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  1. When we first bought in this town we found it kind of amusing that the development we were buying in looked like a development straight out of Irvine, California, but if we drove five minutes down the main drag we were in 2-acre horse properties. And now, ten years later, the wife and I are looking at each other and thinking, "We shouda bought one of the 2-acre horse properties."
  2. This. I have replaced garage door springs myself in the past, but it is not for the faint of heart, or for people who are unable to follow instructions verbatim. I wouldn't want to do it for a living. I don't like "smart" anything, to be honest. We were just shopping for a new stove last week. (Our stove isn't quite dead yet, but it's not healthy, and we don't want to wait for it to pass on before we get a new one since new appliances are taking forever to show up these days.) Kept looking at the high-end, Wi-Fi enabled stoves, and asking ourselves, "Why? What is this going to do for me besides add something else to my stove that can break?" Went with a mid-range "dumb" stove, and it will be here...in the middle of February. SMH
  3. Well, in that case, I'm not on the Spectrum, I'm on the TRS-80.
  4. Check your springs too. Many times the opener fails because a spring breaks and the increased load on the opener causes it to fail.
  5. Sorry, that incident is classified Confidential - NOFORN, and covered by patient confidentiality and HIPAA. In other news, Dominic was shopping a script to Kamazon, something about an underdog stone putter...
  6. Phase 2 - Mun Station The next phase of space exploration involves operations around and on The Mun. This requires some explanation. The long-term goal is to establish an extensive presence around and on Minimus. Because of the discovery of extensive water ice deposits on Minimus (their existence conclusively proven by the now infamous Kerpollo 5 snowball fight), KSP leadership wishes to create a large installation to mine water ice on the surface of Minimus and convert it into hydrogen and oxygen to provide fuel for intersystem and interplanetary spacecraft. They also wish to construct a large space station in orbit around Minimus to make it a departure point for interplanetary missions. That is the long term goal. However, in light of the recent bowling ball incident <everyone looks at Dominic, who grins sheepishly>, KSP upper management has decided that it would be best to gain some experience with kerbonauts living and working within days of major medical facilities, before we send them weeks away from them. So it has been decided that the next major step in the program will be to establish a permanent base on the far side of The Mun. This will be a primarily scientific base, studying Mun geology and other disciplines as afforded by its unique location. The first step in establishing this presence will be the construction of a station in Munar orbit. Mun Station will not be permanently kerballed, in the long term, but will instead perform two important functions: It will act as a staging point in Munar orbit for cargo and personnel destined for Farside Base, especially during base construction, but also during base operations. It will act as a safe haven for Farside Base kerbonauts in the event of an emergency at Farside Base that requires immediate evacuation. The design of Mun Station is simple, and uses many of the same standard modules as Kerbin Station, although a new compact truss module has been designed because of the station's lower power requirements. Mun Station Specifications Height: 19.1m Width: 11.1m Length: 46.6m Mass: 30.497 tons Crew: Up to 6 So now the program managers begin to reorganize and prepare for the next phase of exploration.
  7. Kerbin Orbit Operations - Y1 D14 Time for some housekeeping. Over the course of construction, with all of the dockings and undockings, Kerbin Station's orbit has gradually become more eccentric. At this point, to the tune of over 20km more eccentric. It has reached the breaking point of the Orbital Operations Manager's OCD, so he has ordered a circularization maneuver. Cargo Drone 1 will be performing the burn. So Captain Koontz undocks it from its berth on the escape pod hub and brings it around to dock on the nadir port of the docking complex. Then she undocks Cargo Drone 2 from the port docking complex and brings it around to dock on the supply module. This is to make the station more symmetrical, which will reduce the amount of effort required by the station's reaction wheels to keep it pointed correctly during the circularization burn. Then she uses the station's reaction wheels to bring it around to the correct heading. She fires up the drone's engines to full thrust. Although the burn is only about 23m/s, the drone must burn its engines for over 30 seconds to accomplish it. Go, little drone, go! With the burn successfully completed, Captain Koontz brings the drone back around to the escape pod hub. Between all of the docking operations to date and the correction burn, CD1 has used up over half of its monopropellant fuel. They should probably do something about that at some point...
