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  1. I love how the Red Giant looks. Another star system would be fun. I remember the old StarSystems from .25/.90 that were so buggy as .........
  2. Is there any way to ad the Warp Drive from the Interstellar mod to these ships?
  3. Love your work! I've enjoyed all of the Bobcat Ind. products, and hope to see an update to brink the HOME system to the newest career mode.

  4. Great mod. Having a problem. I set up a rover-skycrane combo with a Kethane detector before setting up the launchpad on the Mun. As soon as the skycrane took off back into Mun orbit, everything exploded. A base with at least 7 kerbals (using the HOME Module from Bobcat) disapeared off the mun. No debris field. So I sent up a second one. As soon as the second skycrane was about 1000 meters away, the rover's physics went asdfghjkl and every part went in every direction. Not sure whats going on, but something with your mod and the original kethane mod is going crazy, or something with another mod is reacting with the others. Never had a problem with any mods not meshing together before.