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  1. Yes. After the escapades at my house this morning, I have a couple in mind....
  2. I've always used radial attachment points when I needed to, I never found that to be particularly onerous. But I'm fine with it either way.
  3. Solar storm shelter. You don't shield the entire ship against the maximum radiation levels from a solar flare, just the shelter. Then when you see the flare coming the crew retreats to the shelter for the duration.
  4. So, not to be pushy or anything, but do you have the list of 3.75m parts for the new mod? Because, honestly, just reading the previous two lists was like going through the Sears Wish List catalog before Christmas when I was 8.
  5. As of right now, every time someone brings up the eclipse I start thinking of this What If? It's going to be a mob scene.
  6. I see what you did there....
  7. Okay, now I officially want to use words that will get me in trouble with the moderators to describe you two.
  8. You should redo all of the stock parts. Don't you want to redo all of the stock parts? I think you really should.
  9. If we're making pie-in-the-sky requests, how about a generic centrifuge hub that lets us stick our own structures on it? Like the one in DSEV? (And before you say, "Well, just use the one from DSEV," I do like it, but it's literally the only part from that entire mod that I use, and it requires Infernal Robotics to operate. So, a more elegant solution would be awesome.) I still think you should take on an IVA lackey henchman flunky assistant. If I had a single artistic bone in my body I would totally volunteer for it.
  10. Centrifuges/spin habs.
  11. I would be perfectly happy if I never fly on an airliner again for the rest of my life.
  12. I feel more secure already. Back when I was traveling for work a lot, around 2004 or so, I was in Houston and finished my assignment early. I looked on the airline site and saw that there was an earlier flight out, so I decide to head over to the airport to see if I could grab a seat on that flight and get home early. I get to the airport and the airline is more than happy to book me on the earlier flight because my original flight was overbooked. But because of my fare class and since it was very last minute (the flight was departing in about 30 minutes) the easiest way for them to change the ticket was to cancel my original booking, give me a credit, then rebook my travel as a discounted one-way ticket on the earlier flight. I grab my boarding pass and head for the TSA line. When I get to the checkpoint, TSA decides that since I booked a last-minute one-way ticket with no checked baggage I'm a security risk and therefore have to be subjected to secondary screening. The secondary screening takes 20 freaking minutes! Which causes me to miss the boarding for my newly booked flight. I start talking to the gate agents about rebooking on my previous flight, but it's overbooked, I can't get a seat on it anymore. The earliest flight they could get me on was at 9:00 that night. So instead of going home a couple of hours earlier, now I ended up going home four hours later. Thanks TSA!
  13. Trader Joe's. Here in Prescott that's where all the old people shop. If you set foot in that parking lot you're taking your life into your own hands. You're liable to run over by some old lady in a Prius who isn't watching where she's going because she's arguing with her shih-tzu.
  14. So, they dropped the power at work three times this morning. At lunchtime I was driving down the main drag in town and had to swerve around some moron who decided to shove the nose of their car into traffic. This moron then decided that they were angry at me and followed me around road raging at me for two or three minutes. Now I get back to work and facilities is doing fire alarm testing, which means that the fire alarms will be going off at random intervals all afternoon. Did you ever feel like you just want to get away?
  15. We had friends here in town that grew up in Clovis, they turned us on to NM chiles. My wife has some varietal of them planted in the garden this year, can't remember the specifics of it. She's the real gardener in the family, I just do the grunt work and the plumbing.