  8. Mission 113 - Kerbin Station Cupola and Airlock So this is it. The last Kerbin Station construction mission. The final two modules to be flown are the cupola, which will allow station crew to more closely observe operations taking place in the docking complex (and take breaks observing Kerbin, the Mun, the Sun, and whatever else happens to float by), and the airlock, which will allow kerbals to exit the station for spacewalks. As required by the mission, not just whenever they feel like it. <Everyone looks at Herman. His smile becomes a frown, and he puts his hand down.> Liberty has the honor of flying Kerbin Station's closeout mission, her fourth flight. The flight crew for this mission is as follows: Commander Gavin Kenney Pilot Cleveland Kauffman Flight Engineer Dwayne Kohler Payload Specialist Herman Kinney Mission Specialist Edwin Klinger Mission Specialist Lily Kemp On a bright and sunny morning, Liberty is rolled out to the end of the KSC runway. Commander Kenney fires up the engines, releases the brakes, and Liberty leaps into the air! After reaching space, the crew performs their circularization burn and then rigs Liberty for orbital operations. After waiting an hour, they accomplish their rendezvous burns and soon find themselves approaching Kerbin Station to dock. After docking, the crew of Liberty greet the crew of Kerbin Station once again. Then they start on the final construction tasks. Payload Specialist Kinney erects the cupola module in the cargo bay. Then Assistant Pilot Koonce takes control of Cargo Drone 1 and brings it around to dock with the cupola module. He then extracts the cupola module and transfers it to its berth on the docking complex spine. Now the cupola's docking adapter is removed and placed back in Liberty's cargo bay for return to Kerbin. Then Koonce brings the cargo drone over to dock with the airlock module and extracts it from the cargo bay, also bringing it to its berth on the docking complex spine. After the airlock module has been placed in its final location, its docking adapter is also removed and placed in Liberty's cargo hold for return to Kerbin. And then, finally, Cargo Drone 1 is removed from Liberty's cargo bay and brought over to a parking spot on the escape pod hub. With the transfers finished, the crews spend the rest of the day looking out of the cupola windows, unpacking spacesuits, and coming up with more bogus reasons to request EVAs from mission control, all of which are denied. Finally they settle down, have a hot meal, and go to bed. In the morning, they bid farewell to the crew of Kerbin Station. They close the hatches, break Liberty away from the station, and burn for reentry. Liberty glides through the scorching heat again, and soon the crew has her lined up with the flight path back to KSC. Commander Kenney is an old hand at this, and he brings Liberty in for a picture-perfect landing on KSC runway. Applause and fist bumps all around! Kerbin Station is now complete and open for business! (Click here for a full-sized image, suitable for framing.) Next, the Kerbal Space Program will set its sights on a higher target: Going back to The Mun! To stay! (Well, no, not permanently, Lea. You do get to come home. It's only for 90 days, then someone else comes and takes your place. When we say, "to stay," we mean the base is permanent. Relax, for Pete's sake.)
  9. It isn't so much that you sound pretentious, as much as it sounds like you're the guy we're going to start tagging when the weird driving questions come up.
