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  1. TheSaint

    'Io' movie (2019) - with extra epic wrong science

    I can see what you're getting at, but let's be honest: Mars is a sub-tropical paradise compared to Io. We're going to be colonizing Triton before we colonize Io. Whoever wrote this movie is cracked.
  2. TheSaint

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I'm looking at jobs up in Boise right now, and my friend up there is all, "My father-in-law has some leads on some great Federal jobs, send him your resume!" And I'm all, "Why would I do that to myself?" ================================================================== Here's my complaint for the day. I'm buying my daughter her first rifle for her birthday. (.22 bolt action) I order it from a distributor because it's a very specific rifle that I want for her, it isn't stocked by any of the gun shops in town. The distributor is actually here in town, they are over by the airport, about ten minutes drive from my work. But, laws are laws, so they have to ship the firearm to a licensed gun shop by common carrier (basically UPS or FedEx) and then I have to go to the shop and fill out the paperwork and pass the background check, etc. I ordered the rifle on Wednesday at lunchtime, it shipped Wednesday afternoon FedEx 2-day air, guaranteed delivery by Friday at 4:30pm. I get the tracking info last night. FedEx picked up the package and brought it to their facility here in town (which is two blocks away from the shop they are delivering to) and then proceeded to drive the package down to Phoenix, an hour-and-a-half away. It's sitting there right now, has been all day. I would like to think that someone just made an error. But the cynical side of me thinks that this is FedEx saying, "You paid for 2-day shipping, by God you're getting 2-day shipping!" I wouldn't be surprised at all if they fly it from Phoenix to Prescott. Because, you know, "You paid for 2-day air? Then come Hell or high water we're putting this package on an airplane!"
  3. TheSaint

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Well, they made a wildly-successful rap musical out of the life of a 18th-century politician, so anything's possible I suppose. Get writing, your first billion isn't going to earn itself.
  4. TheSaint

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Temp work?
  5. ============================================================= Most wrong thing I've ever heard? I spent six years in the United States Navy. How much time do you have? I think the funniest argument I ever got into was with my old youth pastor when he was absolutely, 100%, convinced that muscle was not meat. We could not convince him that the meat you eat from animals, like beef, pork, etc, was muscle. He was somehow imagining that there were these mysterious meat organs in these animals that served no purpose other than to be harvested out of them and be served as food. Hilarity ensued.
  6. TheSaint

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Back when I was on my ship in the Navy, we had a guy on the boat, a Torpedoman, named Ivan. Ivan was a big guy, 6' 2" at least, and built. You did not want to mess with Ivan. Ivan also bore more than a passing resemblance to Bobby McFerrin. However, he hated Bobby McFerrin's music in general, and "Don't Worry Be Happy" specifically. He made a habit of spontaneously heart-punching anyone who brought it up. So, of course, we being the kind, generous fellows that we were, whenever we sent our new guys up to Ivan in the torpedo room for checkouts on their qualification cards we would tell them, "Oh, and make sure you mention to him that he looks like Bobby McFerrin. He totally digs that." I suppose I should post some music since I'm here. Someone posted a cover of this a while ago, but some songs just can't be covered....
  7. TheSaint

    'Io' movie (2019) - with extra epic wrong science

    Outland. Gosh, hadn't thought of that movie in years. It didn't totally suck. But the atmosphere and environment was totally different for that film. And, to be fair, I don't think it was widely known how incredibly deadly Io was in 1981. If I were writing the script I would write it with them leaving for political or religious reasons, like the Puritans leaving England on the Mayflower. It doesn't take much to imagine people being pushed to that point these days.
  8. TheSaint

    'Io' movie (2019) - with extra epic wrong science

    I read an article this week that talked about Bird Box, which was apparently the most watched film in Netflix history despite the fact that it was mostly panned by critics and audiences alike. (Truth in advertising: I haven't watched Bird Box, and I have no intention of watching it.) The analysis was that people weren't watching Bird Box because they thought it was going to be a great movie, they were watching it because all of their friends on social media were posting funny memes about Bird Box and they felt that if they didn't watch it then they would be missing out on the humor. It is literally a viral movie. And they were predicting that this was going to be more of a thing in the future, where filmmakers (especially filmmakers for streaming services) were not going to be overly concerned about the quality of the films they produced, but more with the ability of the film to draw in an audience through social media. I suspect that "Io" may be another experiment in this direction.
  9. Sorry for your loss. It's amazing how attached we get to pets. I'm convinced that our Dumb Cat will wind up getting eaten by some wild animal, but apparently she wouldn't have it any other way. We can't even keep a collar on her, she removes them every time we put one on. Cats will be cats. SMH
  10. Yeah, that didn't really work for me either. If you look at my design above, I've bookended the cargo bays with fuel tanks, that seems to work.
  11. It wouldn't by any chance be related to this long-standing bug?
  12. TheSaint

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Actually, unless it's a computer that you just care nothing about (like my gaming PC) then everyone who uses the computer should be using a non-admin account, and you should only log on to the computer with an admin account when you need to do admin things. It's actually standard best security practice these days.
  13. TheSaint

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Maybe after I put in notice....
  14. TheSaint

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Well then there's no point in not trying, is there? What's the worst that could happen?
  15. TheSaint

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    And now I'm back at my old office for three days to finish up the work that I didn't have time to finish up because everyone was in such a rush to get me moved out to the new office. Random acts of management.