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  1. Interesting. Yeah, I use the regular Rayovacs for just about everything around the house, never had a problem either.
  2. D.C. Fontana passed away a couple of days ago, I only just heard of it today. Very influential science fiction screenwriter and editor. She was the story editor for Roddenberry on TOS, and many of the fundamental concepts in the Star Trek canon were actually created by her.
  3. It isn't that I have anything against Christmas in general (although I do think it's become seriously over-commercialized). It just drives me nuts when people start celebrating Christmas in October. Unhinged Maniac Already Listening To Christmas Music
  4. I have strict rules on Christmas in our house. Nothing Christmas-y happens until the day after Thanksgiving. (Because Thanksgiving is a holiday, dammit!) No decorations, no lights, no tree, no music, nothing! But this year I made one exception. We normally drive up into the mountains the day after Thanksgiving to cut our Christmas tree. But this year we had the big snow storm rolling in that day, and none of us relished the idea of driving up into a snow storm to cut down a tree. So we went up the day before Thanksgiving to cut the tree. However, the tree was exiled to the garage until Friday.
  5. Why do you assume that these things are mutually exclusive?
  6. I've heard good things about LibreCAD, but I don't use it myself.
  7. Docking without mods isn't really that hard. I've been playing for six years, the only mod I've ever installed that automates docking is MechJeb, and I very rarely use the Docking Autopilot because I'm better at docking manually. It's all about practice, and a little bit of gaming the system. (Because, in reality, they don't rotate the ISS to bring the docking ports around to face the incoming craft.) And these are my confessions.
  8. Just finished Thanksgiving dinner. Food coma setting in. Two glasses of wine aren't helping.
  9. The later builds of 10 are much more usable than the early builds of 10 were. I wasn't impressed with 10 at all when it came out, but after about 1809 or so, I find it to be just fine as an OS. This always cracks me up as well. It's not like my truck is running Kings or Icons, and I take speed bumps just fine. And then I see these guys in the bro-dozers running over them like their suspensions are made of glass. Spends $2,000 on racing shocks, then does nothing but polish them with a diaper.
  10. It's missing the add-on trailer mirrors.