  10. Thanks. Sorry for the delay, everyone. It's been a busy week. Hoping to have an update up tonight.
  11. When I was a senior my school decided to have a school Olympics day. (Too their credit, it was the first and only time they did it.) It was also the first and only time in my school days that I actually cut school. Me and two of my friends (One of whom was a valedictorian, the other of whom was salutatorian. What can I say? I was a bad influence.) snuck out to the parking lot, got in my van, and took off. I honestly don't remember what we did in the morning, it obviously was of no importance. We went to lunch at Tommy's, because Kim's brother was working there at the time and he gave us free food. And then He-Jin wanted to go visit a friend at the local public high school, so we went there and just hung out in the back of her classes for the rest of the day and talked. (So, yes, the one day I ever cut school I wound up...at another school.) I don't think that's necessarily true. When I think of the teachers I appreciated most I think of the ones that were smart and that challenged me. Some of them gave me lots of homework, some of them didn't. TBH, I appreciated most of the teachers I had in school, there were only a few that I look back on and groan. I'll be honest, there were some personality conflicts there. I wasn't the easiest guy to get along with. I'm still not the easiest guy to get along with. But for the most part the teachers I disliked were the ones I didn't learn anything from, not the ones who gave me a ton of work.
  12. Mostly the latter, actually. It's also an ADA accommodation.
  13. Mission 112 - Kerbin Station Docking Complex Arms The penultimate Kerbin Station construction mission will lift the arms for the docking complex. These will provide additional docking ports for the docking complex, allowing it to host a multitude of spacecraft and payloads in the future as Kerbin Station becomes an orbital dockyard for cargo traveling throughout the Kerbin system. The flight crew for this mission is as follows: Commander Charles Kern Pilot Keith Kilpatrick Flight Engineer Selma Knotts Payload Specialist Clarice Kopp Mission Specialist Cleo Kiser Mission Specialist Gary Knight Independence is rolled out to the runway for her seventh mission. Commander Kern takes the yoke and runs up the throttles, and Independence takes flight once more and quickly pushes through Mach 1. Cruising smoothly through her flight phase, Independence reaches space. After her circularization burn, the crew rigs her for orbit. After a brief delay, the crew performs their rendezvous burns, bringing them to within 175 meters of Kerbin Station. Then Pilot Kilpatrick takes the conn at the docking station and brings Independence in to a graceful first docking with the new Kerbin Station docking complex. After docking, Payload Specialist Kopp gets to work erecting the new expansion modules in the cargo bay. Then Assistant Pilot Kearney takes control of Cargo Drone 1 and brings it around to dock with the new docking adapter on the end of the starboard docking complex arm in the cargo bay. Releasing the clamps which hold the starboard arm in place, the cargo drone extracts it from the cargo bay, and Kearney guides it around to dock the arm in its berth on the docking complex spine. Now Kearney takes command of Cargo Drone 2. He undocks the drone and its attached docking adapter and brings them around to dock with the port docking complex arm. Extracting the port arm from the cargo bay, he maneuvers it around and connects it to the port side of the spine. The day's work is done. Taking stock of a long day of work, the crew open all the hatches into the docking modules and look out of all the windows. Then they enjoy a delicious nutritious 100% reconstituted meal together and settle in for the night. The next morning they break Independence away from Kerbin Station and burn for reentry. After braving the hot plasma once more, Commander Kern guides Independence into the KSC glide path, and then brings her down for a perfect landing on the runway. Kerbin Station is now almost complete. Only the cupola and airlock modules remain to be added, and those will be brought up by Liberty on the final construction mission, lucky number 13!
  14. Kerbin Orbit Operations - Y1 D12 Meanwhile, back at the station, Captain Koontz is getting work done. First, Cargo Drone 1 is undocked from its parking spot on the escape pod hub and brought around to dock with the docking adapter that is berthed on the nadir port of the core module. Then Cargo Drone 1 removes that docking adapter from the nadir port and moves it to the docking port on the escape pod hub. This clears the core module's nadir port for the docking complex spine. Now she takes control of Cargo Drone 2 and uses it to remove the docking complex spine from its parking spot on the central truss. She then maneuvers it to the opposite side of the station and docks it to its permanent location, the nadir port of the core module. Once the spine has been docked, all that remains is to move CD2 back to its parking spot to clear the new docking adapter at the end of the spine, which will become the new standard docking location for spaceplanes arriving from Kerbin. So now the docking complex spine is in its permanent location and Kerbin Station is ready to receive its next shipment of modules. Only two more spaceplane missions will be required to complete the construction of Kerbin Station!
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