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  1. thx for ur time nils. Take ur time for this release. And your work is awesome like nertea, linuxgurugamer, and all modders. Thank guys
  2. Sadgeras

    [1.4.3] Near Future Technologies (1.4.3ish)

    Hello everyone, Above all, excuse my approximate English. I would like to thank Nertea for her creations, which are excellent and absolutely brilliant. I know that it takes time and that in addition to this passion, he has a life beside. Although some have easy criticism or fast request, Nertea must continue to take his time to release us the updates because otherwise he risks losing the desire and passion of this game. At all thank you for supporting him in and especially do not be too hurry, space will always be there tomorrow! Good continuation in the dream to you Nertea and good courage in your life of every day!
  3. Patience is paid everytime. I've been waiting since 8 month and I'm not disappointed. Thanks to you for your work and your abnegation and your courage. Love this mod !
  4. Thanks for your prerelease. *Going to test it now* But Nertea, please take your time. you've a life even if somebody growls after an update. don't pay attention of those guys. Thanks for your time we'll be patient
  5. Hi Randazzo, This pack is awesome. Thanks for your great job.
  6. Science Jr has a bad scale. it is slightly higher than 1.25. Confirmed for radiators too.
  7. Les mecs, vous gérez la pistache ! J'ai hâte de l'avoir cette mise àjour. Un grand merci àvous de la part des joueurs francophones qui utilisent votre mod ! et surtout, prenez votre temps, on sait que KSP n'est pas votre seule vie. Sinon encore merci Thank for your work. This mod is awesome !
  8. Sadgeras

    [1.0]CactEye 2 Orbital Telescope BETA 5.2

    Raven, thanks for your job. This mod is just awesome. thank you.
  9. Awesome !. Really nice work Rbray. Nothing to report for now. Good work
  10. To create a water texture in blender, you'll need to play with fresnel and blend settings. First, create a plane model in blender. After that, in mirror transp tab, Fresnal should be fixed at 3.30 or 4.10. Shader tab: spec 1 hard 150 Refr 10, don't forget ZTransp in Links and pipeline tab. Texturing : 2 textures cloud with this setting : check Hard noise, Noise size 0.350 Nabla: 0.050 In color tab, check Colorband with 1 Cur : 0 Black and 1 Cur : 1 white In map to tab, check Nor and Col Make a Envmap texture with mode static and zoom at 1 In map to tab, check Cmir and Col And make a blue background
  11. Sadgeras

    [WIP] DCP : Duna Colonial Pack

    I'm working on it work in progress for the plugin. My wife works on 3D. Please wait, we've a life