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  1. The small vocal minority of Atheists, Christians, Muslims, or anyone else that forces their beliefs on others and think they are superior for it
  2. Granted, they're all as dumb as young Brian Regan i wish for a truckful of lightbulbs
  3. True the user below hates that downloading Futura costs over $1000.
  4. Since KSP doesn't give you the wing area, it's hard to determine how much weight you have per square meter of wing and therefore how well your aircraft will fly with the lift figures and thrust to weight ratio. If I were you, I wouldn't bother with the math - using the "guess and test" method is probably far more convenient and less time consuming.
  5. Granted, but upon smelling alcohol again you will instantly turn into a large beanbag chair for 3 hours I wish for a time-turner.
  6. wow, nothing bad there. resolve issue, kill the instigator - a perfect combo if i say so myself *press* Push the button: 50/50 chance of either all forum mods coming to live at your house for the rest of your life or having one ruthless velociraptor live in your house for the rest of your life
  7. banned for not making your own cookies
  8. i'd not push it. both eternal life on earth and death are pretty bad. Push the button, you get a lifetime supply of cheesecakes but your house will constantly have vampire bats living in it
  9. banned for using baby lotion on the back of your neck
  10. hhmhmhmmhmhmhmhhmhmmhmhhmhmhmhmmhhmhmhmhmhmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  11. BurntPhoenix


    i think we should start a new riddle after that ordeal
  12. granted but ponies I wish the glass was full instead of half full
  13. nope user below's wearing a hat