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  1. IgorZ I have been using KAS/KIS for the ful duration of my time on Kerbal, and love that you took it over when Kospy needed someone to take it over. I have been lapse in my forum time and just saw this. I want to be sure I understand KAS Beta will be a full rewrite and and replacement for KAS? If so... damn man, you are ambitious. I look forward to seeing the end product. Was wondering what the end game is... Single MOD KAS to replace kis/kas? I will be setting up a separate install of 1.4.x to help testing as I can (I have an unfortunate lack of digi art and coding skill
  2. Hey RoverDude... Just got 1.4.1 all up and running and had a question pop into mind that I keep forgetting to ask. With 1.4.x are you concidering a USI COMPLETE release. I mean the whole USI catalog in one DL for us serious Rover Fans. I am fairly sure I am accurate that I have messed up my installs each and every time at least once. Couple times I borked up Kerbal so bad I had to reinstall and start totally over.

    Just a thought (Please dear gods have pity on me) 


  3. Love the look.... Having problems with Mk1 parts being pink and same with large solar panels. Some of the depenencies may not be up to date yet
  4. Great to see still thinkin about the truss systems. Wish I were a graphics or coder type or I would help. alacrity
  5. Ok I have been playing Kerbal a LOOOOONG time, and I have just today run into something that makes me feel like a noob. I just started loading the 1.2 career with it's mods. Dropped 6-7 mods on there and suddenly I got the rainbow cat. Now I understand that there is somemeaning to this or was... but as I have never gotten it before, my lazy space faring ass never looked into what was the meaning... Now I have it... and I can't seem to find a single true answer... and some of what I saw scares me a bit.... SOOOO does anyone has the single true answer to what this evil feline means?
  6. Will check it out.... hadn't really looked in there yet... still building my MOD pack for 1.2
  7. Loving the small rockets for early test launches and unmanned testing. and I won't lie... I did model rockets as a kid and always dreamed of building these high energy big boys. One thing... how about a micro Solar Array... little 1x1.5 foot solar panel to power a micro sat for ghilly and ike missions Alacrity
  8. So every once in a while I do a great purge of my KSP folder.... ALl the mods and versions and saves... all must go. I did it at .21, 1.0, 1.1, and now at 1.2. I will play in the prerelease with no mods, no old files to look back on, no old plane builds to cheat back to. All clean and fresh. How many do their own purge and why? I purge to start my thinking over again and to try to change my build designs without cheating back to old jerry rigging I did before.
  9. Forgive him father, he knows not what he says... Amen
  10. So the end of things... Scatterer and EVE is the right answer Alacrity
  11. OK too much is too much... I admit defeat... RVE, EVE, SVE, Scatterer... I got lost... I am running a stock solar system, a fair amount of MODS, and want to improve the look of things as I plan my next crash landing. I think I should be using SVE and Scatterer, and GEM for snap shot publishing, but after reading all the descipts I got confused. Any help would be appreciated Alacrity
  12. So yeah... watched 7 episodes ... So I have that going for me Alacrity
  13. I am just lazy to make a sig for my forum account, Alacrity
  14. Anyone have a map view of the Neighborhood they can post. I am looking to add GN and having problems deciphering the OP as too what additions of certain planets packs will do. What I want is Kerbol system to be unchanged and to add two or three additional sun systems. My problem is that OP lists the planet packs with attached stars without really saying this changes the base system or not. I may just be being thick but what I under stand is that 4 systems are added in the base mod, and planets are added by packs... please educate this poor lost soul. Alacrity
  15. Universal Storage I use to keep my builds pretty without a bunch of radially mounted science. Doesn't change the function of anything just makes them easier to add to a ship. SpaceY is good if you want to take stock to 5m lifters. ALacrity
  16. I use redux for the one piece of information I always need during liftoff... AP and PE without changing to the map view Not sure what else it does... Alacrity
  17. Dres ... like EVE with no atmo.... Landing at ballistic speeds with no aerobraking is BAD. But I will make a visit once I probe launch over a dockable landing rig. Can't even think about gilly or mojo until I get my harpoons back from KIS/KAS. Need something to hold me to the ground. Alacrity
  18. I just likes the rockets. I really wish I was good at making planes, but there it is... I like the rocket parts. Alacrity
  19. I have had no new problems with wheel;s that I didn't have in 1.05. I still loose control of planes trying to get off the runway. The wheels are not the problems as the planes spin out of control tilt and rip there own wings off. You are not proving the 1.1 is a let down. You are proving you don't like the new wheels. With all the other upgrades in Turbo (cutaway IVA's, new models, better load times, more mods stability, better frame rates, x64, the pedia, draggable info boxes, etc) if think you are throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Just figure out the new physics like we all
  20. Thanx so much Blizzy. This beautiful little piece of Software is as integral as firespitter and module manager and your time bringing it to us time and again is appreciated. Alacrity
  21. The return of Truss's to my career mode. I can't wait to build Spindle Mk6 Thanx for the hard work Speedy Alacrity
  22. My rules... 1. Play career stock until USI, KAS/KIS, RemoteTech, are updated. Then restart a new career 2. Missions fail. I don't use perma death, but when my missions fail I so them righter the second time... Fail is always an option. 3. Life support always, either simulated with part weight or when a mod becomes available to do the math for me. 4. Orbit then station then mun then minmus. ALWAYS. these are the stepping stones of flight. And no sneaking off to Duna until the Minmus fueling station and mining base are built. 5. Probes are good. Probes go first everywher
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