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  1. Woah. Didn't notice you had edited your post to include another entry. Sorry about that. Leaderboard's been updated. Congratulations on the new record!
  2. No argument was intended Also, you might want to change your signature. You have been bested
  3. That is awesome. I apologize for not having updated the leaderboard earlier; I didn't expect someone to come back and submit another entry. But now that it's back on the front page, maybe we can expect some more entries from people who haven't seen the challenge yet! Also, I've updated the leaderboard. True. Too bad I didn't think of that when I first posted the challenge :/. I'm definitely not going to change the rules--watching people exploit rule deficiencies is definitely fun, and it has been too long for a rule change to be a good idea. But I think it would be a good idea for someone to make a modified challenge for travel to say, Duna, with proper capitalism in place.
  4. I've updated the leaderboard. I wish I could have done it sooner but I've been having some trouble and haven't been able to check as often as I used to. Congrats to hoioh on the new modded record!
  5. Did I miss something? Did Whackjob get replaced?
  6. It wasn't the official badge. Or at least until now. I've decided to make it official (with thanks to Ziv, who made it!)
  7. I can't think of a good way to fit that into the challenge. Maybe if there is enough demand for it I can add a separate leaderboard. But for now, just use the stock solar system. Cool. I'll get that put up on the leaderboard when I get home. I don't have a badge ATM, I'll have to make one soon. Sorry I didn't update earlier, it's been a while since the last post and I've been checking less frequently.
  8. Ok. I did that. Although if we compared to fuel cost 1 Fund would be worth less than 1 million USD. Finding a working exchange rate (if one exists) is going to be difficult.
  9. Cool. I did not expect the price to get this low when I first posted the challenge. Funds are worth a lot of earth money. 1 Fund is likely worth at least a million USD, if we compare to how far earth dollars will get you in space.
  10. I've updated the rules to accommodate for the new difficulty options in .25. I'm excited to see the new entries we'll get with the new parts! I'm expecting epic.
  11. Cool, our first sub 100 Funds entry! And also 100th reply! ...COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT. I've updated the leaderboard. I'm surprised we haven't seen any modded entries yet.
  12. As long as you can do it without using the debug menu.
  13. Ok. I rounded it up to 110 because it makes it a little bit simpler.
  14. Is this what you want?
  15. Code Geass is good and not too long. But you should watch Legends of the Galactic Heroes. It might be over 100 episodes (only by a little bit, 110 or so), but it is epic.