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  1. And the truck is finished. Man, I am exhausted. Now I just have to bake bread and pay bills. Then I can settle in for a relaxing afternoon of coding a new star map utility for my next RPG campaign. Woot.
  2. Nice! The first computer I ever bought for myself was an Amiga 500.
  3. Yeah, except this is all going into the truck tomorrow. Engine oil change - 5 qts Transmission fluid change/flush - 10 qts Front & rear differential and transfer case oil change - 6 qts Coolant change/flush - 3 gals
  4. Life Rule # 273: Do not start an argument with an Italian over pasta.
  5. Exactly. My wife is a PT, so she doesn't see the dead ones. (Although she did have one little old lady drop dead five minutes after she treated her. That shook her a bit.) But if she had a dime for every thirtysomething idiopathic stroke patient she's treated. People just aren't aware of how much they take for granted. Not every problem is solvable.
  6. No one here gets out alive. (Hat tip to Jim Morrison.) We are, as a society, very uncomfortable with the fact that we're all going to die. I think this whole pandemic thing is bringing that to the forefront.
  7. A friend of mine just posted the same page on an email thread we converse on, but with the exact opposite reaction. "OMG! This is insane! I can't believe how bad this is getting!" And I pointed out the comparison to flu deaths as well. This is not The Apocalypse.
  8. This. My father was a WWII vet. All of his friends were WWII vets. I grew up hearing stories of them all fighting the pedants. Because when I was in grade school the war had only ended three decades previous.
  9. Our shooting range is the national forest, so we keep saying that we need to go shooting some Saturday. (Since you can't get much more socially distant than that.) But, believe it or not, things keep interfering. Last weekend my wife had to go into work on both Saturday and Sunday. (Her hours are weird right now, since her work shut down the outpatient PT clinic. So she's taking hours whenever she can get them.) And this weekend is truck maintenance extravaganza weekend. (240,000 miles, still going strong!) But next weekend we're going. PEW PEW PEW!
  10. You can cure COVID-19, but you can't cure stupid.
  11. Dislocated right shoulder. It was seriously, the most intense pain I've ever experienced. When it came out all of the muscles in my shoulder tensed up and it pulled the head of my humerus up over my clavicle. They were able to perform a closed reduction on it, but only after they doped me up something fierce in the ER. A close second was a dislocated left knee, locked with a bucket-handle tear of the medial meniscus. I was at home alone on a Saturday morning when it happened, couldn't even put my toes on the ground to balance myself. And my phone was in the next room. So I had to hobble along the wall on one foot to get to the phone to call someone to come get me to the hospital. Went to the ER, luckily the on-call was an ortho. So I went straight from the ER to surgery prep, was in recovery by dinner time. Honestly, compared to either of those, the eight-inch sternotomy I had for my aneurysm repair was a walk in the park.
  12. Homemade bread is better anyway.
  13. At the other end of the scale, we have my family. My mom is 87. She moved to where my brother and sister-in-law live to be closer to them so they could take care of her. Then she got into a fight with them and decided that she would never speak to them again. (She does this quite frequently with us. The good news is that "never again" will only last a couple of years or so. The bad news is that it will last a couple of years or so.) So now she's living alone in her apartment, she doesn't know anyone else in the area. She hates any technology newer than the push-button phone. She's driving around on her own, going to the store every other day because she doesn't want to stock up on anything. Or cook, for that matter. I'm pretty shocked she wasn't Patient Zero for COVID in California. (Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, with our luck, she's probably asymptomatic.) And my brother and sister-in-law aren't much better off. They're the comorbidity poster children. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease. If they catch this thing they're doomed. Well, yes and no. The rehab hospital where my wife works is the largest rehab hospital in Northern Arizona. She sees patients from the res every week. The community college where I work is the closest community college to the res, and one of the reasons we have residence halls is because we get tons of students from the res who live on campus to take courses. (And we just sent them all home two weeks ago today for Spring Break.) Their high school plays our high school in basketball and football. So, yeah, it's in the middle of nowhere. But the middle of nowhere has no services at all, so they end up driving all over Hell and half of Georgia to get things they need. So, no, not really shocked that it spread there.