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  1. Right. I guess it's only important to know when making your own resources, so you know the right number to put as the density value that's reflective of reality relative to other resources.
  2. So if water's density value is 0.001, then ksp calculates density in terms of tonnes per unit?
  3. It makes the node affect all instances of whatever matches the parameters, instead of just the first one it finds. Basically. I think.
  4. Thanks, that was good advice. What ended up working was !PLANETARY_RESOURCE:HAS[#ResourceName[Substrate]]:AFTER[CommunityResourcePack],* {} !GLOBAL_RESOURCE:HAS[#ResourceName[Substrate]]:AFTER[CommunityResourcePack],* {} !BIOME_RESOURCE:HAS[#ResourceName[Substrate]]:AFTER[CommunityResourcePack],* {} so close enough. This seems to work for all instances of the substrate spawning configuration, even stuff that comes after it in the same config file. So if and of you want to edit the resource instead of deleting it altogether you have to use "@" the old fashioned way.
  5. So UmbraSpaceIndustries was able to change the required resource for building rockets from RocketParts to SpecializedParts and MaterialKits, by using patch manager to modify EL_DefaultStructureRecipe. I figure I could do the same and change it to whatever resource I want. But is there a built-in way to edit the resource requirements for specific parts, like if I wanted to make solar panels require silicon or something like that? I tried combing through the source code but I basically had no idea what was going on.
  6. Thanks, I'll try that. I'm making it as part of a larger mod which adds a bunch of resources and I mainly just don't want to have a big menu that people have to click through a million times. I'll see what works.
  7. I'm trying to make a simple ModuleManager config to make it so the "Substrate" resource from Community Resource Pack is manufactured from Silicates rather than mined straight from the world. As part of this, though, I want to make it stop spawning on planets. I know modulemanager can make it so Substrate spawns at 0% on all planets, but I want to be able to remove it from the resource scanning UI altogether. I've tried As Well as Am I just getting the syntax wrong (I'm pretty new to MM, please be gentle), or is there some other problem? Is there a way to stop a resource from spawning altogether?
  8. So when I edit a planet with KittopiaTech, I found the save file in Kopernicus/Cache. But it's a .bin File, which I've tried to open with about six different programs to no avail. How do I access the planets I've edited so I can actually use the configs that kittopia has created?
  9. Just to be clear on what it says is allowed here... the explanation says not to modify any of the downloaded configs, but if I made a mod that installed seperately and used ModuleManager to, for example, change the abundance of karbonite on specific planets, would that be an issue?
  10. Since the ModuleCryoTank module isn't in any of the actual part files, it's got to have something to do with the @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[LqdHydrogen],!MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch],!MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],!MODULE[ModuleEngines],!MODULE[FSfuelSwitch],!MODULE[WBIResourceSwitcher]]:NEEDS[!modularFuelTanks&!RealFuels]:FOR[zzz_CryoTanks] { part. I'm sorry, I'm not really experienced with this, but how would I make this line include, say, the interstellar wrapper tanks?
  11. How would I go about editing the Interstellar Extended files so hydrogen in their tanks won't boil off? I can't find the specific line for cooling a tank in the Cryotanks' cfg files.
  12. Are there any plans to combine the solar sail and beamed power for direct beamed propulsion? because that would be incredible.
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