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  1. technicalfool's post in Crash on startup was marked as the answer   
    Moved to the modded installs forum. Looks like Kerbal Planetary Base Systems is throwing an error, and there's other problems in the log that look like an old version of DMP might be involved.
    I'd suggest starting from a stock 1.3.0 install and trying the mods one by one until something breaks. In some cases, the broken mod might have an update available that fixes things.
  2. technicalfool's post in how to complete mission "Test RT-5" was marked as the answer   
    Usually either by staging the item when all conditions are met, or by right clicking the item and selecting "run test" from the part action window. In the case of engines, usually staging the engine is the way to complete the test.
  3. technicalfool's post in Satelite change orbit mission is always possible to do? was marked as the answer   
    In the stock game at least, orbit change contracts should be generated to be within the capabilities of the satellite that needs its orbit changing. If they aren't, it may be worth reporting as a bug. Some screenshots with details of the contract and the satellite may help.
  4. technicalfool's post in Please test this .craft was marked as the answer   
    It's unfortunately a known issue with joint physics. Long dangly stuff can wobble, and sometimes it gets possessed by the Kraken. Adding a 4x symmetry set of struts should fix the wobble.

    Or change the clamps as shown above. Heh.
  5. technicalfool's post in When will 1.2 come out for Consoles? was marked as the answer   
    What @Benoit Hage posted is about the most accurate info that will be given. Squad are infamously tight-lipped about giving even approximate release dates. About mods, it would be very difficult to allow KSP mods onto games consoles in a way that would satisfy console manufacturers, as a lot of KSP mods involve arbitrary code being run along with the mod, and console manufacturers typically don't like that.
    It's all happening behind the scenes though, and I hope you get to enjoy 1.2.2 on your games console just as soon™ as it can be ported, tested, certified and sent out.
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