday. This morning two live bunnies running around we had to catch. And she just went out again. I'm keeping one eye on the dog door....
  8. Because AutoCAD is the gold standard for CAD interfaces, and the AutoCAD interface was created in 1982, before the widespread acceptance of graphical interfaces, the computer mouse, etc. So every release of AutoCAD, and every competing product, has been all about maintaining that interface, because that is what all the CAD professionals know and love. And if they went and made that interface simple and easy to use, then there would be no such profession as "CAD professional" anymore.
  9. So, we are doing some minor reorganization of the household layout. As part of this I had the idea to build a bookshelf/storage unit for the kids to store all of their schoolbooks/papers in, so that they will all be in one place, instead of scattered in various locations around the house. I kid you not, they are now worried that they won't be able to find anything. Because instead of their school books being scattered between the dining room table, and the sideboard, and the top of the dog's cage, and on their bed, they will all be on one shelf in a bookcase. Honestly....
  10. Somebody pointed out to me today that Wizards of the Coast has now owned Dungeons & Dragons for longer than TSR did, and I find myself left without the ability to even....
  11. Job Satisfaction Story of the Day: <I answer my phone> "ITS, this is [TheSaint]." "HELLO, IS THIS CONTINUING EDUCATION?" (Like, seriously, this guy is yelling at the top of his lungs into to the phone.) "Um, no, sir, this is the ITS department." "THE WHAT?" "ITS, Information Services." "THE WHAT?" "THE COMPUTER DEPARTMENT. WE WORK WITH COMPUTERS." "OH, SORRY, WRONG NUMBER." <click> My kids overheard from the next room (joys of working from home) and they thought it was the funniest thing they've ever heard. They've been running
  12. This will reduce confusion.
  13. I find myself asking this question almost every day.... I got goosebumps seeing all the polyester suits and pants. And not in a good way. But, seriously. That was pretty much the last time we'll ever see a manned test flight of an orbital spacecraft. If anything goes wrong, well, we'll name a high school after you. John Young and Robert Crippen, those guys are legends.
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