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  1. Yeah, the day that started in our house would be known forever more as, "That Day Dad Went Out And Got A Second Dog". Oh, heck no. This one is trouble enough as it is, thank you. Just had to clean up another dead bird yesterday morning. Besides, stray cats don't last long around these parts. Heck, non-stray cats have a tough time of it, if they're stupid. If the coyotes don't get them, the owls do. I joke about ours being a "dumb cat", but she's pretty wily to have made it this long.
  2. Ha. In our house every day is Catday. At least as far as one member of the household is concerned....
  3. Please don't tell my cat. She's already a little too full of herself as it is.
  4. I am desecrating my mortal frame with said substance as we speak....
  5. Amusingly, the desk I am typing this on is figured oak. Made it myself about 16 years ago, when I had time for such idle pursuits.
  6. It's Fat Tuesday. Going to give up the firewater for six weeks again this year. Starting tomorrow....
  7. A guy on another forum posted this and the nostalgia blew me away. I would have given up a lot to go to this in 1982, but you probably should be at least old enough to drive before you start going to wild music festivals. I'm not sure what's more amazing: The number of folks on that list who aren't with us anymore, or the number who are. But I think the one I miss the most is Tom Petty.
  8. My friend in Katy, TX got an inch of snow, paralyzed his entire city. He called in snow and is "working from home" today. I believe in his case working from home involves XBox and day drinking.
  9. I was chatting about it with a guy while I was waiting in line at O'Reilly's, and he was all, "Man, I wish my dad had taught me to work on cars like that." And that's the amusing part for me: My dad never worked on a car his entire life. I only started doing this about six years ago. Uncle Sam's Canoe Club taught me which end of a wrench is which, and Haynes manuals and Youtube videos taught me the rest.
  10. So, when I did the brakes on the truck, I noticed that the control arm bushings were shot. As in, I could wiggle the control arms back and forth with my bare hands. This probably explains the random clunking I hear from the front end when I go around turns, and why the shop can never get my alignment right. (Okay, so I'm a little slow on the uptake....) So, I'm in the process of replacing the control arm bushings. Almost done with the driver's side, just taking a break for dinner. Not nearly as frustrating as the drum brakes, although I am still learning as I go. And this involves FIRE!!!
  11. Late entry: For Christmas this year we made a standing rib roast with Alton Brown's recipe here. Honest to God, that was the most delicious thing I have ever cooked within the four walls of my house. The next day we sliced the leftovers thin and heated them in jus and made French dip sandwiches. Those were the second most delicious things I have ever cooked within the four walls of my house. It was seriously unreal. Instant new holiday tradition.
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