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  1. I'm pretty sure that if they're announcing the game to be released next year it's way too late to be asking for changes to anything this fundamental. It should all have been set in stone a very long time ago. If it wasn't, if they're making changes this big this late, well, it will be interesting. That said, I sincerely hope they took a fresh, realistic, logical approach to the science system. Taking a temperature in a different region of the Mun to get points that unlock a node to let you build a slightly larger version of a fuel tank you already have is stupid.
  2. In the immortal words (word?) of the (much missed) Regex: Huh. And it took two years, but, there you go: I can't see any way that TTI's first priority for the franchise won't be KSP 2.0. And, besides, they were coming up fast on 1.8, they had to do something.
  3. Got up and made pancakes. Cleaned the kitchen. Cleaned the bathroom. Snaked out the drain in the bathroom sink. Broke the pop-up drain plug in the bathroom sink when I was putting it back together after snaking the drain. Drove to Home Despot to get parts to fix the pop-up. Fixed the pop-up drain. Loaded the truck up for range day tomorrow. Cleaned the kitchen again after my wife made dinner. Watched The Princess Bride with the family. I'm pooped.
  4. Yes, sarcasm. (I'm actually surprised when people take me seriously on this board....) The one time in my life I was fired from a job I saw it coming a mile away. I already had my office packed and I walked out the door with a smile on my face. So I can relate. Nah, don't sweat it. You're a smart guy, you'll sort it out.
  5. From the sound of things, she must be really broke up about this turn of events.
  6. TheSaint

    Shower thoughts

    More like an anti-lazy-hunter device. Real snipers, who have their lives, other's lives, and their missions depending on their accuracy, would never use a system like BDX. Because: Just when you're ready to take that perfect shot, <ding> <ding> "Searching for connection..." I said it was nifty, I didn't say I would actually shell out the money and try to use it.
  7. TheSaint

    Shower thoughts

    Reality check: Despite what you see in the movies, most military personnel IRL don't use laser sighting devices. The one exception is at night they will use infrared laser sights, like the AN/PEQ-2 or the AN/PEQ-15, which are only visible if you are using night vision gear. (Because trying to sight through a normal scope or iron sights while you're wearing NVG is a PITK.) Snipers would never use a laser sight, because snipers are shooting long distance, multiple hundreds of yards/meters. All a laser sight would tell them is their point of aim, which they can already see through their scope. Their point of impact will be inches/centimeters below that. They have to calculate the point of impact in their head based on range, azimuth, bullet weight and velocity, air pressure, wind, etc, to correct their point of aim to actually hit the target. (Snipers are an excellent example of weaponized math.) If you want to see something really nifty, check out the Sig BDX system. You have a laser rangefinder that measures the range and azimuth to the target, it feeds that information via Bluetooth to an app on your phone (where you have pre-entered your bullet weight and velocity, altitude, and other data), which then calculates your corrected point of aim and projects it into the riflescope via an illuminated dot. But, sorry, the laser pulse only lasts a fraction of a second, still no heating.
  8. Well, after the first day I am only required to wear the eye shield when I sleep. So now I look less like a pirate and more like I broke up the Beatles.
  9. Oddly enough, I just had my cataract surgery this morning. Took a couple months between the initial consult and the actual surgery, because of various scheduling conflicts. But it's done now, and I'm sitting at home with my taped on eye shield and my fabulous sunglasses.
  10. Setting up shop around Minimus.
  11. Malcom in the Middle Lost Futurama Buffy the Vampire Slayer You know, the Golden Age of Television.... To this day, I still haven't seen the last episode of MASH. The night it was on I, The King of the Procrastinators, had a report due at school the next day. So while the rest of the family was watching MASH I was sitting in the dining room writing about biology, IIRC. Never managed to catch it in reruns, not enough of a fan to buy or rent the DVD. Should see if it's on streaming somewhere, just to be completionist. My parents loved all those 70s crime shows. Quincy, Rockford Files, Kojak, Streets of San Francisco. I would watch them once in a while, but I mostly had other things to do. My favorites, when I was a kid: Battlestar Galactica (the original), Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Erin Gray made me feel all funny inside. ), Baa Baa Black Sheep (Now renamed Black Sheep Squadron in syndication. Boooring!). Trying to think what else got me out from behind a book or a game. Oh, Thunderbirds! Loved Thunderbirds, although it was in syndication when I was a kid and hard to find on the air. I would watch Star Trek and Twilight Zone if they were on, but I wasn't a huge fan, I wouldn't seek them out.
  12. 1.7.3. I was Kopernicus-limited to 1.7.1 for a while, but everything is up to speed now.
  13. Galaxy Trucker. It's a silly little game. We played the board game at a friends house a couple of years ago, kids loved it. Saw the digital edition on sale on Steam last week, so I picked it up. Been going head-to-head with the kids on it, having lots of fun.