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  1. woot AJE is so advanced that it was updated in future of September 22 and went back in time to august 22
  2. isnt the !MODULE removing its animation module?
  3. i already have a settings.cfg included with it changed. also included is a profile that keeps some modules that conflict with MKS but are removed in the normal setup.
  4. all my profile does is disable the parts that conflict with tac like food consumption and such. a few modules are disabled like the mono fuel cell mostly to prevent ui clutter but other than that is all the base kerbalsim systems
  5. well what i do when i make a patch is i normaly just use a old one then tweak it much faster. than doing from scratch every time. now i have to do the probe plus ones thats missing rt stuff like the solar panel thats a antanna and such think i got the last of them for the probe plus. just put all of them included what was already did //Support for Coatl Aerospace //Configs by rakol, komodo, akron //CA-A01 Ground Plane Antenna @PART[antenna_tv]:AFTER[CoatlAerospace]:NEEDS[RemoteTech] { !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] {} @MODULE[ModuleAnimateGeneric] { %all
  6. here a quick and dirty patch for RT and ground ops. think i got all the parts.all u need to do is tweak it and u can use it @akron //ca_landv_core @PART[ca_landv_core]:AFTER[CoatlAerospace]:NEEDS[RemoteTech] { %MODULE[ModuleSPU] { } %MODULE[ModuleRTAntennaPassive] { %TechRequired = unmannedTech %OmniRange = 3000 %TRANSMITTER { %PacketInterval = 0.3 %PacketSize = 2 %PacketResourceCost = 15.0 } } } //ca_landv_hga @PART[ca_landv_hga]:AFTER[CoatlAerospace]:NEEDS[RemoteTech] { %MODULE[Modul
  7. This is a Kerbalism profile to allow it and TAC-Life Support to work together. This removes kerbalism processes of food,water,oxygen consumption and co2 and waste production in favor of TAC. It leaves most kerbalsim systems intact. License:Unlicense Download Link: Spacedock Source: none as its only 2 .cfg files Install instructions. 1.extract 2.copy over kerbalsim install. 3. optional. includes a modified profile for those that dont use MKS. If you dont use mks then install that profile.
  8. hmm seems the fuel cell changes made by kerbalsim will conflict with the ones that MKS make. updated my kerbalsim profile to add a version without fuel cell edits by kerbalism for mks users. opened own page for my profile here
  9. @Linusgurugamer can u remove extra MM thats inside the NEBULA folder. for some weird reason it was causeing issues with my custom kerbalism setup. its weird as i thought MM was suppose to disable other MM dll if a newer version is found first. but it seemed like the 2.8 that was in the NEBULA folder was causeing removal of some nodes and double adding other nodes almost like both MM where running at start.
  10. Wouldn't it be good to list in OP which other mission packs are not needed if u use this one?
  11. finaly getting around to playing ksp again updated my tac profile for kerbalsim. any feedback is welcome.
  12. it doesnt have its on ksp forum entry as its i just made a modifcation of prexisting .cfg didnt want to have to go thru putting a licence on it just to have a forum topic
  13. think this error might be related to sceince revisted have to check next time i play NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at KERBALISM.Configure.configure () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at KERBALISM.Configure.OnGUI () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 its only on manned cpsules with exermpents on them so thats probaly what it is. ill check tomorrow its late here
  14. updated tac profile hopely that fixed the weird gui repeating error i had. it seemed to in limited testing
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