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  1. since it's built with majorjim's rocket, it has one flaw that his falcon has for me: I can't open it, since it says it has invalid parts, which I think are mechjeb or something. could you please remove any non-stock parts from the craft and upload again?
  2. This is my second space station video. Enjoy!
  3. It would be 0.15. 0.16 added the big tanks, and it was released on Apollo Day, July 20, 2012.
  4. Hi. I made a video of KSP. This video will be the first of a short(?) series of me building a space station. Hope you like it!
  5. I just realised that his eyes are too high (Kerbals have such big heads) and he's bald. Oh, well. It was inspired by the shape of the hole in the green wax (his mouth), so I didn't think about his eyes until I compared him to the 3D-printed Kerbals I got for Christmas. He's still terrified, though, and that's what counts.
  6. Hello Kerbonauts! As some of you may know, many of us are celebrating one or another winter holiday this month. Every year, my family and I make rolled beeswax candles. This year, I made a candle with a Kerbal face on it. If anybody else has a KSP-themed candle to share, post it here. [imgur](
  7. You don't really need to, tarmac is a valid word to use if you're writing in English. If you were writing in Kerbal, maybe not, but 'tarmac' is normal for air runways.
  8. Thanks Regex and AnalogAddict! I'll let you know when I try it.
  9. Hello Everyone! I am doing a Duna landing-and-return mission. I was wondering if someone could tell me good altitudes for aerobraking into orbit from an interplanetary trajectory for Duna and Kerbin. Aerobraking at both ends should get into orbit, so I can drop stuff down (Lander at Duna, other stuff at Kerbin.)
  10. I like how you used the music of Jupiter from The Planets for the Jool sequence. It's beautiful music and the perfect soundtrack to a mission to Jool.
  11. This is my new Mun landing expedition rocket, designed to fly to the Mun and back. If you can't get it that far, then I suggest you practice a bit more. Three landers and a rover are included, utilizing all three types of stock landing legs. This rocket uses the Direct Ascent Mun mission, which, although no longer necessary since 0.18, remains my personal favorite Mun mission in KSP. Imgur album: .craft file: How to use: Launch in a standard manner, zero degree inclination, prograde. Next, transfer to the Mun. If you don't know how to do this, I suggest you watch Scott Manley's video's and steer away from Mun rockets for the present. Once in Mun orbit, detach first the mini lander, then the small lander by pressing [space]. You can land these wherever you like, just be advised that the small lander may not have enough fuel to return to Kerbin, and it definitely has no parachute. Finally, land the main lander ship, hopefully close enough to the small lander that you can get all your Kerbonauts home. Once on the ground, detach the buggy by pressing [space]. It is recommended that you first transfer most of the fuel from the buggy sky crane tanks into the main ship, as they have way more fuel than they need. After the buggy is on the ground, press [space] to detach the sky crane tanks. Now you can unload your Kerbals from your capsule, and walk around on the surface. Maybe you will need the buggy to get your third Kerbal over to the main ship, or maybe not. It depends on your skill and your patience. When you are done on the Mun, boost your ship into orbit and return home. Happy flying! -Manfredatee
  12. I downloaded all three, and when I try to load them up in the SPH and VAB on a completely vanilla installation, I get this: Craft [insert name here] was not loaded because it had the following parts missing: mumech.MJ2.AR202. Mechjeb (or whatever it is) is not stock, please either remove it, or stop telling people that these are stock ships. Thank you!
  13. I name ships either what they are (biplane, minmus base module, rocket car, etc.), what the design is based on (KSP designs like Kurtjmac's minmus rocket Curiosity V heavy, real rockets like the Saturn IB, etc.), or random names I think up on the spot. Lately I have taken to naming my designs after things from the Lord of the Rings. My manned rover is called the Frodo; my upgraded Minmus base module is called Minmus Tirith(a pun on Minas Tirith).