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  1. IRL, OMG, such a bad idea. Pulling you together when you don't want to be together. Not letting you be apart. it's like a bad relationship.
  2. Okay, I'll be different.
  3. Oh, dude, are you not informed? They eat rock lobster.
  4. We have all the Schoolhouse Rocks on DVD, kids love them. They were just watching this one last week. But my wife won't let me add this one to the curriculum yet....
  5. Winchell Chung illustrated the first wargame I ever played, Steve Jackson's Ogre. That was 44 years ago. It feels like losing an old friend.
  6. You're assuming we didn't mock those movies as well. No Laurence Fishburne. No Hugo Weaving. And, most importantly, we all know where the rabbit hole leads this time. I'm going to give it a solid, "Meh."
  7. I think I posted this before. Don't care. It's still in my head.
  8. Thing #2 watched this with me just now and said, "Despicable Me did it better." LOL
  9. Sorry, nobody did it better than The Right Stuff.
  10. Watched Drunken Master tonight. Classic Jackie Chan.
  11. Drill through wall, place external antenna on porch?
  12. I'm pretty sure that the human race will evolve into beings of pure energy before Star Citizen is released. So happy I did not back that Kickstarter.
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