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  1. Sure, but the snail gets a mind of its own and wants world domination. I want to be able to shapeshift into a mythical creature on command.
  2. KSP makes Minecraft look boring, and causes you to resign from being a Moderator of a server there. (true story)
  3. Nope. The user below me plays other games besides KSP.
  4. Banned for not visiting Moho.
  5. Look. I have been trying to tell you all, those two are causing my issues. I don't know why, but I am not lying. Without them, my computer runs fine. I hope that clarifies things.
  6. I decided to make a poll in the General KSP Chat about if people stay away because of the scene load times or ignore it (of 0.21.1), and the majority of people treated me like a retard. :/
  7. Banned for more than 100 posts.
  8. @bogpad. It's just how I feel, but without the risk of being bashed for my opinion. I think of it as a safety net. Anyway, the poll is up. I was setting it up. Never set up a poll before on this forum, so yeah.
  9. It's hard to enjoy the new update when feeling it seems SQUAD isn't doing anything but sitting on their butts instead of even letting you know they're doing something about the scene load times in 0.21.1. Now I just want to state that this is not a rage or bash thread against the developers. What this thread is, is just a simple question to everyone. So I posted a poll. Do you feel the loading times are keeping you away from getting into or really enjoying the new update, or are you all "ehh, doesn't bug me. I just ignore it"? Me? They keep me away. I'm used to the way it is in 0.20.
  10. Please. Can I just get a list of games that won't need those two things?
  11. I should had stated in the OP (always forgetting important details) that I'll have parts coming soon, that may or may not fix this issue. I just want something that won't require .NET Framework 4 and Visual C++. I feel these two are the culprits.
  12. A sale on Newegg for a CPU/PSU/Motherboard and RAM for 18 cents appears. BUY! (if only) $0.00 remaining
  13. Floor 355: The quantum teleporter somehow causes monkeys to appear in the room, after someone googled Monkey.
  14. I saw the NerdCubed version of that game. It's not bad. Looks like a Gameboy game with those graphics.
  15. So I'm sure this is a sin to say in this forum, but... KSP is getting boring to me. Just more... frustrating than boring. I need to find other games like KSP (well not exactly like it, but games that run like it). You see, KSP and Minecraft work on my, how you say, "half dead" computer. Something happened to the motherboard, and trying to install AAA games and what they require, causes my computer to have an "allergic reaction" and "violently sneeze" out BSODs. I have yet to isolate the issue, but it seems that as long as I play either game and don't use Antivirus software, I'm fine. You may t
  16. The problem with me, I have little to no creativity anymore. If I can't see what it'll look like, nothing ever gets done.
  17. I've been looking through Google of anyone that had a realistic-looking Coms Tower, that also looks like it has high speed, extreme long range transmission, and can be used as part of a Laythe Base. I got a pretty good idea for the base, just need a Coms Tower. Could anyone help me by giving me inspirational pictures?
  18. So, can this thing literally warp you to another planet without having to set Delta-V. as long as you point to the planet and shut it off before you crash into it?
  19. Yeah. I used it for my Rover/Lander 2, and it helped with the weight big time. Some people actually use those things for lightweight base structures, for easy transport to Duna or whatever.
  20. They mention KSP. They're trying to mooch off of their success. That was the point of this thread.
  21. Lol, 4x4km areas. You can go anywhere you want on Duna. Screw that.
  22. How did you solve it? Just curious.
  23. Benie

    Vehicle notes

    I like it too. Really nice. Now if they could only do something about organizing the ship selection screen (when loading it in the editor).
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