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  1. THEY CHANGED MY SCOTCH!!! I've been drinking Glenlivet 12yr for over two decades now, almost since I started drinking scotch in the first place. I'm getting towards the bottom of my most recent bottle, so I go to the store to buy another, and they don't have it anymore. Now their 12yr bottle is Glenlivet Double Oak. Just to say I tried, I bought a bottle and my wife and I both did blind tastings vs what was left in my old bottle. It isn't the same, and it is nowhere near as good. The Double Oak has way too much tannin, way too harsh on the palate. This bottle will wind up as a mixer, whic
  2. No! I'm gonna die!!!
  3. Some more so than others. But enough about my end users....
  4. I finally got the final adjustment done on the rear brakes on the truck. Between the hunting trip, replacing the brakes on the truck, and moving my mom, I've been going non-stop for almost three weeks. I'm done. I'm going to pour myself an oversized adult beverage and turn into a tourist.
  5. I spent the weekend and yesterday out in California moving my mom into assisted living. She's 88 years old, and has been independent for far longer than a lot of people her age. But my cousin (Who she is closer to than me. It is what it is.) found out that she has fallen several times in her apartment (without telling anyone), and so she convinced her that it just isn't safe for her to be on her own anymore. So we all drove out to California, and my wife an I spent three days helping to clean out her apartment. As I stated at the beginning of the project, our goal was to move the project from
  6. Absolute classic. Love Ridley Scott. One of the few movies that managed to scare the crap out of me.
  7. I go away for a couple of days and look what happens....
  8. I think I shared the story on here once. My wife and kids were visiting her folks in California, I was home alone. Playing KSP until about 11:30 at night, just getting ready to go to bed. The cat brings in a live bird and lets it go in the house. I'm chasing the bird around trying to catch it, it flies around the living room for a while and then flies underneath our 500-lb solid wood entertainment center. I was livid, I'm totally cranking at the cat. She skulks out of the dog door. I spend the next fifteen minutes trying to get the bird out from underneath the furniture. The cat comes back in
  9. I'm perfectly fine with my cat bringing in dead vermin and leaving them in various locations around the house. When she brings them in still alive, plays with them for a while, and then lets them go. That's when I get upset.
  10. Yeah, no special tools here. The tool for the return spring might have helped, but I also watched a couple of YouTube videos where the guys said the special tool for the return spring was junk. I just used a Phillips screwdriver and a lot of determination and choice words. The only other special tool called out in the FSM was for the hold-down springs, and I just used a socket on a extension, worked great. It's all back together now. Took it for a test drive. Everything is working, no rubbing or pulling, but I think I need to adjust the rear brakes, feels like it's riding hard on the fron
  11. Tonight, the left rear brake: 1.5 hours. Half the time of the right one. But, that said, I hope I never have to do this job again.
  12. Oh, the drums were the easy part. But the shoes, the levers, the springs, all the fiddly bits that sit inside the drums, that's what was giving me fits for three hours last night. The return spring is really tight, and you have to pull it into place without displacing any of the other parts that are resting between the shoes, like the adjusting screw, the anchor spring, etc.
  13. I realized some time ago that the primary calling of my life is to serve as a cautionary tale to the younger generations. I did get the one side done, after many failed attempts and finely-crafted profanities. I think I have the moves down now, I am hoping the other side goes faster tonight.
  14. All hands, stand by for an important announcement! Drum brakes are a PITA to replace. That is all.
  15. Do something different. Read a book. Go outside and get some fresh air and exercise. Talk to your friends. You should be doing this stuff anyways. There's way more to life than video games.
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