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  1. Whoa. I get it now. It all makes sense. But what exactly WAS that? I guess I'll have to wait and see. Awesome work on this series, Bob. I'm looking forward to the next one as well as the return of Project Alexandria.
  2. AlphaAsh, do you suppose you can add a set of piers to the KSC? Because this way we can have an actual landing point for yachts and boats near the KSC!
  3. This is awesome, but why doesn't the new sun work in 1.0.4?
  4. I've got a problem: whenever I add an engine to the VAB with this mod installed, the engine fires inside the VAB! And not just out the nozzle, also out the side, too! Please help!
  5. Yeah, ATM's a little buggy. It ruins Astronomer's Visual Pack and may also wreak havoc with your parts. That said, OpenGL mode isn't a safe alternative either. Whenever I try and run in OpenGL my game crashes with a memory error, supposedly pointing to illegal memory access. If you're going to use CMES, it's best to either a) go Bob Fitch Style and don't install parts you don't need or create a separate install with CMES and nothing else to minimize memory use. Either works, I use mostly a) with a bit of .
  6. Awesome! This mod compilation is my go-to pack for all of my visual enhancements, maybe even better than Astronomer's Visual Pack! Only one thing though: R.S.S. just got updated to 1.0.2. and I'm wondering if I can just patch this current pack with the new RSS.DLL. Would I be able to do that or do I have to wait for the rework?
  7. Hey, Nathan! Awesome work on this! I love KSP RSS, especially when I play with RO! Then it's like a much more gamey version of Orbiter! Only one thing: when is this going to be 1.0 compatible?
  8. "When you think your perfectly functional rocket looks ugly, all you need to do is add... MOAR LIGHTS!" -Bob Fitch
  9. One of the things I think'd be useful for KSP cinematic making is a "record" and "instant replay" function that works kind of like FSRecorder works for Flight Simulator X. That way, you can concentrate on working the camera and not on a gajillion things at once! I think that KSP needs that. It'd make making cinematics easier. Right?
  10. Might I remind you that with the current KSP thrust vectoring, it looks absolutely silly.