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  1. Haha, looks adorable. I guess not adorable if you use bd armory on it, but still a good looking bird.
  2. So I haven't felt like putting any of my planes on the forum mainly because the shear number of them. All of them look good don't get me wrong, but there is a lot of them. For that reason i have been watching, and learning. While i doubt anyone noticed my lack of planes, I have decided to post one of my first 1.0 planes. She has gone through several phases and I think I got her down. Enough with the boring text, pics are required. (optional futures shown) Now you may notice the forward swept wings, or the insane speed. The speed is due to the two engines, but I dunno what causes the wings to sweep forward... Anyways, it can get past Mach 1 before the end of the runway, but it can't get to the max speed due to heating. Heating is from the lack of parts as this is part friendly-ish. 68 parts. I doubt the speed is anything significant but it is worth noting. As of maneuverability, this is where I believe it accelerates at (besides the actual accelerating of coure ). The thing does 10g donuts at 130 m/s. While other planes can do the 10g part, the holding the speed is often the main problem. As the plane turns, speed is lost. However, it accelerates fast. Therefore stalling while pulling turns and loops is rarely a problem, as long as there is some throttle in there. Slowing down can be a problem though. Flaps are binded to the RCS key (R by default). Two air brakes on the side are activated by the usual B. Also Take off is faster than usual. Safe flying or crash it, whichever you have more fun with. Download: http://www./download/z6yl16myt3zc89a/AF-2_Mk-VII.craft (made in 1.0, I haven't updated for some stupid reason)
  3. Wow, that is awesome. The Twin-Roller kinda looks like a Hailfire droid to me.
  4. Reminds me of a DeLorean. Do they come equipped with gull-wing doors?
  5. well you have just a few missiles in there. But disregarding the realistic armory (they should load one up like that one day) it looks about as real as a, well i cant think of the analogy. Anyways keep up the awesome work.
  6. have you figured it's max cargo capacity yet?
  7. That's a nice way to take kerbals to their deat.. I mean to vacation!
  8. Lookin swell. I am a big fan of f-22's yet I can never make them
  9. I have been working on this little guy for a while. It is based of the A-10, maybe a modern version of it. I also relized it looks like one I saw on a BDarmoury video so I wont make a full post on it. It turns on a dime, but there is a few things I just don't like about it and haven't polished off. I am open to suggestions, anyways here is this thing I threw together.
  10. Not bad, looks very clean. I will have to take it for a spin, err hopefully it doesn't spin...
  11. I saw the video and was just waiting for a forum post. Great job as usual, and compact. And here I am making 3% of my craft actually function correctly.
  12. That is pretty good. Well more than pretty good that is awesome.
  13. Wow, that looks pretty complex. 1300 parts of glory eh?
  14. Love these, they look awesome. The Germans made the coolest stuff towards the end of the war. Maybe an Ho 229?